Mobil Jadul Irit Bbm Dan Murah Perawatan

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Mobil Jadul Irit Bbm Dan Murah Perawatan – For collectors or lovers of used cars, an important factor when choosing a car to collect is old cars, fuel and easy to maintain. The reason is that cars that meet these criteria will definitely not bother you, even if they are from the 80s and 90s.

There is nothing wrong with buying a used car that is fuel efficient and easy to maintain if it suits your needs and budget. Things to pay attention to the operation of the car engine.

Mobil Jadul Irit Bbm Dan Murah Perawatan

Mobil Jadul Irit Bbm Dan Murah Perawatan

Toyota Starlet was born in 1987. This car has become a classic car popular with collectors of used cars. The Starlet XL is known to have four-cylinder engines with 1,000 cc and 1,300 cc.

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This car, manufactured by Honda, which reached its peak in the 90s, is known for its fuel efficiency and ease of use. Maintenance. Ease of finding car parts is an added value that you need to consider.

Overcome in the 1980s to the early 90s, this quality used car is worth considering. The reason is that the BMW 325i E30 is the least fuel efficient car. Its state-of-the-art engine is also an added value for this car.

In the 90s, Suzuki Baleno was very popular among young people because of its beautiful and modern appearance at that time. The added value of this car, born in 1996, is fuel economy.

Indonesians use this bus a lot because it has a large capacity and is an old fuel-efficient bus. Espass maintenance is very easy and it is easy for you to get spare parts.

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This icy car in the 1980s with a capacity of 1,600 cc brought OHC technology into the sports kitchen to make it more fuel efficient.

Of course, there are many other types of older cars that are more fuel efficient and easier to maintain. We hope the above information about old fuel and low maintenance can inspire you. You could have a dream old car that is fuel efficient and easy to maintain. Enjoy research! Home News Take a look at fuel-efficient and low-maintenance SUVs Below some interchangeable components

Sedans can win in the 90s. But today, what is sought and satisfied is the car that falls into the category of SUVs. SUVs are in high demand due to their high size, suitable for urban road conditions, which sometimes have a lot of damaged surface or have to go through high mud.

Mobil Jadul Irit Bbm Dan Murah Perawatan

It should also be noted that in terms of passenger capacity, this car also has a capacity of 5 to 7 passengers. Therefore, many people are also using it as a family car option.

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For everyday use, there are generally two factors to consider: fuel economy (BBM) and low maintenance. However, to meet these criteria, unfortunately, the latest SUVs are now quite expensive.

So there are many people who think twice about getting a new car and consider buying a used car. This is because there are many used cars that are sold in very good condition and cheaper than buying a car. New.

Many affordable used SUVs are also old. Therefore, the technology used is simple, not using too much electronics or sensors.

Therefore, maintenance should not go to an official repair shop. Maintenance or repairs can be done in a public workshop or even do-it-yourself at a more affordable price compared to official repair shops.

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Among the many used cars sold in Indonesia are the fuel-efficient and low-maintenance SUVs. Here are some of them for your reference.

It is known as the company’s operating vehicle in the mining and plantation areas. The Ford Everest is an SUV with a reverse engine and simple maintenance. So the price of a used car is also reasonable, ranging from $ 80 million to $ 110 million.

The Ford Everest uses a platform similar to the Ford Ranger. So when it comes to spare parts, it is not difficult because both have the same ingredients. Many users of this car say that the engine is very strong and rarely has problems.

Mobil Jadul Irit Bbm Dan Murah Perawatan

In Indonesia, the largest population of Ford Everest comes from the first generation, which was launched in 2009. The Ford Everest engine is powered by Turbo Direct Injection and Intercooler (TDCi) technology. So not only powerful but also fuel efficient. Ford also offers two transmission options and two drive options, 4 × 2 and 4 × 4.

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But this does not mean that the car is far from the left. There are also many common ailments that users often encounter. Diseases that appear more and more due to the age of use of these parts. Some of the problems with the Ford Everest include gas leaks, malfunctions, slippery gears, and difficult automatic transmissions because it is time to repair them.

For those who like high-end cars but are looking for an affordable price, Daihatsu Taft can be an option. On the other hand, cross a broken or muddy road at high altitudes. You could say this car is solid. With diesel engines, the resulting fuel consumption is also highly economical, at 10 km / h. In terms of value, the used car sold for about $ 70 million.

Daihatsu Taft GT is also an old car with a body design that still has a box but looks elegant. With short wheelbase and high ground clearance, the Daihatsu Taft GT is agile on off-road applications. The design may be old, but the braking system is very powerful as it is equipped with disc brakes on the front wheels. While the rear wheels are still based on the brake drum.

In terms of engine, the Daihatsu Taft GT is powered by a 2,765 cc four-cylinder diesel engine. Maximum power reaches 72 hp at 3,600 rpm of engine and maximum torque up to 170 Nm at 2,200 rpm of engine. The engine still relies on the timer to push the throttle valve. The injection pump also uses a range model. So the durability of the machine is really good and the maintenance is very easy.

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If there is damage, the general workshop can still run because the technology of the machine used is still simple. You do not have to worry about spare parts because the population of Daihatsu Taft is also large and spread all over Indonesia.

Nissan Terrano has a very famous name in the off-road world. From the design and dimensions alone, it already describes a tough SUV. The style also has the same box as the old car. But the general appearance still feels masculine and masculine.

Nissan Terrano was first launched in Indonesia in 1995. This vehicle is fully imported (CKD) and installed in Purwakarta. Although it is not equipped with a 4 × 4 drive system, the engine is still strong enough and suitable to cross different areas.

Mobil Jadul Irit Bbm Dan Murah Perawatan

It has a 2,400 cc engine with a maximum power output of 118 hp at 4,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 185 Nm at 2,800 rpm. But with great power, the result is a little more fuel consumption. Supported by a pretty soft suspension as well.

Suzuki Carry 86

The population is not as large as the Daihatsu Taft, as the car is known for its luxury. However, Nissan Terrano users who are members of the community can say that they are very strong. So when it comes to maintenance or spare parts, you can always consult the car community. There is usually a partner repair shop that specializes in service or become a Nissan Terrano specialist.

The most famous car is the Suzuki Katana. This SUV is also known for its agility, toughness, economy and fuel economy. The Suzuki Katana has an engine with a small capacity of only 1000 cc. However, the physical dimensions are also narrow. So even though it has only 50 PS power and 73.5 Nm of torque, its performance is amazing. Fuel consumption is also friendly, as it can penetrate up to 13 kilometers per liter.

With age, the price of the Suzuki Katana is affordable. The highest price is only 60 million Rp. But again, depending on the conditions. In terms of maintenance and spare parts, this simple car technology can be handled by many general repair shops. This specialized workshop is also being disseminated throughout Indonesia.

Also read: Diesel SUVs priced below Rp. 200 million, Toyota Fortuner and many Pajero Sport are sleek cars that are in high demand from the public. When buying a car, one factor to consider is price.

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Car prices in the market also vary depending on the condition of the car. There are also many people who choose to buy a used car for the reason that the price is lower but still affordable for use.

Among the used cars are many old cars, for example old cars from the 90s that are still worth buying. Not only that, the performance of older cars can sometimes even compete with today’s cars in terms of fuel economy.

The car of the 90s that can be introduced to you is the Honda Civic. This sedan is known as an old, stubborn and powerful economy car. Even though it was manufactured in the 90s, the car is still in high demand.

Mobil Jadul Irit Bbm Dan Murah Perawatan

Not only is the engine economical and rugged, it is also easy to maintain. In addition, the price of spare parts is really easy to find at an affordable price. Therefore, when you have damage, do not be confused to repair.

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This car, which is equipped with a 1.5-liter carbon system, makes a difference because other cars already use a 1.6-liter engine. And.

It can be said that this old car is a car recommended for young people. This is because the design of this car is very chic with two powerful and economical engine options, 1000 cc and 1300 cc.

In the higher-end version, the Toyota Starlet is backed by luxury cabin features and is equipped with power steering, central door locks, power windows and more, making the car very attractive.

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