Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang

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Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang – Alexandromeo Lawrence says: “If I only had an hour to cut down a tree, I’d spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Basically, creating a blog is easy. With just one click, your blog will be ready in minutes. If this is the only way, everyone can. However, not many people can create a successful blog. The goal of success here is to generate tens or even hundreds of millions of rupees.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang

Maybe, there are still many people who still don’t know that blogs can make money. Therefore, many people write articles to get their articles to appear on Google.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis, Mudah Dan Bisa Menghasilkan Uang

Imagine when you search something on the internet, you get the information for free without paying the blog/website owner. Well, that’s the job of bloggers. Write articles so that the blog is crowded with visitors and earns a lot of income.

Out of the millions of blogs in the world, maybe only a few can make a lot of money. The rest did not publish anything. If you are reading this article, you may be influenced by others who say that blogging can make you a lot of money in a short time.

If you think that blogging is the best and fastest way to make money, you need to clear your assumptions. Seriously. Before starting a blog, you should know some facts below.

Most people start blogging simply because they are tempted by the money. Many experts mislead them that getting money from blogs is very easy.

Cara Membuat Blog Dan Menghasilkan Uang Dengan Mudah

However, this is not the case. Never think that you can make money from blogging quickly and easily. Seriously.

In this blog, before I got tens of millions, I also had to struggle for months. I mean, I grew this blog/website without paying for months. So if you need quick money, don’t start a blog to make money. This is part of the proof that I get income from blogging.

But if blogging and developing is your hobby, go for it. This is because it takes consistency to create a blog that can make money.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang

Don’t be influenced by what others say. If they show their income, it must be an uphill battle to make their blog that big. Basically, working online or offline is just as difficult. Never assume that working online is easy because you’re just sitting in front of your laptop.

Platform Blog Terbaik Dan Gratis Untuk Menghasilkan Uang

Most beginners get stuck on this one mistake. Many people blog about niches (topics) they don’t understand or are not interested in, but the potential is huge. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you want to start a blog in a niche that is not your field.

However, you need a bigger fight than if you are creating a blog in a niche that you are good at. Why so?

This is because you need to learn to understand your blog niche in order to write quality articles. If you just don’t understand or love your own blog topic, how can you make a good article?

Plus, you’ll be more consistent when you create a blog with a niche you like. For example, you like to talk about travel, you can create a travel blog that will discuss travel tips, tourist attractions reviews, etc.

Panduan Super Lengkap Membuat Blog Yang Menghasilkan Cuan

Logically, if you love something, you will be more consistent and diligent in doing it. You also don’t need to be someone who is an expert in your field, but at least you already know more than a layman.

Oh yeah, if you see a blog with more potential in English, it’s fine to create it while you can actually speak English. Don’t let me create a blog in English but you can’t speak English.

Of course, it will be very funny when strangers read your blog. However, if you want to make it just for learning, no problem. If you want to earn from blogging in English, there are two ways.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang

People are usually trapped here. Beginners who have just started blogging immediately think about how to make money from their blog. In fact, this blog has just been created.

Contoh Blog Pribadi Yang Menarik & Menghasilkan Uang

Of course, there is no traffic on your blog. The logic is similar to opening a physical store. Imagine if no one goes to your store, of course, it is impossible for you to get income from the store.

Well, it’s the same with blogs. If your blog/website traffic is still low (less than about 500 visitors per day), it is better to focus on attracting visitors first. Regarding income, if you already have a lot of visitors, you just need to turn to media for income.

So not confused? In fact, SEO is important. However, don’t let all your time be spent on SEO optimization. Because our focus as bloggers is to create useful content for visitors.

If visitors are satisfied with your content, your article will rank high in search results. Since SEO is your website, if the content is not of good quality and the marketing is not good, your website is unlikely to rank high in the search engines.

Cara Membuat Blog Dan Raup Keuntungan Besar

Well, blogs are one of the simplest types of websites. The content is in the form of articles only. Unlike online stores or other types of websites. For this reason, you don’t need to study SEO too deeply. You just need the basics.

Many beginners are busy tinkering with templates, increasing site speed scores, SEO scores. In fact, these ingredients do not have much effect. The effect is very small and doesn’t matter if you just ignore it.

I am not familiar with SEO techniques as above. The point is, if the technique isn’t useful to visitors, don’t do it.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang

Surely some of you think that the only source of income from blogs is Google AdSense etc. Of course no. There are still many sources of income that you can maximize when your blog/website already has more than 500 daily visitors.

Cara Membuat Blog Lewat Hp Android [penghasil Uang]

If you are serious about creating a blog in such a way that you want to earn tens or even hundreds of millions per month, it is better not to use Google AdSense. Why?

The income from Google AdSense is very small compared to other types of income. Example: Your website/blog has around 1000 visitors per day. Well, the average click through rate (CTR) on your ad is 1-3%. Currently, the cost per click (CPC) is only IDR 500-1000.

This means that about 30 people click on your ad (3%) multiplied by IDR 1000. You earn only IDR 30,000 per day with so much traffic.

Just imagine if you sell products on your website. For example, those who buy about 1% (10 people) with a profit of Rp 15,000 per item. You can already earn IDR 150,000 per month. This is just one product. You can sell more than one product.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang

For this reason, if you want to create a blog that can generate tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, you should not use Google AdSense and the like. Finally, the types of sources of income from blogs will be discussed.

Everyone definitely recommends going to the dentist. Why? This is because dentists are more specific and are considered experts in dental problems compared to general practitioners. General practitioners can treat different types of diseases, but only simple ones. Dentists pay more.

It’s the same with blogging. If a blog has too many topics, people will think your blog/site is mediocre. You will not be recognized as an expert in the field.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang

Unfortunately, beginners often do this. They create blogs on various topics, or what is often called a gado-gado blog, because it is easier and has a lot of ideas.

Cara Dapat Uang Dari Blog

Growing a gado-gado blog and having lots of loyal visitors is very difficult. Same with the doctor above. There is nothing to advise as you do not have a profession.

You’ve surely heard the saying, “post every day if you want your blog to succeed.” This assumption is not completely correct, but it is not wrong either. Then the beginners do what the experts say.

They also publish content daily. Quality is that number. After months of waiting, their articles never appeared in the top rankings or on the first page of search engines. In fact, their articles are not in the first 10 pages of search engines.

They disappointedly said that it is not possible to make money from blogging. In fact, their technique is wrong. It doesn’t matter if you want to publish content every day or once a week or even once a month. As long as the quality of the content is maintained.

Cara Membuat Blog Yang Menarik & Menghasilkan Cuan

However, in practice, beginners create content every day without thinking about the quality and discussion of the articles. That’s why visitors don’t come even though they already have a lot of articles.

If you want to publish articles every day, you have to pay the writers. Experts say that blogs should publish content every day because they already have their own writers.

Don’t be afraid to leave if you are more concerned about the quality of the posts than the quantity. Some of the successful websites or blogs below are examples of websites that don’t publish articles every day.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang

If you think that blogs that are not updated regularly will look ugly in the eyes of Google, you are right. However, the blog is still said to be fresh even though it hasn’t been updated in a month. So don’t continue to be lazy about not updating.

Langkah Paling Cepat Membuat Blog Dengan Blogger Mudah

Well, these are some facts that you need to know before you start creating an interesting blog that can earn you a lot of money. Now, let’s move on to the tutorial on how to create a blog.

Well, here we will learn how to create a blog. There are 2 most popular platforms that bloggers often use to blog: WordPress and Blogspot. Before proceeding, it is recommended that you read the article below.

After reading the above article, you should decide which platform/CMS to use. If you don’t want to read the above article, I will explain it briefly here.

Most blogs are created using WordPress or Blogspot (Blogger). However, there is one thing you should know. WordPress is split into 2. Here are the details.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Dan Menghasilkan Uang By Iandminoll On Deviantart

This is where differs from Hosted is that our website is hosted on another hosting. Before self-hosting, our website is hosted on our own hosting. That’s why you need to pay to buy web hosting.

You can read this article on WordPress vs Blogspot comparison for more details. My advice, you use instead. for

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