Mobil Listrik Yang Sudah Dijual Di Indonesia

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Mobil Listrik Yang Sudah Dijual Di Indonesia – JAKARTA – Although the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended, the world’s automakers have not stopped bringing their products to market and innovating. One of the most talked about products in the country today is environmentally friendly vehicles. Yes, electric cars have many fans in Indonesia.

This type of vehicle has full electric and hybrid technology. Car lovers are definitely more and more curious about the brand and the price. Here we present several types of electric cars that can be found in Indonesia.

Mobil Listrik Yang Sudah Dijual Di Indonesia

Mobil Listrik Yang Sudah Dijual Di Indonesia

In early December 2020, PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) launched the Hyundai Kona Electric. This South Korean car relies on an electric motor with a power of 118 Tk and 295 Nm of torque.

Mobil Listrik Yang Dijual Di Indonesia Saat Ini, Paling Murah Rp 480 Juta

The electric motor is powered by a 38.3 kWh Li-Ion polymer battery. This eco-friendly vehicle is said to have a top speed of 155 km/h. Can be charged for 9 hours for normal charging.

If you have fast charging, the battery will be charged to 80 percent after 75 minutes of charging. As for the price, the Hyundai Kona Electric is sold for IDR 674, 8 million (OTR Jakarta).

In September 2020, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia launched its first hybrid car, the Nissan Kicks E-Power. Technically, this car is born with a 1200 cc 3-cylinder petrol engine. The engine is backed by a lithium-ion and electric motor with 126 Tk and 260 Nm of torque.

The Nissan Kicks E-Power is actually an electric car. A conventional engine is used in the car to charge the battery, so owners don’t have to bother with external charging. This car manufactured by Nissan is priced at IDR 449 million (OTR Jakarta).

Sukses Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia Tergantung Harga

Rp. With the electric cars still in Indonesia at the price of 400 million, Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid. PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) introduced this eco-friendly vehicle on August 6, 2020. However, customers can only get the unit in December 2020.

The All New Corolla Cross comes in two variants, with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), namely the All New Corolla Cross 1.8 Gasoline Edition and the All New Corolla Cross HEV.

The car is powered by a 1.8L 2ZR-FE petrol engine that can reach 138 hp at 6,400 rpm and 17.5 kgm of torque at 4,000 rpm. As for the price, the price of the petrol version of the car is IDR 457, 8 million, while the eco-friendly SUV is priced at IDR 497, 8 million.

Mobil Listrik Yang Sudah Dijual Di Indonesia

The Lexus UX 300e was launched in November 2020. The car has a 54.35 kWh electric motor with 201 Tk of power and 300 Nm of torque. Its cruising range can reach 300 km on a single charge.

Foto: Cuma Rp75 Juta, Mobil Listrik K Upgrade Lawannya Wuling Ev

To charge the battery from 0 to 100 percent, this car charges up to 24 hours using household electricity. If you use an AC wall charger, it only takes 5-6 hours.

Meanwhile, it only takes 50 minutes with DC fast charging at SPKLU (Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations). This electric car with CBU status from Japan is priced at IDR 1,245 billion.

You can say that this car is a pioneer of pure electric cars officially sold in Indonesia. The BMW i3s was first launched at GIIAS 2019.

The car is powered by an electric motor and a 42.2 kWh battery that produces 184 Tk of power along with 270 Nm of peak torque. The price offered by this car is very high, which is Rp1, 340 billion (OTR Jakarta).

Mobil Listrik Murah Akhirnya Dijual Di Indonesia

Another pure electric car is Tesla’s vehicle, the Tesla Model S P100D. Produced by the famous technology company, this car has a lithium-ion battery with 100 kWh of energy to support the power of 2 electric motors.

The Tesla Model S P100D produces 680 hp and 1,073 Nm of torque. In terms of price, this car has the most incredible nominal of the other competitors mentioned earlier, which is IDR 4.4 billion.

* In addition to the list of electric cars in Indonesia, just follow other domestic and foreign news, it’s time to revolutionize the news!

Mobil Listrik Yang Sudah Dijual Di Indonesia

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Mobil Mini Elektrik Wuling E100, Belum Bisa Dipasarkan Di Indonesia

Good news from Luhut: the price of electric cars is affordable, for example, for Wuling from Rp. 150 million and it will become the people’s car. The 2022 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) is different. Because many brands are exhibiting electric cars at IIMS 2022. Some are sold and others are followed to the mass market.

Of course, all this is beneficial for you, the customer. Because then there will be more choices of new cars in Indonesia. Furthermore, electric cars receive a number of special concessions from the government. Starting from tax exemption, to the freedom to cross the odd-gen path (gauge).

So, what are the electric cars set to take the floor in the domestic car market at IIMS 2022? Provides you with a summary.

The scariest electric car figure Toyota Kizong Innova BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) on display at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta. Yes, this figure is similar to the current Toyota Kizong Innova, but it no longer uses a combustion engine but an electric motor and battery.

Mobil Listrik Di Iims 2022 Yang Segera Dijual Di Indonesia, Harganya Banyak Yang Murah

This electric Kizong Innova uses the base of the Toyota Kizong Innova Venturer as the top variant of the Kizong Innova. The family electric car is equipped with an electric motor equivalent to 131.6 kW with 179 hp or 700 Nm of torque.

The battery has a capacity of 58.9 kWh and this prototype MPV is said to cover a distance of 300 km on a single charge. However, it is not confirmed when this Innova stunner can go on sale in large quantities.

At this year’s IIMS show, Wuling brought the Bajun EV electric model again. Actually this little black car is not the first time that Wuling has shown it to the public in Indonesia. Because Wuling Wuling continues to educate the public about the GSEV, their unique electric car platform due to its small size and low price.

Mobil Listrik Yang Sudah Dijual Di Indonesia

But most interestingly, on the first day of IIMS 2022, Wuling presented the first sketch of Wuling GSEV 2022 for Indonesia. Although this is just a teaser, the car is sure to be produced in Indonesia as part of Wuling’s preparations to take part in the electric car era in the country. Is it cheap too?

Beli Mobil Listrik Di Indonesia, Baterainya Tahan Berapa Lama?

Raising the flag to enter the Indonesian car market, Chery immediately launched with a number of new models. These cars, including the Chery EQ1, were featured at IIMS 2022. The small 4-passenger electric car, in its home country of China, competes directly with the Wuling Mini EV, which is based on GSEV platform.

The height of the EQ1 reminds us of the figure of the German Smart Four Two, a small car. It uses a 35 kWh lithium-ion battery for its power source, which is said to be able to drive the car for a distance of 301 km. Full payment.

The permanent magnet synchronous motor produces 42 PS of power and 120 Nm of peak torque. Most likely, this electric car will officially go on sale in late 2022 or early next year. We feel that the price is quite affordable for different groups of people.

The DFSK Ceres SF5 has once again shown itself at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2022. Previously, the DSFK electric car was first seen at the GIIAS Surabaya event last year. But unfortunately on this second look, the Ceres SF5 has not yet been sold to the public.

Wuling Indonesia Siap Sambut Era Mobil Listrik

According to DFSK, they are still continuing to study the electric SUV market in the country. At the same time, we are waiting for the Dongfeng boss in China to realize the production of the right hand drive model of the SF5 Series.

As for the specifications, the Ceres SF5 is backed by high-performance dual electric motor technology and an all-wheel drive system. This compact electric SUV has 2 electric motors that produce 255 kW at the front and 150 kW at the rear. Both electric motors are powered by a 35 kWH Li-ion battery. The result is acceleration from 0-100 km per hour, the Ceres SF5 takes just 4.7 seconds.

Mitsubishi to showcase electric cars at IIMS 2022 However, this segment is quite different, namely in the light commercial vehicle segment. Its name is Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV, in fact its appearance is not the first, but this time at IMS Mitsubishi is serious about selling an electric car on a large scale.

Mobil Listrik Yang Sudah Dijual Di Indonesia

Because Mitsubishi Minicab MiEV is currently conducting trials with several companies in Indonesia. Among others, PT Pos Indonesia, PT Haleyora Power, Gojek and DHL as a vehicle for the Indonesian Supply Chain.

Mobil Listrik Dfsk Seres Sf5 Cuma Pamer Belum Dijual

Its power source relies on a 16 kWh battery with a 2WD drive system. The battery is said to have a range of up to 150 kilometers on a single charge. The power generated by the electric motor reaches 41 PS in the range of 2,500-6,000 rpm and a huge peak torque of 196 Nm was achieved at 3,000 rpm.

He has been involved in automotive journalism since 2009, following his hobby of customizing cars. Moreover, the unique characteristics of each vehicle produced by each manufacturer continue to fuel their interest in the automotive world even today. These components make electric cars expensive. Therefore, the Indonesian government “demands” the establishment of a battery factory. Moreover, raw materials for making batteries can be found in Indonesia.

“Batteries are the future and batteries are the future, and Luhut Binsar Panjaitan (Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs) thinks this, it may not arrive in two years, Indonesia will have an amazing battery factory,” said Moeldoko, chief of staff presidential. , on the sidelines of the opening of the 2019 Indonesia Electric Motor Show (IEMS) in Jakarta on Wednesday (4/9/2019).

Apart from the battery, there are three main components in an electric car, he said. Among them are motors, motor controllers to change the speed and finally an inverter to change from DC to AC. But that needs to be added, in fact there is one more addition, which is the charging station.

Harga Mobil Listrik Masih Tinggi, Nissan Minta Restu Supaya Bisa Jual Mobil Listrik Murah Ke Indonesia

The President’s Chief of Staff, Moeldoko shared his optimism that electric cars will become cheaper in the future.

“These five things will soon be ours. Now if you look at the electric car

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