Different Parts Of Computer And Their Function

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Different Parts Of Computer And Their Function – Do you know what life was like at the beginning of the 19th century and how we are now leaving the 21st century? The answer is yes and it is only possible due to new inventions and innovations. Computers are one of the greatest inventions of all time. It is a digital electronic machine that is programmed to automatically perform various arithmetic and logical operations. It is made up of different parts of a computer, which makes it unique in its ability to perform intelligent tasks. These parts of the computer are also known as hardware and are equally important. Damage to any part of your computer can reduce its performance. So it is necessary to know each part and its location.

The assembly of all these parts is very complicated. now. Computers have become an integral part of human life. In this article we will see all the parts of the computer and their internal and external parts and their diagrams.

Different Parts Of Computer And Their Function

Different Parts Of Computer And Their Function

A monitor is one of the main components of a computer system, also known as a virtual display unit. It consists of glass, circuit, adjustment button, power supply, etc.

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The graphics card is located inside the monitor and displays images, video and text. You can adjust the brightness with the adjustment button on the monitor.

The first monitors were CRTs (Cathode Tubes), which were bulky. Now there are thin and light displays known as flat panel displays.

In addition, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) displays are the most common displays on the market.

The keyboard is the main input device that provides various inputs to the computer. This way we can communicate and interact with the computer.

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The keyboard looks and works just like a traditional typewriter, but the main difference is that the keyboard has more keys and a different look.

There are generally two types of keyboards on the market. Mechanical and membrane types can be wired or they can be wireless. A typical keyboard consists of a set of keys that are letter keys, number keys, special keys, number keys, and arrow keys.

With these keys, we can instruct the computer to fill in data or perform specific tasks.

Different Parts Of Computer And Their Function

The material of the keys and the body of the keyboard is plastic. Each key has specific letters and/or words written on it to help you understand their purpose and function.

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The mouse is another input device that interacts directly with the computer system. A mouse is a pointing device that uses the “point and click” method.

The main function of the mouse is to move the pointer on the screen and select/open folders on the computer using the buttons. A typical mouse has three buttons, a left, right and middle scroll button.

In general, the mouse is divided into two types: mechanical mouse and optical mouse. Mechanical mice use ball and scroll technology to move the cursor, while optical mice use laser technology to move the cursor.

A webcam is another external part of your computer. The main function of a web camera is to capture images and video and send them to a computer in digital format.

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This webcam is not like a digital camera because the webcam needs to be connected to the computer for this.

Speakers are an optional part of your computer. These speakers are connected to the computer via USB for audio output while watching movies or listening to songs.

This speaker is connected to a sound card that converts electromagnetic waves into sound waves. The speaker also has an amplifier and the volume can be adjusted.

Different Parts Of Computer And Their Function

Since it is not an integral part of the computer, we can use different speakers depending on the manufacturer and requirements.

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The microphone is another external component of the computer. The main function of the microphone is to provide voice input to the computer system. This microphone comes in different sizes and shapes.

We can also connect to the computer when we need to insert sound during presentations or broadcasts and voice conferences.

Headphones are devices through which we hear sound. When we talk on the phone, we transmit our message to the other party through the microphone, but we hear the other party’s voice through the headphones.

It is the output device of the computer. We can adjust the sound intensity as needed. It helps simplify and streamline our online conversations.

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A printer is an output device connected to a computer system to print data on paper. It takes electronic data from the computer and creates an exact copy of this document in black and white (black and white) or color format.

A scanner is a device that scans physical documents such as pdfs or images and uses optical technology to read each character in the document. After scanning and reading, it sends all the data to the computer system for further processing.

Scanners are the exact opposite of printers. It is a computer input device that converts a physical document into a digital format like JPEG, PDF, etc.

Different Parts Of Computer And Their Function

A pendrive is a portable data storage device that you can take with you wherever you go. It is small and we can put it in our pocket. To access the data, we connect it to the USB port of the motherboard. We can access the Pendrive through the USB port without any additional power supply.

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We can back up basic data and any other data in the Pendrive. It helps to transfer data from one computer to another by simply plugging it into a Pendrive.

Pendrives are available in the market in various sizes starting from 2 GB. Adata, HP, SanDisk, Sony are the best manufacturers.

A UPS is an uninterruptible power source. It is a hardware device that provides backup power to our computer system when the main power source is not available.

Inside the UPS enclosure is a battery that will keep our system running for a shorter period of time to prevent data loss.

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The main advantage of UPS is that we have enough time to save our data and properly switch the system. There is a risk of data loss in the event of a sudden power outage without a UPS.

The power cable is the main cable that powers the computer. Connect one end of the power cable to the UPS and the other end to the computer case. Additional cables connect printers, scanners, and monitors to the computer.

The full form of the CPU is the control processing unit, the brain of the computer. A CPU consists of an Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and a Control Unit (CU) that perform and control arithmetic and logic functions.

Different Parts Of Computer And Their Function

All the data provided by the input device is executed inside the processor to achieve the desired result.

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Modern computers are equipped with multi-core processors (multiple CPUs are one chip) that help increase computing power. It also helps in multitasking in computer systems.

A hard disk is a non-volatile data storage device that stores various data, retrieves it as needed, and keeps it even after it is turned off.

HDDs are an example of hard drives available in laptops, cell phones, and other electronics that use disks to store software programs, operating systems, and other files.

The motherboard is a circuit board integrated into the computer case. It helps ensure connectivity and communication between the CPU, RAM and other computer hardware.

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The motherboard is also called the motherboard. It consists of RAM, ROM, CPU, sound card, graphics card, input/output ports, network card, memory devices and other components.

In most cases, a sound chip is installed on the motherboard, which produces sound output. For better sound output, a great quality sound card is essential.

A sound card is nothing more than an expansion card that is installed on the motherboard of a computer system through a USB port or a PCI slot.

Different Parts Of Computer And Their Function

Sound cards also require the correct drivers and software to be installed on the computer system to control and produce high quality sound through headphones, speakers and microphones.

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A network card is a hardware component that connects a computer to a computer network. Its other names are network adapter, LAN, network interface and controller.

It communicates using LAN for local networks and Internet Protocol for larger networks. NICs use transceivers to convert parallel data to serial data.

Each card has its own unique name and number, such as the MAC number, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

RAM is random access memory, the short-term memory of a computer. It temporarily stores processor data and can be accessed faster than hard drives and other storage devices. When we turn off the device, the RAM data is erased.

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The choice of computers, laptops and mobile phones mainly depends on the memory capacity. This is necessary for efficient performance and to keep your device from lagging.

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is an electronic circuit used to display high-quality images and graphics. This is done by simply performing arithmetic calculations.

GPUs are known to make processing easier

Different Parts Of Computer And Their Function

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