Harga Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

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Harga Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia – JAKARTA – Although the epidemic of COVID-19 has not ended, the world’s car manufacturers have not stopped innovating and moving to market their products. One of the most talked about things in the country today is transportation that is not good for the environment. Yes, electric cars in Indonesia have many fans.

This type of vehicle is also widespread, both fully electric and hybrid technology. Car lovers are surely more and more interested in the brand and the price. Here we provide various types of electric cars available in Indonesia.

Harga Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

Harga Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

In early December 2020, PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) launched the Hyundai Kona Electric. This South Korean car relies on an electric motor with a power of 118 Tk and 295 Nm of torque.

Nissan Leaf Masuk Jajaran Mobil Listrik Termurah Tahun 2022

The electric motor is powered by a 38.3 kWh Li-Ion Polymer battery. This eco-friendly car is said to have a top speed of 155 km per hour. Charging can be done within 9 hours for normal charging.

If you fast charge, the battery will be charged to 80 percent after charging for 75 minutes. As for the price, the Hyundai Kona Electric is sold at IDR 674.8 million (OTR Jakarta).

In September 2020, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia released its first hybrid car, the Nissan Kicks e-POWER. Technically, this car is powered by a 1200 cs 3-cylinder petrol engine. The engine is backed by a Lithium-ion and electric motor with a power of 126 Tk and 260 Nm of torque.

Nissan Kicks e-POWER is actually an electric car. The car’s normal engine is used to charge the battery, so owners don’t have to bother with external charging. This car made by Nissan is priced at IDR 449 million (OTR Jakarta).

Komparasi Ketahanan Baterai Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

There are still electric cars in Indonesia that cost Rp. 400 million, there is Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid. PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) launched this eco-friendly car on August 6, 2020. However, customers can get the unit in December 2020.

The All New Corolla Cross comes in two variants with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), namely the All New Corolla Cross 1.8 petrol version and the All New Corolla Cross HEV.

This car is powered by a 1.8L 2ZR-FE petrol engine that can produce a maximum power of 138 hp at 6,400 rpm and a torque of 17.5 kgm at 4,000 rpm. As for the price, the petrol version of the car is priced at IDR 457.8 million, while the eco-friendly SUV is priced at IDR 497.8 million.

Harga Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

Lexus UX 300e was released in November 2020. This car has an electric motor with a total capacity of 54.35 kWh with 201 Tk power and 300 Nm. Its travel range can reach 300 km at a time.

Mobil Listrik Cina Weltmeister Siap Mengaspal Di Indonesia, Harganya Jauh Lebih Murah Dari Hyundai Kona Electric

To charge the battery from 0 to 100 percent, this car takes up to 24 hours of charging when using home electricity. If you use AC wall charger, it only takes 5-6 hours.

On the other hand, with DC fast charging at SPKLU (public charging stations for electric vehicles) it only takes 50 minutes. This electric car is priced at IDR 1.245 billion with the CBU standard in Japan.

You can say that this car is the pioneer of pure electric cars officially sold in Indonesia. The BMW i3s was introduced for the first time at GIIAS 2019.

This car has an electric motor and a 42.2 kWh battery that delivers 184 Tk of power with a top speed of 270 Nm. The price that this car offers is very high, it is Rp1, 340 billion (OTR Jakarta).

Mobil Listrik Indonesia Terbaru 2022

Another pure electric car is Tesla’s car, the Tesla Model S P100D. This car, made by a well-known technology company, is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 100 kWh to support the power of 2 electric motors.

The Tesla Model S P100D can deliver up to 680 hp and 1,073 Nm of torque. In terms of price, this car has the most amazing name among the other competitors mentioned earlier, which is IDR 4.4 billion.

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Harga Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

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Jual Mobil Listrik Mulai Rp 250 Jutaan Di Ri, Wuling: Best Price!

Good news for Luhut: The price of electric cars will be affordable, for example, Wuling will Rp. 150 million and will be a car for people, Jakarta – Toyota C+pod can be rented by tourists in The Nusa Dua, Bali. Until now, the small electric car has not been sold freely.

But recently, the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) of Japan reported that it will sell this small electric car to the public. According to

“Toyota C+pod has received positive feedback from users, mainly due to easy control, environment-friendly technology, and availability of complete safety and comfort features, despite a very rigid body. Now we are ready to sell it. C + pod to different customers, so we decided not to give the car at all

As a compact electric car, the C+pod has small dimensions. This car is 2,490 mm long, 1,290 mm wide and 1,550 mm long. The turning width is only 3.9 m.

Pintarnya Wuling Bikin Racikan Ini, Pantas Harga Mobil Listrik Airev Paling Murah Di Indonesia

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Toyota has launched a beautiful car called I-Road. This little car runs on battery power and can run up to 60 km/h.

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Harga Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

The Toyota C+pod has a sleek body with a two-tone roof with LED headlights and taillights. While the interior of the car is simple. Toyota offers a white steering wheel, digital gauges, AC, and a push-button transmission lever.

Ini Keunggulan Dan Harga Mobil Listrik Pertama Di Indonesia Yang Diresmikan Presiden Jokowi

Interestingly, despite its small body, this electric vehicle is equipped with a Pre-Collision Safety System that warns the driver when there are cars, cyclists or pedestrians.

The Toyota C+pod is equipped with a 1RM electric or permanent magnet motor with a maximum power of 12.3 hp and 56 Nm of torque. This small car can reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h with a range of 150 km per hour.

Based on the website tunastoyota.com, the Toyota C+pod X model is priced at 1,650,000 yen or IDR 224.7 million, while the G model is priced at 1,716,000 yen or IDR 233.7 million.

Since the Toyota C+pod is already in operation in Bali, it is possible that PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) will officially market it in large numbers. within the country.

Mengenal Pajak Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

DFSK Gelora E is the cheapest electric car currently circulating in Indonesia. This car uses 0.145 kWh of electricity per kilometer which is equivalent to IDR 239 per kilometer.

This Chinese car, which supports 20 to 80 percent fast charging, takes only 80 minutes with a distance of 300 kilometers.

Continuous charging, DSFK Gelora E actually takes a long time, about 8 hours to reach full charge. The capacity of this car is 11 seats.

Harga Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

The electric Hyundai Ioniq is equipped with a permanent magnet and high-efficiency electric motor with 100 kW (136 PS) and 295 Nm of torque supplied by a 38.3 kWh lithium-ion battery.

Mobil Listrik Wuling Laris Manis Di Pasaran, Kapan Masuk Ke Indonesia?

Charging from 0 to 80 percent can be done in 54 minutes using a 100 kW electric vehicle charging station.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric, there are two models, which are Prime and Signature. Each is priced at IDR 624,800,000 and IDR 664,800,000 OTR Jakarta.

The Hyundai Kona Electric is equipped with a 100 kW (136PS) permanent magnet hybrid electric motor powered by a 39.2 kWh lithium-ion battery.

Full charge can be achieved in 54 minutes with fast charging (zero to 80 percent charge @100 kW). While normal charging takes 9 hours 35 minutes.

Minat Sama Mobil Listrik, Berikut Daftar Pilihan Dan Harganya

The Hyundai Kona Electric is available in Chalk White, Galactic Grey, Dark Knight and Pulse Red. It is sold at IDR 674,800,000 (OTR Jakarta).

The Lexus UX300e is a luxury crossover SUV with a fully electric drive or the first electric vehicle (BEV) from Lexus.

This five-seat vehicle is equipped with an electric motor that produces 201 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque.

Harga Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

The machine is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 54.3 kWh that can cover a distance of 300 km when the battery is full.

Deretan Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia, Lengkap Dengan Kemampuan Dan Harganya

The power required is 6.6 kW for normal charging (AC) and 50 kW for fast charging (DC). The price of Lexus UX300e is IDR 1.245 billion OTR Jakarta.

In terms of specification, the BMW i3S is equipped with an electric motor that produces an output of 184 horsepower and 270 Newton meters of torque.

This electric car from Germany takes only 6.9 seconds to reach the speed of 0-100 km/h and a distance of 260 kilometers.

The BMW i3S sold in Indonesia is available in five color options, namely Grey, White, Red, Brown and Blue. This car also uses a single speed automatic transmission.

Setelah Meluncur Di Thailand, Mobil Listrik Toyota Bz4x Juga Bakal Masuk Indonesia

Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest Tesla model in Indonesia. This electric car from the United States is divided into three trims: Standard Range Plus, Long Range and Performance.

The Standard Range Plus model, with a single engine driving the rear wheels, can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds. The range or limit of travel is also very far, reaching 416 km.

In the performance version, the Tesla Model 3 carries a larger battery, while accelerating from 0-100 km/h, it can be achieved in just 3.2 seconds and up to 496 km.

Harga Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

Tesla itself does not yet have an APM in Indonesia. Currently, Prestige Image Motorcars operates as a Tesla importer in Indonesia.

Infografik: Lima Pemain Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia

Porsche Taycan Turbo S was released recently, February 13, 2021, at Porsche Center Jakarta in Jakarta.

This car carries incredible speed and great power. With a capacity of 93.4 kWh, this German-made car produces 751 hp and 1,050 Nm of torque.

For charging, the Taycan Turbo S has two options, namely AC and DC. Charging can be done as per need.

Especially in DC, the port is on the right side of the car.

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