How To Check Ram In Laptop

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How To Check Ram In Laptop – NOTE: While I’m by no means an expert on this subject, if you know anything or want to add to what I’ve written, feel free!

Changing the RAM is a question that appears more often. By creating this thread I hope to get some reliable answers to some questions about RAM upgrades.

How To Check Ram In Laptop

How To Check Ram In Laptop

The first step will be to assess whether this is possible and these are the things to consider:

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Now that we know there’s room for an upgrade (the first image showed the laptop as 16GB), how do we know what to get? Well, it depends on what you already have installed. Among other programs, HWiNFO, CPU-Z or AIDA64 can shed light on this issue. We can make informed decisions with the information we have about the types of memory supported from the processor specification (right click, open a new tab for a better view):

This system has DDR4-2666, also known as PC4-21300, so we know that we need DDR4-2666 of the three types supported by the processor (LPDDR3 goes into another slot, and LPDDR4 is sold on the board).

Can we remember faster? Say… 3200 MHz? Sure, but it won’t go faster than the 2666 MHz this processor supports. This is good because if you can find cheap rods, the clock speed is also suitable, and this is according to the date of the time shown below.

The first D in DDR stands for double, the first line is the memory clock running at 2666 MHz. But below you can see the timings of 2400, 2133 and 1866 MHz, which means that the machine’s RAM stick can work at any time. If there is more than one module, it switches to the most common time (assuming it fits, more on that later).

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So far we know that we need DDR4-2666 and a 32GB stick at most, but let’s imagine that the machine has 2 sticks instead of one; that is, the ability to have two RAM sticks. Can we get another 16GB stick, DDR4-2666 and combine it with what we have? In short, no.

The first of those times is called the CAS delay time (15 out of 2666, the first number in the line). It should be compatible. In fact, every good time should be the same (read: faster) for the memory to work both ways. They wouldn’t do it if they were different. Think of it like a song: one person hits every two seconds and another every third, they can’t always be heard in sequence.

However, the boards may have temporary problems or inconsistencies that prevent the machine from working in two ways or even burn all the rods, it is recommended to match them if possible (rods sold as a package) ; guaranteed to work only in X mode (X binary, quad, etc.). They still may not work with your machine, so it’s best to buy from a retailer that allows returns or exchanges.

How To Check Ram In Laptop

Another good option would be to find the exact RAM stick you installed and buy it again. Don’t think it’s used, when I bought the machine I upgraded from 8GB it was 16GB and I sold the 8GB part; you can be sure that things will go well. If you want to do this, search for “Module Part Number” in HWiNFO, for example the one we’re tracking will be “KHX2666C15S4/16G”.

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How about stick-matching the on-board RAM for dual-mode operation? Yes, the same thing, the values ​​should be the same, and some are as picky as their peers. You can try searching the web about your brand, there might be someone who has already downloaded it and shared their experience.

There is another program that will tell you the type of RAM you have installed, Thaiphoon Burner, and the free version is all you need (you won’t be going out of date anytime soon). I mention 2 things to show you that there are many things that can be a source of inconsistencies and some things that can be good. Check out this screenshot:

Do you see that physical body? The two positions sometimes cause problems, there are machines like only one RAM (weird I guess?). However, did you notice that there is more than one CAS delay supported at 2666 MHz? It’s extra! This means that the memory can be happy with another stick, for example DDR4 2666 MHz CL16 or CL18; but yes, when it comes to real-world comparisons, it comes down to trial and error, other than the educated guesses we can make given all this information.

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How To Check Ram In Laptop

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How To Check Ram In Laptop

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