Is It Hard To Put Contact Lenses In

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Is It Hard To Put Contact Lenses In – As creatures with fragile and sensitive eyes, we want to keep our fingers away from them. Inserting contact lenses is reasonable, even a little scary – they are touching your eyeballs a lot!

But like most skills, practice is the key to success. We promise that inserting your contacts will feel as natural as slipping on a pair of glasses — and it’ll be just as secure.

Is It Hard To Put Contact Lenses In

Is It Hard To Put Contact Lenses In

To help you through the learning curve, we’ve put together a contact placement guide for beginners (and anyone else looking to refresh).

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Note: This instruction applies to disposable soft contacts, not “hard” or solid gas permeable contacts. Strong contact lenses require different prescriptions!

Disclaimer: This guide does not constitute definitive medical advice. It represents the opinion of the authors and is for educational or informational purposes only. Readers should not use the information in this guide as a substitute for the advice of their eye specialist or ophthalmologist. Readers with medical questions or concerns should contact an ophthalmologist or ophthalmologist.

Unless your hands are clean, contact lens care can transfer dirt, debris, and oil from your skin to the lens.

Wash them thoroughly with an oil- and fragrance-free soap and dry them with a clean cloth or towel. A microfiber cloth is a great choice.

Contact Lenses 101 :: Eye Health Central

Remove your contact lenses from their box or disposable packaging. It should be placed in a small contact solution and hold it gently between your fingers. Use the pads of your fingers instead of your fingernails to avoid tearing or tearing the lens.

Place the lens in the palm of your hand and inject it with fresh contact solution to submerge it in a small puddle. Do not use tap water or any other approved contact solution – otherwise you can cause harmful bacteria and foreign materials to build up on the lens.

With the single finger of your other hand, gently rub the contact lens back and forth in the palm of your hand. After 15 seconds or more, rinse with another injection of solution. This “rub and rinse” cleaning method ensures that the lenses are free of substances that can irritate your eyes.

Is It Hard To Put Contact Lenses In

Place the contact lens in the index or middle finger of your dominant hand (or whichever hand you prefer to use to place it over your eye). The lens should look like a small plate. If it looks like a cube, you need to rotate it!

How To Put Contact Lenses In And Out Properly

You also need to make sure that the lens is on the right side. A lens that goes from the inside out will have flared edges, just as the plate has a small rim that goes around it. A properly rotated contact lens will have clean, undamaged edges.

Some lenses have shapes or text printed on them that you may want to look for to make sure they are rotated the right way.

If the hand is not holding the lens, gently pull back the upper eyelid to expose more of your eye. Don’t screw it up! Use only one finger to open from the top.

If you need more space to work, you can pull back the lower eyelid. Use the free finger of the hand holding the lens.

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While looking in the mirror, slowly bring the finger with the contact lens toward your eye. Gently touch the lens to the surface of your eye.

You don’t have to push any further – the lens should easily slide off your finger and stick to the layer of moisture that covers your eye.

Some people prefer to look up and place the contact lens on the white part of the eye below the iris. Others like to look directly into the lens. See which method feels most natural to you.

Is It Hard To Put Contact Lenses In

Once the contact lens is in your eye, move it around a few times to find a comfortable position. You can scroll up, down, left and right to center it.

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If the glasses are in and you’re seeing clearly in that eye, it’s time to repeat the steps in the other eye! You can use the same hands for each step or change them, it’s up to you.

Now that you know how to place your contacts, it’s time to brush up on your technique with some tips that will make the process smoother.

Choose an order and stick to it: right eye, then left or vice versa. This tip is especially important if your eyes have different prescriptions – you don’t want to mix and match lenses. In addition, daily exercise helps build muscle memory.

Long nails can interfere with contact lenses and are more likely to scratch or tear the lens in the process.

How To Properly Dispose Of Your Contact Lenses

If you normally have long nails, consider trimming them while you’re learning how to apply contacts. Otherwise, you can become more efficient with more practice!

Choosing oil-free makeup products and mascara that doesn’t remove too much fiber can help keep your contacts from getting greasy and irritated.

Also, if you plan to put in eye drops, make sure they’re approved for use with contacts—non-drops can make your lenses greasy or cloudy, sometimes permanently.

Is It Hard To Put Contact Lenses In

Learning how to fit contact lenses is a daunting prospect for many people, and it can be frustrating when your eyes don’t seem to cooperate. It will probably take a few tries before it feels automatic – that’s normal!

Best Contact Lens Solutions For Hard Rigid Gas Permeable Or Scleral Contact Lenses

It is important to enjoy yourself instead of beating yourself up. When you’re in the middle of trying to fit your lenses, take it slow, take a deep breath, and know that you can start over when you need to.

If you put your contacts in and something feels itchy, burning, or “off,” it’s time to take them out and try again.

Check the lens after it is removed from your eye. Can you see signs of damage, tears or scratches? If so, don’t reset it.

If the lens looks undamaged and/or slightly dirty, clean it again with the rub and rinse method and see if your eyes feel better afterwards. But don’t keep trying to wear a lens that causes you constant discomfort – throw it away and try a new one.

Understanding Contacts: Are They The Right Solution For You?

OK, your contacts are well placed on each eye. But how to remove contact lenses again?

First, wash your hands again. You should always have clean hands when touching contact lenses (or near your eyes).

Then, using the lens removal hand, gently pull the lower eyelid with your middle finger to expose more of your eye. With the index finger of the same hand, gently touch the edge of your contact lens and extend it to the white part of the eye.

Is It Hard To Put Contact Lenses In

Hold the contact lens between your index finger and thumb and remove it from your eye. Clean with a rinse and rinse method, place in a new solution and repeat.

Always Do This While Traveling If You Wear Contact Lenses

As with any superpower, the ability to create contacts comes with a few additional responsibilities. Follow these guidelines when wearing your contacts to keep your eyes comfortable and safe.

If you’re new to contacts, don’t wear them all day at first. Instead, wear them for a few hours at a time and gradually increase the duration as you get used to them. This approach trains your eyes consistently and efficiently.

Water getting into your eyes while wearing contact lenses is a source of irritation and even infection. Even though showers, hot tubs, and swimming pools may seem clean to you, they don’t play well with your contacts. It’s a good idea to bring a spare pair of goggles and remove your contacts before doing any diving.

Also, don’t sleep with your contact lenses on – no sleep, no all-nighters. The only difference here is if you have lenses approved for long-term wear.

Contact Lens Mistakes You Should Avoid

Most contact lenses are intended for daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly wear. Don’t continue to use your contacts beyond the amount of time you’re designed to use them – always replace them with a new set.

If you have any of the following symptoms, especially if they last more than a day, it’s time to stop wearing contact lenses and get an eye exam.

Anyone can learn how to properly fit contact lenses. Proper eye hygiene requires some practice, some persistence and a healthy respect. But the comfort of wearing disposable soft ties is a great reward, and anyone can learn to do it.

Is It Hard To Put Contact Lenses In

We hope we’ve increased your confidence in your ability to save your contacts. Check out our Advanced Techniques guide soon, flipping the lens in the air like a coin so it rests completely on your eye. (This is a joke, please don’t try.)

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