How Much Watch Time To Get Monetized On Youtube

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How Much Watch Time To Get Monetized On Youtube – If you are a YouTube creator who wants to make money with Adsense money, you will know that one of the metrics and If you are a YouTube creator who wants to make money with Adsense money, you must have made 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watching on your channel in last 365 days. We’ll cover subscriber growth in more detail in a future post, but for now let’s focus on view time and the importance of content creation.

It’s a lot of minutes, but we’re going to give you solid tips on how to get more people to watch your videos and achieve that goal faster. We will also introduce you to tools that can help you.

How Much Watch Time To Get Monetized On Youtube

How Much Watch Time To Get Monetized On Youtube

Need a visual tutorial? Check out our video to make sure you’re doing everything right when it’s time to watch:

How Many Views On Youtube To Make Money?

This is not true and could be wrong if your analytics show that viewers are leaving before the end of the video. YouTube looks at metrics, and the more viewers leave your content, the more YouTube can support the platform.

It can be a better way to create short videos that people watch for a long time than to create a long video where people only click 20% of the way through.

How long should your videos be? The answer is too long to get the point across. Being able to condense and package your videos in the shortest possible time will help you a lot.

If we recommend that you make your videos as short as possible, should you make Short videos instead of long videos? Not really.

Beginner’s Guide To Adsense For Youtube In 2022

All the subscribers you get from your Shortos count towards your goal of reaching 1,000 (another metric you need to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program and be eligible to make money).

BUT the watch time generated by YouTube Shorts, especially if they are served to viewers via the Shorts shelf, will not count towards your 4,000 hour requirement. So keep making shorts if that’s what you like to make, but keep in mind that they won’t increase your watch time.

If you’ve published videos to your channel, you’ll have engagement data, which gives you feedback on how your content resonates with viewers.

How Much Watch Time To Get Monetized On Youtube

There are a number of tools that YouTube has that can help you with things like maintaining your audience and getting downloads.

Ways To Generate 4,000 Hours Of Youtube Watch Time Faster!

On YouTube, you can access analytics to keep track of your audience through YouTube Studio. Just click on the published video and click on ‘Analytics’. From the new group, click on ‘Dating’ to get the data you need. Check out ‘Retaining More Audiences’ and ‘The Most Important Moments in Retaining Audiences’. We will go into more detail about these reports in a future post.

If you have a Legend or Enterprise account, you can access our ‘Retention Analyzer’ report, which will tell you how many people are still watching your video at different times, for example 30 seconds or 60 seconds.

If you see a significant reduction in storage, you need to address this in your strategy. Think about the types of videos you make or the length of the videos. Pay close attention to audience retention when you publish a video to see where it can be edited.

When you publish a video, you want to make sure that the most viewers see it. One way that can be important for you is to know when your viewers are online and where most of your viewers are watching.

How To Link Adsense To Your Youtube Account (with Pictures)

For example, if you’re in the US, but most of your viewers live in Japan, you should publish in Japan Standard Time to take advantage of viewers and subscribers.

If you want to know when is the best time to print, there is a tool that will help you with these exact measurements, and it is available to anyone who has a license.

Go to your YouTube studio and open the icon on the top right, then go to ‘Additional Tools’ and click ‘Best Time to Post.’ You will be redirected to the ‘Audience’ tab of YouTube Studio Analytics. In this section, scroll down to the “When your viewers are on YouTube” section.

How Much Watch Time To Get Monetized On Youtube

Under the YouTube icon, you can see what you need to download the next video. It also tells you the best time to watch!

Selling Monetized Youtube Channel Organic 2300 Subs (price Dropped)

Why is print time so important? The first 24 hours after publishing a video are very important for a producer. If a new video takes off well with first views, engagements and watch time, this sends a strong signal to YouTube that your video is doing well. This may result in it being promoted to new viewers.

Note cards and end views are two amazing features of YouTube that allow you to link to other videos (and more). This can give your viewers more information on the topic you are discussing, or allow you to promote more of your content. So if you are not benefiting from these plugins, start today!

While many creators use end screens and notification cards to send people to a specific video, did you know you can also add a playlist as a link? Why not create a playlist of the videos that got you the most subscribers to increase your content.

This is a very important way to create time to watch your video. YouTube rewards videos that keep viewers on the platform as long as possible. In addition, directing viewers to playlists and priority will help you maximize your viewing time.

Subscribe And Monetise Apk For Android Download

When it comes to comments on your YouTube videos, it’s always important to respond in a timely manner, preferably within hours of posting. So why not create a canned comment with a link to your most popular video or a series of videos on the same topic to drive engagement and more views and views?

Often times, when viewers receive a notification that you’ve responded, they’ll return to your video and may watch it again, which leads to more traffic.

If you are on the free level of , you get one canned solution available to you. If you are at Pro level or above, then you get as many canned responses as you want.

How Much Watch Time To Get Monetized On Youtube

Just go to your YouTube studio and open the icon on the top right, then go to ‘Online Tools’ and click on ‘Canned Responses’. Then you can add your own.

Youtube Monetization: Do You Meet These Six Requirements?

Generating 4,000 hours of viewership may sound like a daunting task, but it can be easily achieved if you spend time on your content and marketing strategies. The most important tips we can give are:

If you keep showing up, posting videos, and working on improving your production and content, you’ll reach your 4,000 hours, and we’ll be here to celebrate your success!

Carla Marshall is Content Marketing Manager at. He has 10+ years of experience in video marketing, media management, content marketing, DRM and SEO. It takes one year to watch 4,000 hours (240,000 minutes) if you keep watching 20,000 minutes a month. . Your views are shared across your entire YouTube channel. So you can reach 4,000 hours of viewing with the best videos.

According to YouTube, you need 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers to enter the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

How Long Does It Take For Youtube To Approve Monetization?

Once you reach the milestone, you can apply for YPP. Then you can start showing ads on your videos if you are approved.

Now you need more subscribers and views to earn regular YouTube income. However, it is a great additional source of income.

This equates to about $303 a month or $10 a day. The best part is that it is a 100% free way to earn money. You get paid every time someone watches one of your videos.

How Much Watch Time To Get Monetized On Youtube

Now the truth is: There is no such thing as passive income. You still need to make good videos all the time.

Youtube Tightens Rules Around What Channels Can Be Monetized

Otherwise, your audience will lose interest, your engagement will drop, your impressions will drop, and ultimately your marketing dollars will drop.

There is nothing about the work you need to do to stay and grow on YouTube.

The real reason you should surf for 4,000 hours isn’t just to earn advertising money. You should because you are building an engaged audience.

So remember when I said that YouTube ad revenue is a small part of my company’s revenue? It is correct.

Ways To Monetize Youtube Videos (even Without 4,000 Watch Hours)

However, YouTube traffic is now my third biggest source of income for my course, Gotch SEO Academy.

So with that out of the way, here are 7 ways to reach 4,000 hours of views on YouTube:

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. On the contrary: you can find a guaranteed content idea and install it

How Much Watch Time To Get Monetized On Youtube

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