You Can See Out But They Can T See In

By | 12 September 2022

You Can See Out But They Can T See In – Wonder Woman 1984 is finally here! Whether you’re watching HBO Max at home or in theaters, you’re sure to discover new inspirational, motivational, and funny quotes in the new Wonder Woman movie!

Here are my favorite 1984 Wonder Woman quotes from Diana Prince, Steve Trevor, Maxwell Lord, Barbara Minerva and more.

You Can See Out But They Can T See In

You Can See Out But They Can T See In

New Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) Quotes Sometimes my childhood seems so far away. And others also see it the most. The magical land of my youth, like a beautiful dream, when all the world seemed to be a promise and lesson ahead, but invisible Looking back, I wish I had listened. I wish I had paid more attention and understood. But sometimes you can’t see what you’re learning until you come out the other side. – Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman I Can’t Drink This But You Can ○ Set Of 5 ○ Gender Neutral Pregnancy Announcement Wine Labels, Baby Announcement Wine Label, Pregnancy Reveal, Alternative To Card Waterproof A200 5idt

I have seen this competition humble even the most experienced fighters, Diano. – Antiope // I can do it. – Young Diana // Just do your best. And remember, greatness is not what you think. Pace yourself and watch. – Antiope You cannot be a winner because you are not ready to win and there is no shame in that. Only by knowing the truth in your heart and not accepting it. No true hero is born of a lie. – Antiope

Your time will come, Diana. – Hippolyta // When? – Young Diana // When you’re ready. Take a look at Asteria of the Golden Warrior. She didn’t become a legend in a hurry. She did it through real acts of courage. As patients, diligence and courage to face the truth. One day you will become everything you dream of, and even more, and everything will be different. This world is not ready for whatever you do. – Hippolyte

Welcome to the future. Life is good, but it can be better. Why wouldn’t it be? Everything we’ve ever dreamed of is at our fingertips. – Maxwell Lord

I hate guns. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman Diana Prince, cultural anthropology and archaeology. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman // Barbara Minerva. Part-time geology, gemmology, lithology and cryptozoologist. – Barbara Minerva

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“Touch an object held but one great desire.” – Diana reads the inscription on the dream stone You just look like you’re very popular. And I wanted to know because I’ve never been popular. – Barbara Minerva

My life wasn’t what you’re probably thinking of. We all have our struggles. – Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman Have you ever been in love? – Barbara Minerva // Uh… yes. A long, long time ago. You? – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman // So many times, yes. Always. Often. So what happened? Where did he go, your husband? – Barbara Minerva // He, um … died. But sometimes I think I see him in the sky over there. He was a pilot. He was anything but he was great. It was true. – Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman

I know what I want. Be like Diana. Strong, sexy, cool. Special. – Barbara Minerva I remember going by plane and seeing nothing, really. Thread. But somehow I know I’ve been somewhere since then. Somewhere there is… I can’t put it into words. But it’s… it’s good. And then I woke up here. – Steve Trevor

You Can See Out But They Can T See In

I ate pop tarts all morning and drank about three pots of coffee. This place is amazing. – Steve Trevor I should probably go find out how the stone brought my lover back into someone else’s body. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman // That’s a fair point. Let’s go. – Steve Trevor There were many gods and they did different things for different reasons. Such objects were made. There are universal elements in this world, and when imbued with something, they can become very, very powerful. Like my lasso of truth. The truth is what drives them, not me. The truth is bigger than all of us. – Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman

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My father hid Themyscira from the world and I’m trying to figure out how he did it. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman // What did he do? – Steve Trevor // He did something invisible. But in 50 years I have only done it once. – Diana // Well, now’s not a bad time to start trying. How long does it take? – Steve //I don’t know. It was just a cup of coffee… and I lost it. – Diana You know, there’s one thing. The only thing that has always been you for me. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman // What? – Steve Trevor // Lot. Your gift. I will never understand this. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman // It’s really that simple. There is wind and air and the ability to ride it while catching it. How to connect it. – Steve Trevor

Max Lord, you are putting yourself and everyone else in danger. You have to give me a rock. What happened to it? – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman // You’re watching this. – Lord Maxwell Stone has traveled the world to seemingly random and different places, but they all have one thing in common. Their civilizations collapsed catastrophically. No clue as to why. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman Dechalafrea Ero. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman // What is this? – Steve Trevor // A very bad god. God of lies, dolos, lie. The Prince of Deception. He was called by many names. But if he was the one who strengthened this stone, it must be a trick. What does lying have to do with wish fulfillment? It seems more like Dreamstone to me. – Barbara Minerva // Wishes with trickery. “Monkey.” Be careful what you wish for. Grants your wish, but takes away your most valuable possession. Diana, your powers. – Steve Trevor Legend says that it can only be stopped by destroying the stone itself or by returning what has been given to it. My men failed the first and refused to do the second. Now the culture is destroyed. Wiped off the face of the earth. – Babjide If we destroy it, if we destroy it… all desires return. – Steve Trevor

What do you want? What do you wish? – Maxwell Lord I give all I have every day. And I’m happy. But this one thing… You are everything I’ve wanted for so long. You are the only joy I have had and even asked for. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman // I’m so sorry, this is crazy. For example, there is a world full of so many better guys. I mean, what about this guy? What about him? – Steve //I don’t want him. Want you. Why can’t I have this one thing for once, Steve? This one thing. – Diana // I’m not sure we have a choice. – Steve // ​​​​Well, I have a choice. And I can’t leave you. I can not. So I don’t want to. So we have to hold him back to find out. There must be another way. – Diana

What is this? – Steve Trevor // From my culture. Armor of the ancient Amazonian warrior. One of our biggest. “Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, with Lasso’s golden armor, does more than just make you tell the truth.” It can make you see it too. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman Her name was Asteria. She was our greatest fighter. When humanity enslaved the Amazons, my mother set us free. But some had to stay to stop the influx of people so others could flee to Themyscira. My men gave up all their armor to make a suit strong enough to face the whole world. And Asteria sacrificed herself for a better day for others. When I got here I looked here but all I could find was her armor. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, with golden armor

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Well, aren’t you resourceful? – Maxwell Lord // Come with me before you do more damage, Max. – Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman // No. I do not think so. Please remove this woman – permanently. – Maxwell Lord You are not the only one with something to lose. It turns out that he wanted to be like you, came with a few surprises. – Barbara Minerva for Wonder Woman

Look, you have no idea what you’re dealing with. I’m not what you think I am. You can’t understand or stand… – Wonder Woman // Oh, I can’t understand? Oh… silly little old me. Silly little, poor little nothing, no me. I couldn’t do it. – Barbara Minerva // No, Barbara, that’s not what I’m saying. – Wonder Woman // Well, I handle it beautifully. And I won’t give it back. – Barbara Minerva

You always had everything while people like me did

You Can See Out But They Can T See In

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