How To Make A Robot Out Of Recycled Materials

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How To Make A Robot Out Of Recycled Materials – One of the most fun parts of making a robot out of recycled materials is that each creation is different from the next.

Don’t throw an empty cereal box in the trash, save it to make this fun robot craft. Think of all the recycled materials in your kitchen that you can use to build your own. Vegetable and soda cans are great for legs and heads, while paper towel tubes make ideal robot arms.

How To Make A Robot Out Of Recycled Materials

How To Make A Robot Out Of Recycled Materials

Girls and boys love to make crafts and this recycled cereal box robot can be made just the way your child wants it to be. I used duct tape to extend this fun robot forward. A great addition to your child’s bedroom decor.

Recycled Crafts Ideas For Kids: How To Build A Robot

As you follow these instructions, you’ll notice that I used a hot glue gun. You don’t have to use hot glue, but it installs much faster. Other alternatives include white craft glue and instant glue, both of which are available at craft stores. If you decide to use hot glue, adults should perform these steps.

How to Make a Recycled Duck Tape Robot These step-by-step photos and instructions are here to help you learn how to make this project. Please scroll down to simply print the instructions.

The best part about making a robot out of recycled materials is that each one created is different from the next. No need to use colored tape. You can leave all your items as they are, or if you prefer, cover them with construction paper or paint them. Whatever you like, go and enjoy now.

By the way, when I was done with this guy, I gave him my neighbor’s grandson. I wish I had a camera because the look on her face was priceless. And isn’t she cute? You can see him wearing the spy glasses I made him a few years ago when he was younger.

Easy Robot Craft Made From Recycled Materials

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Amanda Farmaro is a crafty, enterprising mother of four. She enjoys baking, cooking, making children’s crafts and creating decorative items for her home. He is a craftsman and guru in the kitchen and has been featured in online and print publications many times over the years. She is the editor of Craft Gossip’s Home and Garden Channel and the owner of When I hear my kids rummaging through the trash and demanding duct tape and glue, I usually know they’re up to something and there is. It’s going to be a big mess in the end. Sometimes they get ideas for things they want to do “right now”, “in this moment” and not “when mom has time to cover everything well with newspaper and glue things together with glue pots and glue sticks”. I love making things with the kids, but sometimes they catch me when they come up with a great idea.

This weekend was one of those days. He wanted to make robots. Show them running around the house picking up what they want to use, and I give them the “all clear” to use some items and hide others and run back. (I quickly put an end to my five-year-old’s crafty project of pulling up the bathroom light; he was ready to cut it with scissors.) We had a lot of fun coming up with different ways to make our robots.

How To Make A Robot Out Of Recycled Materials

Since I didn’t prepare anything for this craft, I thought it would be good to share it with you as it requires no preparation and you can make recycled robots using whatever you have at home.

Can You Create A Robot With Recycled Materials?

Here are our reconstructed robots (they’re named Starlight and Zed because, you know, they’re obviously cool robot names).

Here’s what we used to make our robots, but if you have something, it can easily be replaced with something else. Explore the house and you’ll be surprised what gems you have at your fingertips to craft robots. You can try‚Ķ..bottle tops for the eyes, cotton buds for the antennae or a curd pot for the head.

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Upcycling is what I call turning “trash” into art. Nothing gets lost in my room. In fact, I use my students and their families to help me gather all kinds of recyclables to use for projects.

How To Make Tin Can Garden Art Robots

If you’re looking for creative ways to use recycled materials in your living room, check out the two ideas below. Although each student has similar materials, the variety of work is surprising and inspiring.

In this lesson, students use everything from old CDs to paper towel tubes to build a robot. They collect items from the list below and assemble them like a robot. When they are satisfied with the overall composition, we attach them to the cardboard with hot glue. I like using support because I think it gives students more choice in their compositions. However, students can fully 3D their robots.

Be sure to call your staff for things like old computer parts, cables, and old drives. You never know what the library or tech department might have.

How To Make A Robot Out Of Recycled Materials

You can leave the robots “as is” or spray them a single metallic color for a more cohesive look. To take the project further, have students create an accompanying creative piece. This can be done in the art room or again in their classrooms. Students love naming their robots and sharing their special talents.

Build A Robot With Recyclable Materials; Meet Mr. Robo

This project uses old books as a starting point. Students fold the pages of the book several times to create the shape. The shape depends on how you fold or cut each page. With paperback books, they attach two covers, resulting in a sphere or pyramid. Hardcover Students think of ways to incorporate protruding covers into their overall design. Students must make several decisions before folding or cutting.

This is another great opportunity to ask your staff for a donation. I get all my recycled books from my colleagues and the library’s annual discarded books. Everyone at my school knows not to throw away old books. They love that their “trash” gets a second life in the art room.

Both of these projects are student and staff favorites. When they are displayed, many visitors show up to say how much they enjoy checking them out. Different jobs are very exciting. Another bonus is that students discover how easily “trash” can be turned into treasure. It really gets the creative juices flowing and reminds them that anything can be a potential art object.

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Tin Can Robots Recycling Craft!

Lee Teng Hou, elementary and middle school art teacher, former AOEU writer. She is passionate about making the arts an important subject and using curiosity to engage learners. This morning we woke up to rain and fog and no real plans for the day. We decided today would be the perfect day to relax and be creative at home as we are not spending any money at the moment due to our No Shopping Challenge.

Benny was given this wonderful book by his aunt for Christmas. It has great ideas for making robots using odds and ends you have around the house.

We didn’t end up doing the project from the book, but it inspired us to do it.

How To Make A Robot Out Of Recycled Materials

We had an old laptop with a broken screen in the closet and it was the perfect thing for Mr. J and Benny to dismantle. Ben loved using the screwdriver and pulling the pieces himself. Soon we had a large box of wires, circuit boards and scrap metal.

Tin Can Robots

Then use leftover car paint from the laundry room to spray paint and glue the cool pieces on top.

This is a great upcycling/recycling project to do with your kids. All found in “Otto’s Ankle” (as Ben calls it).

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