How To Make Paper Craft Boxes

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How To Make Paper Craft Boxes – To put that penny, or marble, or piece of gauze), but like many things in miniature, they are wonderful. Once during a spell of unemployment, I pocketed billions of them (which might say something about my non-transferable job skills and consequent unemployment). Be careful, they are fun. Make one, make many: they multiply at your fingertips.

Step 1: Lay a sheet of origami paper, wrong side up, on your work surface. Fold the paper in half, long edge to long edge. (You can press gently with your fingers first, then use a bone file to make a sharper crease.) Open the paper and turn it 90 degrees. Fold in half again, long edge to long edge. Open the paper again.

How To Make Paper Craft Boxes

How To Make Paper Craft Boxes

Step 2: Fold one corner over to its opposite, to make a triangle. Open the paper and fold the other corner to its opposite. takes place. Your log will look like this:

Our Favorite Origami Inspired Paper Craft Projects

Step 4: Fold the bottom edge of the square to the center. Fold the top edge of the square down to meet the center. takes place. Rotate 90 degrees and repeat, folding the two remaining edges of the square into the center.

Step 5: Open the two corners towards each other. Lift the two sides of the box. Focusing on one corner at a time, press the “cards” you made with the folds. As you do this, you will lift the third side of the box. Then press the corner over the edge of the side. The corner point must complement the other two points. Repeat to make the fourth side of the box. You have made the bottom half of the box.

Step 6: To make the wrap, you’ll do the same thing, but with a difference. In step 4, instead of folding the edge of the square to the center, you will instead fold it over

In center. Leave about a millimeter of distance from the center. Do this again on the top edge. Open and repeat with the remaining two square ends. This will make the edge of the lid shorter and increase the diameter of the lid so that the lid fits over the bottom of the box you made.

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I noticed. Putter. Create. The native city is a space dedicated to the love of craftsmanship. We design and share craft projects for the home and kids that are quick, fun, and inexpensive.

Boston Brooklyn Children’s Books Fabric Print FLIP! Free Printables Free Tutorials Vacation Home Design Gainesville Knitting Materials for Kids Paper People We’ve Met Photos Places We Love to Sew Recycled Materials Sewing Things to Do Things to See It’s been a few months since I started blogging and noticed I know that there are some topics that I keep coming back to. Because I really enjoy making them. At the top of this list are paper crafts. Handmade box specially made from paper. In fact, we shared quite a few prints and designs. So I thought, why not round them up and make it convenient for me to access them all at once. And, that’s what this post is about!

As always, use the link in the header below each image to access the full tutorial. I don’t know the exact terminology (if any?) for these paper boxes, so I’ll be making it up as I type.

How To Make Paper Craft Boxes

I’ll start with my favorite, the triangular paper boxes. These are my favorites simply because I have great memories of making them with my cousins. They are super easy to make and I love how you can change the box design to any color you want.

How To Make Cute Paper Boxes For Kids • K4 Craft

We originally made these bags for parties, but you can make them for almost any gift. You can also decorate them in many ways. For example, you can make a window for food, or one with flowers for perfume.

Although we made these paper boxes for an advent calendar, you can use the template to make small square paper boxes. They can be worn as a gift or used to store small items. You can also increase the size and replace it with any box.

I love making this box design! Even if it’s easier to mess up. Pillowcases always look so good that you don’t have to do much to decorate them. The shape itself is quite interesting.

I can’t believe it’s been so long! These 3 designs were the first papercraft boxes I shared and all three are amazing. What I love about them is the deceptively large space they have. You wouldn’t think it when you look at them. But that is the truth!

Origami Tray, Paper Box Diy (tutorial, How To)

We used a basic hexagonal design for these spider boxes. And this design can be used to make beautiful containers. You can play with the height of the box to increase or decrease the size of the box. Or try different prints and colors to decorate.

You’ll probably see a lot of these around Thanksgiving. But this isn’t the only time of year you’ll be using these pie boxes. They can be adjusted in other cases. For example, for Valentine’s Day – you can cut a small heart on top and fill the box with sweets. Or on Mother’s Day, you can fill it with flowers. Everything is in shape!

Let me know which of these paper box ideas is your favorite in the comments below! We’ll also be sharing more papercraft ideas in the future (I love working with paper!), so watch this space for more!

How To Make Paper Craft Boxes

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