Cara Pasang Gps Di Motor

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How to install GPS on a motorcycle – GPS tracker installation and manual installation instructions will be packed (sent) with the delivery of the GPS tracker device to your address by TIKI JNE.

Cara Pasang Gps Di Motor

Cara Pasang Gps Di Motor

You can do the fitment and installation on your own vehicle or you can go to a mechanic/workshop in your city.

Gpsku, Gps Mobil Terbaik Yang Wajib Di Pilih

After receiving the device installation instructions, you can directly contact our customer service by phone, SMS, email, Yahoo Messenger…, how to install the device.

Detailed information on how to install the GPS tracking device can be found in the installation manual, but here we will only explain how to install it.

After confirming that you have received 6 (six) coins in the image above, find out how to connect the coins.

You connect the GSM antenna cable to the GPS tracking device and the GSM antenna socket on the GPS tracking device. Also with the microphone cable you connect it to the GPS tracking device (see instructions in the image below)

Merk Gps Mobil Terbaik Yang Bagus Dan Akurat

You will find the switch on the lead wire component, connect the lead wire switch to the relay as shown above…

In the cable connection component you will find a switch that connects directly to the GPS tracking device, plug the cable switch into the port/connection/GPS tracking device as shown above.

BLUE WIRE CONNECTED TO PANTTO BRACKET / ENTRANCE SIDE BRACKET (Located on the right side of the front door, visible when the door is open and the door panel is open)

Cara Pasang Gps Di Motor

The cable connected to the power supply (battery) does not have to be directly connected to the battery, but can pass through the ignition cable (electricity)… [Ask your mechanic]

Gps Tracker Mobil Motor

If you do not understand the electrical and repair shop and do not understand the location of the wiring of the car, we recommend that you consult an auto mechanic / technician in your city to avoid wiring errors. You may print the text on this page for your mechanic/shop reference.

Below you will find 2 (two) wires in the connecting cable component, which are colored wires: thick red and thick yellow (see picture above).

Two wires connect to the fuel pump control wire, usually the fuel pump wire is on the right side of the door, when the door is open, the door under your blanking panel is open, you look for the red wire. Logic: If this cable is disconnected, the fuel pump will not work, so the car engine will stop.

Begin by removing the fuel pump cable with a utility knife or scissors. After disconnecting, connect the fuel pump wire you disconnected earlier to the solid red and yellow wires.

Gpsku Purbalingga Pasang Di Mobil Dan Motor

The yellow (thick) wire connects to the disconnected fuel pump wire (no power to the fuel pump since the cable/wire is disconnected).

The red (thick) wire connects to the disconnected fuel pump wire (fuel pump control wire / still has power as it is still connected to power)

Finally, you determine that the fuel pump wire is connected again with the thick red wire and the thick yellow wire.

Cara Pasang Gps Di Motor

This thick red and yellow cable is used for the control menu to turn off the car engine and restart the car engine from your mobile phone.

Boosterplug Husqvarna Te 250 350 450 501 Tr650 Nuda 900 Motor Leerlauf| Gs Moto

Each car may have a wire location and wire color which may vary from car brand to car brand, we recommend that you visit an auto repair shop in your city to avoid installation errors. (bring documentation and photos). How to install) You print from our blog)

Once all of your components are properly connected and you turn on (turn on) your GPS device, you will move on to the next step, which is: set the number of kisses.

The red LED flashes to indicate that the GSM signal is working, the Bitu LED flashes to indicate that the GPS signal is working. Initially, the RED LED will flash for a few seconds, indicating that the tracker is searching for a GSM network (cell phone signal). Once connected, the red LED will flash every 3 seconds.

The main number is your mobile phone number, which is used to send commands to the GPS tracking device. Before you can use your phone to support the GPS tracking app, you must first set your phone number as the primary number. The method is as follows:

Cara Pasang Gps Tracking

After the whole setup and installation process is completed and successful, keep your GSM/Simcard activated in your GPS device and always check your credit. Don’t let the GSM SIM card die or expire. If the card is dead, you need to reset the GSM card by removing the dead GSM card and following the installation steps from the beginning.

If there is no pulse on the GSM/SIM card, the GPS device will not respond to menu commands you send. For those of us who travel often or travel long distances, whether for work or to visit relatives and friends, having a map is very useful.

With the development of information and communication technologies, the price of GPS devices or mobile phones is getting cheaper and cheaper. Even for the most reliable brands like Samsung, Sony, Nokia and Samsung, Sony and Nokia, LG Rs. Create an Android phone with GPS under 1 crore. On the other hand, support devices or mobile phones and GPS on motorcycles are also available on the market and can be ordered easily through various online stores. Besides the mobile phone and the GPS mount, you also need a charger to operate it during the trip. For mobile phone chargers and GPS devices that use motor batteries, you can also get them easily from online stores.

Cara Pasang Gps Di Motor

There are mobile and GPS mounts that are bolted to the mirror hole, and some are handlebar mounted. The online price range is between IDR 75,000 and IDR 150,000. In this example, screw Rp to the engine mirror. 90,000. Those who have problems finding the device can contact the administrator.

Perhatikan Hal Ini Saat Pasang Gps, Supaya Berkendara Tetap Aman Dan Nyaman

Some types of cell phone and motorcycle GPS mounts are made of foam, cell phone clamps use less glue, some come off easily when used, so it’s better to reattach with high glue. In my example, because something was missing, I split the sponge in half and put it back together.

Then the next thing to install is a special motor charger that takes power from the motor battery. There are many brands of motorcycle chargers online with prices ranging from Rp. 95,000 to Rp. 120,000. And if the readers have any trouble finding this tool, you can contact the admin. In this example, we have Rp. 120,000 will use the Anzene brand. For ease of use, you should make sure that the distance of your mobile phone or GPS mount is not too far. In addition, the length of the standard charger cable that connects to the engine battery should be considered, simply, on the other hand, it should be connected with a cable so that the length is not too long. To install the device, it is fixed with a plastic hook or glued with double-sided tape in the middle of the container handle. Some types of special motorcycle chargers are equipped with a switch to avoid overcharging the motorcycle battery when not in use.

Since the USB socket and the micro USB charging cable are made of metal and are subject to corrosion, it is better to replace them, you can use chain oil to protect them from rust when it rains or when washing the motorcycle.

Then, to install the charger cable connected to the engine battery, you have to go through a very simple process and it is not easy to remove the cable. The extra cable is about 5-7cm long. Meanwhile, the plug connected to the motor battery, loosen the battery screw, install and tighten again.

Jual Gps Motor & Mobil

After installing all the devices, turn on the switch and try to charge the phone. Make sure your phone is showing a charging signal. You can run the Google Maps app and try to lock your current GPS location or find your way to the “golden beach” for example. For those whose google maps are not working I will do the following post, hope the time is right.

Especially for Google Maps users, there are some things to keep in mind that Google Maps should not be turned off when the data signal is bad, because Google Maps downloads data when finding a route to your destination. So the navigation app will work even if the data signal is lost in the middle of the road. But if you are in the middle of the road with bad data signal, you have to restart Google Maps and find the route from the beginning, which is very difficult and you have to find a place with good data signal.

Once everything is working, you can take your motorcycle trip using GPS navigation or Google Maps and means ready to tell you when to turn using GPS device or Google Maps. Not too cheap, only Rp 90,000 + Rp 120,000 = Rp 210,000. And I’ve been using this setup every day for over a month and I’m using around 250 km round trip Jogja-Kebumen, 900 km one way -return Jogja-Probolinggo without any problem. In addition, sometimes we have to go online, for example, if there is an order in an online store, we get a quick response, so when the mobile phone is put on the stand, we can immediately find the SMS or Incoming BBMs. message If not in use, the case may collapse and the micro USB cable can still be connected

Cara Pasang Gps Di Motor

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Cara Memasang Gps Di Mobil Beserta Harganya

You can do the installation and installation on your vehicle yourself, or you can consult a mechanic/workshop in your city.

After you receive the device installation manual, you can learn, you can also directly consult our customer service via PHONE, SMS, Email, Yahoo Messenger.., about how to install the device.

Detailed information on how to install the GPS tracking device can be found in the installation manual, but we illustrate it here

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