How To Make My Instagram Better

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How To Make My Instagram Better – Today, Instagram is often a person’s first contact with a brand, and almost half of its users shop on the platform every week. If this is the gateway to half of your potential sales, wouldn’t you want your profile to look clean and attractive? Taking the time to create an appealing Instagram aesthetic is one of the most effective ways to convince someone to follow your business Instagram account or view your posts. You only get one chance to make a good first impression – so it’s important to put effort into your Instagram. It’s hard to find the perfect place to start – where do you find inspiration? Which color scheme should you use? How do you organize your posts so they look like a unit? We know you enjoy learning by example, so we’ve compiled the answers to all of these questions into a list of great Instagram topics. We hope this inspires you to transform your own channel. But beware, these channels are so sought after that you will have a hard time choosing just one. What is an Instagram theme? An Instagram theme is a visual aesthetic created by individuals and brands to achieve a consistent look across their Instagram feeds. Instagram themes help social media administrators turn different types of content into a digital motif that gives the profile a balanced feel. Tools to Create Your Own Instagram Theme Creating a theme on your own requires an eye for detail. When you’re editing multiple posts per week that follow the same theme, you need a handy design tool to make this workflow easier. Preset filters, color palettes, and graphics are just a few of the features these tools use, but if you have a sophisticated theme to maintain, some of these tools include advanced features like video editing and layout preview. Here are our top five favorite tools to use when editing photos for an Instagram theme. 1. VSCO creators look to VSCO when they want the most unique image editing. This app is one of the best image editing tools among photographers because it includes advanced editing features without having to pull out all the stops in Photoshop. If you’re in a hurry and want to create an Instagram theme quickly, you can use one of 200+ VSCO presets, including name brand designs from Kodak, Agfa and Ilford. If you include video as part of your content on Instagram, you can use the same presets from images so that each square of content blends seamlessly with the next, regardless of format. 2. FaceTune2 FaceTune2 is a powerful photo. An editing app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The free version of the app includes all the basic editing features such as brightness, lighting, cropping and filters. The Pro version gives you more detailed control over retouching and background editing. For video snippets, use FaceTune Video to make detailed adjustments directly from your mobile device – just download the app separately. If you’re just starting to test whether an Instagram theme fits your brand, FaceTune2 is an affordable tool worth trying. 3. Canva You know that Canva is a convenient and free option for creating graphics, but it can be a powerful photo editing tool to customize your Instagram theme. For more abstract themes that combine images with graphic art, you can add shapes, textures and text to your images. Using the image editor, you can import your image and adjust levels, add filters and apply unique effects to give each piece of content a unique look for your brand. 4. Adobe Illustrator Image Source Have you ever used Adobe Illustrator to create interesting overlays and gradients on an image? You can do the same to develop your Instagram theme. Traditionally, Adobe Illustrator is a tool to use for creating vectors and logos, but this program has quite handy features for creating photo filters and designs. Plus, you can lay out your artboards in an Instagram-style grid to see exactly how each image will appear in your feed. 5. Photoshop Photoshop is the most famous image editing software and it works especially well for creating Instagram themes. If you have the ability to remove all points and change all details, Photoshop will do the job. Not only are the editing, filter and adjustment options virtually limitless, Photoshop is great for batch processing the same edits across multiple images in seconds. You’ll also optimize your workflow by using Photoshop to edit the composition, change the background, and remove any unwanted image components without having to switch to another editing program to add a filter. With Photoshop, you have full control over your theme, meaning you don’t have to worry about your profile looking exactly like someone else’s. Instagram Theme Transitions Black and White Bright Colors Minimalist One Color Two Colors Pastel One Theme Puzzle Unique Angles Text Only Clipboard Black or White Borders Same Filter Flatlays Vintage Repeat Mix and Match Horizontal and Vertical Borders Quotes Dark Colors Rainbow Doodle Text Horizontal Lines Corners 1 .Transition If you’re not set on a particular Instagram theme, consider switching themes. With this aesthetic, you can experiment with color combinations with few images. For example, you can start with a black theme and include beige accents in each image. From there you gradually introduce the next color, in this case blue. Eventually, you’ll find that your Instagram feed transitions seamlessly between the colors you choose, keeping things interesting without deviating from a cohesive look. Image Source 2. Black and White A polished black and white theme is a good choice to evoke a sense of sophistication. The lack of color brings you to the main subject of the image and offers a timeless element to your business. For example, @Lisedesmet’s black-and-white channel focuses the user’s gaze on the subject of the photo, such as black sneakers or a white balloon. Image Source 3. Bright Colors If your company’s brand is all about fun or frolic, there’s probably no better way than creating a channel full of bright colors. Bright colors are eye-catching and light, which can be ideal for attracting a younger crowd. @Aww.sam’s channel, for example, shows someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Image source 4. Minimalist For the more artistic, consider taking a minimalist approach to your channel like @emwng does. The images are attractive and slightly whimsical in their simplicity, evoking a sense of calm and stability. The puppy pictures only add health to this minimalist theme. Additionally, minimalist channels are less distracting by nature, so it’s easier to get a true sense of the brand from the channel alone without clicking through to individual posts. Image Source 5. One Color One of the easiest ways to choose a theme for your channel is to choose one color and stick to it – it will help guide your creative direction and look clean and cohesive from a distance. It’s especially appealing if you choose an aesthetically pleasing and soothing color, such as the soft pink used in the popular hashtag #blackwomeninpink. Image Source 6. Two Colors If you’re interested in creating a very cohesive feed but don’t want to stick to a monochromatic theme, consider trying two. Two colors can help your feed look organized and clean—plus, choosing brand colors can help create consistency between your other social media and the website itself. I recommend choosing two contrasting colors for a sharp look like the one featured on @Dreaming_outloud’s profile. Image source 7. Pastel colors Similar to the monochromatic idea, it can be useful to choose a single color palette for your channel, eg. @creativekipi’s use of pastels. Especially pastel, which is often used to decorate Easter eggs or cupcakes, looks childish and cheerful. In addition, they are attractive and unexpected. Image Source 8. A Theme As you can see from @mustdoflorida’s feed (and username), it is possible to focus your feed on a single object or idea – for example beach-related objects and activities in Florida. If you want to show off your creativity or photography skills, creating a channel where each post follows a single theme can be compelling. Image source 9. Puzzle Creating a puzzle from your channel is difficult and requires some planning, but can reap big rewards in terms of uniqueness and audience engagement. For example, @Juniperoats’ posts make the most sense when viewed from the feed rather than individual posts. It’s hard not to be impressed and excited by the end result, and posting puzzle photos individually can generate serious curiosity from your followers. Image Source 10. Unique Angles Showing everyday objects and activities from unexpected angles is sure to draw attention to your Instagram feed. Where lines create a theme, angles use direction to create interest. Take pictures of different subjects

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