How To Get More Comments On Instagram

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How To Get More Comments On Instagram – Instagram comments can help you connect with your followers and build a credible presence on the platform. Here’s everything you need to know about managing comments for your business.

Since Instagram first hit the social media podium in 2010, the app has gone through many changes – from just square photos to the introduction of stories and trailers to the crisis of hidden and revealed likes in 2019.

How To Get More Comments On Instagram

How To Get More Comments On Instagram

But through it all, the comments have remained largely the same: for over a decade, they’ve been faithfully (and publicly) under every post. So we had plenty of time to master the art of managing Instagram comments.

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An Instagram comment is a response that users can leave to a posted photo, video or movie. Unlike direct messages (which go to a user’s inbox and can only be viewed by them), Instagram comments are public, so keep that in mind when leaving one.

To leave a comment, tap the speech bubble icon at the bottom left of a photo or video and at the bottom right of a movie.

We would like to comment on this. Comments are more than just a reply – they’re an important part of your brand’s perceived authenticity and can influence how often users see your posts.

How To Get More Instagram Likes & Comments

Comments are the only way your followers can communicate with you publicly on Instagram, which can encourage more engagement overall. It’s like the difference between sending a letter and posting on a bulletin board: the community will see the bulletin and that makes them more likely to post something. In this post from @house_of_lu, parents talk about the things they sacrificed and gained for their children:

Instagram’s algorithm is a complex and somewhat mysterious beast (but we’ve made a list of everything you need to know). In short, the algorithm determines which posts go to the top of a user’s news feed, which posts appear in the Explore tab, and the order in which posts, stories, live videos, and movies appear on this social platform.

Comments are one of the many factors that contribute to how often your posts are seen. More comments mean more eyes on your brand, more eyes lead to more followers and so on.

How To Get More Comments On Instagram

Here comes that bulletin board analogy again. Comments that ask questions are a great tool for customer support: reply to a comment and other users can see your response. That way, you won’t get multiple requests asking for the same thing (but you might get some, because you know, people).

How To Delete Or Hide A Comment On Instagram

Buying Instagram followers may seem like a way to make your brand more trustworthy (but trust us, it doesn’t work in the long run). And bot followers can’t comment on your posts the same way real people can.

A user who has 17,000 followers but only 2 or 3 comments on each post doesn’t seem as genuine as a user who has 1,000 followers and 20-25 comments on each post.

In other words, don’t buy comments. Consistently receiving high-quality comments from real Instagram users will do more for your account than any number of comments from bots.

To delete a comment you made on someone else’s Instagram post, tap the comment you want to delete and (without taking your finger off the screen) swipe left on the screen. Two options will appear: a gray arrow and a red trash can. Tap the trash can to delete the comment.

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To delete a comment someone else made on one of your Instagram posts, do the above: swipe left on the comment. A gray marker, a speech bubble, and a red trash can will appear. Tap the trash can.

On your Instagram account, you can pin up to three of your comments to the top of your comment feed. That way, they’re the first comment people will see when they see your post.

To pin a comment on Instagram, swipe left on it, then tap the gray pin icon. When you mark the first comment, this screen will appear.

How To Get More Comments On Instagram

Technically, you can’t edit an Instagram comment after you post it. The easiest way to “edit” a comment you made by mistake is to delete it and enter a new one (start over!).

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You can also reply to the comment to change your wording, which is like having a public conversation with yourself. To do this, tap the word Reply below the comment.

If you don’t want someone to be able to comment on one of your posts, or if one of your posts gets a lot of comments you don’t like and you want to delete it and prevent further comments, you can disable commenting entirely.

First, tap on the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the post. From there a menu opens. Select Disable Comments to turn off comments (and make the original comments invisible).

Instead of turning off comments entirely, you can “restrict comments” for a certain amount of time. This is a useful short-term tool if you feel that you or your business is being harassed by multiple people on the app.

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To restrict comments on Instagram, first go to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. From there, tap Settings. Next, tap Privacy. From there, go to Limits.

From the limits page, Instagram allows you to temporarily control unwanted comments and messages. You can limit accounts that don’t follow you (“These accounts may be spam, fake, or created to harass you” according to Instagram), as well as those that only started following you in the last week.

You have the option to set the limit for a minimum of one day or a maximum of four weeks.

How To Get More Comments On Instagram

If you are harassed or even just generally annoyed, you can block certain users from commenting on your posts. To block comments from specific people, go to Settings, then Privacy, and tap Comments.

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You can enter usernames here and this will prevent them from commenting on any of your photos, videos or movies.

This is another useful anti-bullying tool: if you get a lot of comments that contain hurtful or hurtful words, you can give Instagram a list of words that you don’t allow on your page. To do this, go to Settings, then Privacy. From there, tap Hidden Words.

Using the hidden words feature, you can manage a list of words (and even emojis!) that will be automatically hidden. For example, if Kermit is tired of public questions about his complicated relationship with Miss Piggy, he might want to hide the words “pig miss” and the pig emoji.

Once you’ve created this list, tap the “back” arrow and turn on Hide Comments. Now all comments containing your list of words (or misspellings of those words) will be hidden.

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Instagram has its own list of offensive comments (which I’m sure they read delightfully) that you can set to filter out automatically.

To do this, go to Settings > Privacy > Hidden Words, same as above. Under Offensive Words and Phrases, turn on the Hide Comments and Advanced Comment Filtering toggle.

Now, comments that Instagram deems offensive will be hidden (which you can review and display, individually).

How To Get More Comments On Instagram

To reply to an individual Instagram account, tap Reply below the comment. If you don’t want to reply publicly, you can also reply to a comment by sending the user a private message.

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However, responding to each individual message can be difficult – it’s easy to miss comments if you get a lot of notifications, or forget about them if you don’t address them right away.

The Hootsuite social media management platform includes a social media inbox that can be used to manage all your Instagram comments and direct messages and more. (Works for Instagram comments and replies, direct messages and story mentions, Facebook messages and comments, Twitter direct messages, mentions and replies, and LinkedIn and Showcase comments and replies.)

It sounds like a lot. And that’s it. That’s why Inbox is so useful: all your communications with your friends and followers are in one place, so nothing (and no one) gets left behind.

Because we receive (and react to) so much content every day, it can be easy to forget a comment you made—what you said, who you said it to, or what post you said it on. Instead of racking your brain (or scrolling through the entire app), you can use this trick to locate comments you’ve made recently.

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First, go to your profile and tap on those three horizontal lines in the top right corner. From there, go to Your Business.

From there, you’ll be able to see all the comments you’ve made recently. To filter by a more specific date or time, tap Sort & Filter in the top right corner.

You can also bulk delete comments from this page: tap Select in the top right corner and choose

How To Get More Comments On Instagram

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