How To Make A Greeting Card With Paper

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How To Make A Greeting Card With Paper – This Valentine’s Day, last-minute shoppers will have one less place to turn. Papyrus, a longtime supplier of mid-priced cards, gifts and gift-wrapping equipment, announced this week that it will close all of its stores for the next four to six weeks. (A liquidation sale is already underway, so if you’re looking for a wine glass that says “Party Girl” or a roll of wedding-themed wrapping paper, now’s your time.) But this isn’t just an easy acquisition belated birthday wish or the death of a once-beloved suburban mall. It’s about us. Every time a big business closes or a market changes, the question is: We’re all too familiar with the fact that Millennials caused the death of the greeting card industry. Or how about Gen Z, they’re in the mix now, aren’t they?

So, we? As with most things (see: tuna, mayonnaise, marriage), the answer is yes and no. According to the National Retail Federation, which declined to comment specifically on Papyrus, spending on Valentine’s Day cards (the only card it regularly tracks) has largely fallen over the past decade. In 2009, 58 percent of respondents said they planned to spend on greeting cards. By 2019, that number had dropped to 44 percent. Papyrus’ parent company, the second-largest greeting card maker behind American Greetings, Hallmark, has been struggling to stay afloat for some time. In 2013, a once publicly traded company went private—not usually a sign of positive financial health. (American Greetings did not respond to a request for comment.)

How To Make A Greeting Card With Paper

How To Make A Greeting Card With Paper

One obvious reason people are holding off on sending paper cards is environmental concerns – in a world where plastic straws and reusable cups are increasingly banned, passing a piece of paper inevitably ends up in the trash or recycling. A message many of us don’t like. While Papyrus and other retailers offer cards and gift wrap made from recycled materials, many consumers still find other alternatives cheaper, easier, and more in line with their values. Nor are they places that come to mind when we think of sustainable giving.

How To Make Different Types Of Greeting Cards: 12 Steps

And then there is the post office. If the idea of ​​going out and buying an envelope and stamp gives you a small case of hives, you’re not alone: ​​Apparently, many young people don’t know where to buy the supplies they need to send out leave ballots. . This distaste for physical mail is a major problem for the USPS, which is on the brink of financial collapse and reportedly wants to privatize itself as a float. It doesn’t help that the Post Office is bad for the planet…that hasn’t stopped us from pouring our hearts out to Amazon.

However, that doesn’t mean younger generations don’t make greeting cards. We! Of course we do – we love nothing more than celebrating. We do them differently when it comes to content and delivery. Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s trends expert, says greeting card searches on the site have increased 7 percent in the past six months.

“While I don’t think the feeling of giving the card remains the same, I do think the message being given and how the card actually looks is,” she says. “Customers come to Etsy because they want to find something special that has an element of customization and personalization that is super unique and completely different from the traditional cards on the shelves right now.”

Isom Johnson notes that many of the card options on Etsy offer customization—for example, the option for the creator to create a portrait of the recipient—or come in materials like wood or denim that are both sympathetically kept and display-worthy. Refrigerate for a few months. . Some are made on seed paper, which can then be planted. For poor planners, she notes, many Etsy shops offer print-at-home or e-card options, which means it’s officially easier than going to a brick-and-mortar store. Other relatively advanced companies such as Society6, Paper and Rifle Paper Co. Boasting a similar attractive offering.

Easy Pop Up Birthday Card Diy

And there’s plenty of market research to back up the conclusion that consumers crave it. A Deloitte UK report aptly titled “Will Millennials Spend More?” This indicates an increased demand for bespoke experiences and creations. The concept isn’t new, but market shifts like this point to the fact that, all else being equal, younger consumers prefer to support small artisans over large, faceless establishments. This is especially true when it comes to something like a gift, which serves as a statement of values ​​for both giver and receiver.

So is it our fault that Papyrus — or The Limited, or Sears, or shopping centers in general — are falling off the face of the earth? Not really. If we could blame one entity, it would be the Internet (a boomer thing, I might add), but that’s wrong. The truth is that companies, like everything else in this world, are not meant to live forever, and as consumers, we are often surprised by the amount of power we have over how they live. In the meantime, trade in those custom, sustainable cards — it looks like they’re here to stay. At least now.

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How To Make A Greeting Card With Paper

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This craft came to me one day while finishing a decoupage project. I ran out of decoupage medium and decided to ‘cheat’ by making some with white liquid glue and water. As usual, I made a big mess and cleaned up with a paper towel. The next morning the paper towel was on my desk and I noticed how stiff it was from the glue mixture, but I was able to cut it with scissors.

How To Make A Greeting Card With Paper

These card flowers are super easy to make and a really fun activity for young and old. I love the added texture of adding paper towels to the flower petals in this design.

How To Make A Paper Towel Flower Greeting Card

You can also make paper towel flowers on other surfaces. It doesn’t just have to be on cardboard. I do a lot of crafting with tea bags and used this paper towel floral craft wrapped in tea bags.

Hi Careermommy, It’s great fun. You can also dip a paper towel in food coloring water for a solid color effect. Then hang to dry overnight.

Celeste, that’s a very good idea. I love making cards at home, but I never thought to make one out of paper towels. All I need is a hot glue gun and I’m on my way!

Thank you very much. It’s a lot of fun to do. Thank you too for voting. Greetings

How To Make Your Own Greeting Cards

It’s simple! This is a great way to create a birthday card and there is a lot of room for creativity!

Thank you very much. This

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