Vario 150 Smart Key 2020

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Vario 150 Smart Key 2020 – – The all new Vario 125 and 150 are officially presented by Honda, the overall design of this Vario remains the same as the old Vario but with some more popular and advanced changes.

The All New Honda Vario now has a lighter handlebar cover design which now uses a fully digital speedometer panel with negative LED lights. The rear is like a sports bike with separate turn signals with LED taillights. The lighting system of the All New Vario is now LED. The latest features of the Vario 150 that further increase safety and comfort with Smart Key System technology combined with an answering system and anti-theft alarm.

Vario 150 Smart Key 2020

Vario 150 Smart Key 2020

All New Vario150 looks like a scooter with 150cc engine development, for the basic engine is new. This bike also uses Honda Smart Technology and does not lack ESP technology for combustion efficiency and less friction to reduce energy loss. The ACG function is not left behind because this function makes the starting process, also known as motor rotation, go smoothly.

Boon Siew Honda Launches New Honda Vario 150 In Malaysia

According to the report of AHM, this bicycle with a recording time of 11.6 seconds can run from 0-200 meters and can run at a maximum speed of 105 kilometers per hour. The ISS function is also included, a function that works to turn off the engine automatically when the engine stops for 3 seconds with the purpose of saving fuel, the All New Vario 150 can move up to 46.9 km/liter with ECE R40. Euro 3 method.

For the front wheel size 90/80 front while for the rear 100/80. The newly designed wheels are similar to the PCX, with a 190 mm Wavy Disc Brake and use the Combi Brake System function.

Yes, the All New Vario is also equipped with a side stand switch function, which prevents the engine from starting when the standard position is tilted. The Vario 150 also maintains the function of the Brake Lock System, which is very useful, especially when parking so that the bike does not move, especially on steep slopes. The carrying capacity of the luggage is enough up to 18 liters which can hold a half face helmet.

All New Vario 150 has 4 colors to choose from: black, special red, special red, special silver and special white. With the various features available, this bike is priced at 22.5 million rupees.

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As for the All New Vario 125, it has the same features as the Vario 150, only without the Smart Key system, i.e. it still uses manual activation. The engine is the same, separated only by lower displacement and of course in terms of sports color, while for the Vario 150 the more popular color is marked with 3D.

All New Vario 125 has 5 colors to choose from, namely Advance Black and Advance White Blue for the CBS variant with a price of 19.1 million rupees. At the same time, for the CBS ISS variant, it comes with 3 colors to choose from: Advance Black, Advance White Red and Advance Red with a price of 19.9 million rupees.

For the All New Vario 125, production began in May while the All New Vario 150 from April 2018 is already available at dealers. With the goal of selling both motorcycles to 1 million units per year Motorcycle News, Trade and Tech not to be disappointed, here is how to use the Smart Key system on the Honda Vario 150.

Vario 150 Smart Key 2020

JAKARTA – The All New Honda Vario was launched a few weeks ago. Compared to its predecessor, the All New Honda Vario comes with a completely new look from the body to the legs.

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. This function is available for All New Honda Vario 150 only. While the 125 model still uses a manual method, such as inserting the key into the keyhole.

There are several steps that the owner must know when using the smart key Honda Vario 150. So as not to get confused when the lever or knob cannot be turned.

Technical training Endro Sutarno PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) explains how to use it. The first thing that the owner of the All New Vario 150 scooter has to do is get the remote control.

Then press the button with the key symbol until the light above the remote turns green. This indicates that there is communication between the remote control and the motorcycle.

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The motorcycle goes to the right until the beep sounds and the main symbol lights up on the speedometer. Then turn the knob to the i logo or light, then press the starter to start the motorcycle engine.

This is to start the engine and then if you want to turn it off. The method is slightly different. The first step is to move the knob from the i position to the off position marked with the logo.

Even if the remote is dead, the remote is still connected. To disconnect press the start button, if you hear a sound, it means that the remote connection to the machine has been disconnected.

Vario 150 Smart Key 2020

In addition to working to start the engine, the remote control can also be used as an answering system. This can help the vehicle owner find the motorcycle in the parking lot.

Boon Siew Honda, Honda Vario 150, Smart Key System, Malaysia

Honda has already launched at the All New PCX event in Jakarta. Apparently this feature is one of the most anticipated by Vario consumers.

According to AHM Marketing Director Thomas Wijaya, besides, there are many other features that according to Honda’s internal survey are expected to be included in the latest Vario.

“One of them is the smart key system, then there’s also a fully digital speedometer, a sporty design, then there’s a separate rear light. So it looks like a sports bike, bigger tires, more sport brakes”, said Thomas.

Of course, the All New Honda Vario 150 is equipped with ESP technology in the 150cc engine. It claims to produce more efficient combustion and less friction to produce the best driving performance.

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ACG Starter, combined with eSP technology, can start the engine with a smoother sound when first turned on. This technology is the basis for using the advanced features of the Idling Stop System (ISS).

Where this technology will automatically turn off the engine when the engine stops working for more than 3 seconds. Just pull the throttle lever to restart the engine.

This latest version has 4 colors to choose from: Exclusive Matte Black, Exclusive Matte Red, Exclusive Matte Silver and Exclusive White. Honda’s premium scooter, packed with superior features and technology, is on sale for $22.5 million. (dol)

Vario 150 Smart Key 2020

Santo Sirait Santo Sirait was a reporter at, changed to reporter in November 2017. He focuses on the automotive sector, mainly covering cars, motorcycles and the automotive industry. Santo can be contacted at [email protected] Boon Siew Honda launched the new 2020 Honda Vario 150. Available in three new colors, with CBS, ISS, Honda SMART Key and 150cc engine with eSP technology.

Honda Vario 150 Launched In Malaysia

Boon Siew Honda today launched the new 2020 Honda Vario 150. The Honda Vario 150 has attracted the attention of Malaysian motorcycle users due to its sporty looks, performance capabilities and premium features that come with it.

New for 2020, the Honda Vario 150 is available in three different colors. The new color system includes a set of three new interesting hexagonal grid graphics, namely; Force silver metal, Magellanic Black Pearl and Sword Silver metal. In addition, there is a Repsol Edition available with the Honda Vario 150.

BSH claims to have continuously recognized the increasing popularity of AT motorcycles among younger consumers who are looking for a comfortable riding position, durability and quality features, fuel economy and higher engine at an affordable price. Therefore, they are committed to increasing customer satisfaction and offering new value by increasing their product offerings to meet market expectations.

Speaking of Vario in the AT segment; The new Honda Vario 150 is nothing short of affordable, the 2020 Honda Vario 150 comes with many outstanding features.

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For starters, the 150cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine coupled with an automatic transmission ensures smooth driving. Talking about the engine, the Vario 150’s 150cc engine churns out 13.1hp / 12.92hp at 8,500rpm and 13.4Nm of peak torque at 5,000rpm.

Additionally, the Honda Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology and advanced Intermittent Stop System (ISS) on the Vario 150 improve fuel efficiency.

In the case of other electronic components, Honda Vario 150 also has dual LED headlights, LED tail lights and LCD digital instrument panel, Honda SMART Key system and Honda Combi Brake System (CBS) which helps to balance the braking force for optimal braking.

Vario 150 Smart Key 2020

As for design; The 14-inch sports wheels, with aluminum end caps, complement the overall sporty design. In addition to the acute nature; The Vario 150 also has a large storage space of 18 liters with two inner baskets, the Vario 150 is also very useful.

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In case of price; The 2020 Honda Vario 150 is available in Force Silver Metallic, Pearl Magellanic Black and Sword Silver Metallic at RM7,499 (excluding road tax, insurance and registration). On the other hand; The 2020 Honda Vario 150 Repsol Edition is priced at RM7,699 (excluding road tax, insurance and registration). In case of warranty; Boon Siew Honda offers a 2-year or 20,000km (whichever comes first) manufacturer’s warranty for the Honda Vario 150 in Malaysia.

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