Create Your Own Dog Tag

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My dogs are an important part of my family and if one of them gets hurt, we’re all in trouble. That’s why it’s so important to me that they’re easily identified if they ever go out by mistake. I know I’m not alone and your pet is so important to your family too, so I’m inspired to share how I made my own dog tags.

Create Your Own Dog Tag

Create Your Own Dog Tag

I love my dog ​​very much and never want to part with him. Daisy is very friendly and I know if she has the chance to explore the neighborhood she will take it. Mugsy, my old dog, was a wonderful guard dog who deserved a life of luxury, now enjoying years of service against immoral men. Sometimes, the bad guy is just the postman, but I know if he’s a thief, Mugsy will handle things well.

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Remember we didn’t train Mugsy to be a guard dog, he just took it upon himself and protected the family for the rest of the day. I know I can be trusted because when I left the house one morning while getting used to the new garage door, I must have pressed the wrong button and left the overhead door open. It let my two dogs out and it was recorded on a surveillance camera, so nothing surprising happened when we went; We can see everything.

At the time, I had an older beagle named Mojo, and he decided to use his newfound freedom to find a bread spread for the birds in the morning. On the other hand, Mugsy only has working hours. While Mojo ate his bread all day, Mugsy was seen on camera walking around the perimeter of my property, chasing anyone who came near and making sure they didn’t get too close.

Although the video made me laugh, it could have been worse. Few people walk up to Mugsy, and if Mojo doesn’t stumble upon some food, he’ll run off, no doubt looking for another food source. The situation reminds me that I need to be aware of my dog, and also reminds me that every dog ​​has its own qualities, some more acceptable than others.

Daisy the dog loves to chew. He has spoken to me very clearly. I noticed this when it chewed chunks through my drywall, as well as ripped the fabric from the arms of my favorite chair, and most recently when it tore a huge hole through the living room carpet.

Personalized Dog Tag

They’re not what I want, but when I shop for alternatives, it can be hard to find something good for them.

Seriously, there are so many options to choose from, but I’ve learned that not all options are right for my dog. I am concerned about the digestive issues that often appear with raw bones. This made it difficult for me because I really wanted to give my dog ​​something to chew on besides my furniture. Then I heard about an alternative that is actually raw-free. Also it is made from nutritious and healthy ingredients. This smart option is called, perfectly, SmartBones. Daisy tells us that it’s not only a nutritious twist, but also 100% delicious.

Good for them. Good for you. For pet parents looking for a healthier way to treat their dog, SmartBones are amazing chews that give dogs the satisfaction they crave with delicious nutrition.

Create Your Own Dog Tag

Doing the right thing for your pet couldn’t be easier as you can order these Smart Bones Peanut Butter Chews from Amazon. Who would have thought you could get nutritious snacks for your pets at your doorstep?

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There are many different ways to make your own dog tags, but I have found the following to work well and allow me to be creative with the design.

Metal Dog Tag: I picked up some metal jewelry plates from a local craft store and made this DIY dog tag. You can create different shapes and even cut your own shapes with the right tools. I love basic bones, hearts, and circles, so adding carvings was pretty easy. You can also pick up a bunch of embellishments for DIY dog tags to make them really pop as well as a background for what you want to add, the possibilities are endless.

Paper Dog Tags: For this DIY dog tag, I used contact paper, wrapping paper, and Mod Podge to create the design I wanted. You may also need a craft knife to help with the cutting and a stencil if your hands are a little shaky. When the dog tags are finished, laminating them will help keep them in good condition.

Adding embellishments like jewels and glitter is a great way to make your DIY dog tags really shine, but make sure you use a strong glue.

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Upcycled Items: I made this DIY dog tag from lids left out of Tony’s candles, but you can use lids from baby food bottles or pet food containers. The rounded metal shape creates an excellent surface for decorating with carving tools. They are usually made of thin metal, so it is easy to pierce with any knife.

It couldn’t be more true. Although he often gets into trouble, he is a very good friend. He always makes me laugh, his exercise keeps me in shape, and he encourages me to clean the house because if I don’t, he’ll eat all my stuff.

They really aren’t as bad as they sound, and I know I’m guilty of over-chewing. He did this because I failed to excite him. He needs to burn off his energy and keep his mouth shut. He was just looking for something to do. Now that he has a SmartBonesto to chew on, he will have no problem. In addition, they help maintain healthy teeth. If I want to buy new furniture, they need it in perfect condition

Create Your Own Dog Tag

I love that they are rawhide-free but still enough to satisfy her chewing habit. After I opened the bag, the smell of peanut butter wafted through the air and two dogs made their way for me. They will do a lot to treat this and give people something they love so I’m happy. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about nutrition with SmartBones because this healthy raw option is made from wholesome ingredients.

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Treat your dog and treat yourself with these treats! You can pick up a bag of SmartBones Peanut Butter Classic Bone Chews for Dogs from Amazon by clicking here.

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I love tags made from blank metal tags from the best craft stores. Funny story: My dog ​​likes to chew on the side of the house, so my dad came up with a recipe for really hot hot sauce to put on the side to keep our dog from chewing. Apparently he liked the hot sauce and started chewing more! laugh out loud

This is delightful. Is your dog a hunting dog? I have the same problem with my beagle. He’s so cute that he can solve all his problems, right?

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These DIY tags are so cute and so necessary! You never know what could happen if a pet accidentally gets out of the house! Please update to the latest version.

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Create Your Own Dog Tag

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