How To Make Recycled Paper Beads

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How To Make Recycled Paper Beads – We use paper from recycled magazines, but you can also use other decorative paper or scrap paper.

We decided to make a necklace or “people band” as Lil B (age 4) calls it, but use the paper beads to make whatever you want. Scroll down for a tutorial on how to make your own paper bead necklace or group of people!

How To Make Recycled Paper Beads

How To Make Recycled Paper Beads

Step 1. Get your book. We used an old magazine with brightly colored pages. We found that we had enough colors for a rainbow design that made my two players happy.

Blue Paper Bead Necklace — Raise The Roof Academy

Step 2. Cut the leaves into long triangles. You may find it helpful to draw triangular lines on the sheet that a novice cutter can cut.

Step 3. Turn it into a triangle so that the back is facing up. Starting with the large end of the triangle roll on the pencil. Younger artists may need help turning the paper over the pencil.

Step 4. Glue. Add a dot of glue to the small end of the triangle. The glue will most likely come off…that’s okay! Use extra glue to cover the beads. I applied additional glue to the rest of the roll with my finger. This will help hold the paper. Remove the ball from the pencil and let it dry.

I love paper beads because there are so many things you can make with them…necklaces, bookmarks, backpack zippers…I could go on and on with DIY tutorials.

Layered Recycled Paper Beads Necklace

Making paper beads was one of the fun crafts I did as a child. It’s one of our favorite projects, perfect for teenage birthday parties or just a rainy day.

The cool thing about this craft is that you only need basic materials that you probably already have, like old newspapers, construction paper, matches, tacky glue, and a sealer like Mod Podge. .

Basically, paper beads are exactly what they seem. These are beads made from strips of paper. The paper is cut into a mold and then rolled around the match.

How To Make Recycled Paper Beads

Once the beads are removed, you are left with a hole that goes through the center of the bead for the string.

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The paper used can be anything, but for this tutorial we will be using old magazine pages. Magazines are nice to use for paper cutting because the pages are often shiny, glossy and colorful.

Oh, and if you like gel printing, you can get lots of colorful, fun paper to make beads with!

Basically, different design patterns will give you different design beads. For this project we will make a long bead that is bent at the ends with a thick center. The shape of this model is a long rectangle.

First, you need to go through your magazines and select pages for beads. They can be any color or combination of colors you want.

Recycled Paper Bead Bracelet

Note that the pages will be rolled up, so only one side of each page will be visible.

Mark every inch on each edge of the paper. On the opposite edge, first mark 1/2″ and then every 1″ (ie 1 1/2″, 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, etc.)

This band marks the center of the bead, which will measure half the length of the entire bead.

How To Make Recycled Paper Beads

I made two different sizes of beads: 1 inch and 2 inches long. So for 2″ beads, mark one edge at 2″, 4″, 6″, etc. and the other edge at 3″, 5″, 7″, etc.

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I had a little trouble getting the glue to come out the way I needed it to. It’s just a little too thick. So before you start rolling the beads, you may want to squeeze some glue onto the scrap cardboard.

Now for each bead, place one of the triangles on the table in front of you, pointing towards the end. Place the match across the bottom edge closest to you, opposite the point.

Hold the paper and the match together, slowly start rolling the match and thus roll the paper. Try to keep it to a minimum, but remember that the game will still need to be uninstalled later.

You’ll want to add a little glue every now and then to help hold the paper in place. This can easily be done by wrapping one of the matches in glue and placing it on the paper.

Recycled Paper Beads Bracelet From Ethiopia

When you reach the end, add more glue to the tip of the triangle to hold the ball together.

Repeat rolling the paper strips until you have enough for your project. Tip: If you’re making your own beads into a necklace, why not make a matching paper bead necklace?

Once you’ve rolled all the beads, you can seal them by painting with Mod Podge or covering with acrylic sealer.

How To Make Recycled Paper Beads

Once the cleaner is dry, take the beads and put them on the string or thread. If you are using cotton, press it gently onto the needle and then add the beads. At the end, tie a knot or add an end.

For $20 Recycled Paper Bead Simple Bracelet Trio

After you seal the beads with Mod Podge or spray, let them dry completely (a few hours) and then seal once or twice more.

The more sealing layers, the harder the beads will be and also more durable.

As I said before, other paper bead designs can be made. The difference is in the shape of the model. This article shows you three different ways to make paper beads. Since you’re probably at home with your kids right now, try this fun craft! And I’d love to see your finished projects, so be sure and share your photos in the comments below.

Anete is a long-time textile artist and former owner of an alpaca farm. She shares her love of dyeing, felting, crocheting and knitting and other crafts. Learn how to make paper beads out of paper and Mod Podge! It is very easy – even for children – and can be used for bracelets and necklaces. Making paper ornaments is really fun!

Elongated Recycled Paper Beads (long Strand)

Required Skills: None. Even if you have never exercised before, they are very easy to do. You will cut paper and use Mod Podge and make basic decorations if you like.

I don’t know what challenges you have in your life, but I hope one of them has to do with your craft paper scraps. Because if this is one of your challenges, I have the perfect craft for you – paper beads.

The process is easy to follow and you can have a new bracelet, necklace or any other piece of jewelry that uses beads in minutes. You can not only use paper, but also junk mail, catalogs, catalogs. . . the possibilities are endless.

How To Make Recycled Paper Beads

This is one easy craft for adults that you will try and not want to stop. Indeed, it is also a simple art for kids, a boredom buster or a craft that youngsters can also try. Trust me on this one!

Handmade Ceramic And Recycled Paper Bead Tree Garland 9 Foot Long Fair Trade From Haiti

Once you try this fun paper craft project, you’ll be hooked! Before we dive in, let’s answer some frequently asked questions. If you’re new to this, you’ll want to read on. If you’re wondering how to do this, scroll down!

It is exactly what it looks like – a paper bead! My first thought was, are these real beads? What if you want to make a necklace or bracelet?

There’s a secret to making them even stronger, and I’ll share the tutorial with you as you read on. I promise they are real beads and can be used to make jewelry and they last!

The secret to these simple beads isn’t really a secret—you’ll be rolling paper. I wish it was like KFC’s original recipe, but it isn’t.

Rainbow Stretch Recycled Paper Beads From Africa Bracelet Is

The process is simply to cut out paper triangles (very long ones), roll them up and glue them with Mod Podge. It’s that simple.

I’ve seen them made from scrapbook paper, end paper, journal pages, wallpaper, and more. You can even use fabric. I recommend avoiding very thin papers like tissue paper. They just won’t have enough power.

Scissors can be used to cut the beads, but I recommend using a craft knife and a mat with a metal ruler. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to get straight cuts. It’s not *that* important to get the edges neat, but it makes the finished project look better.

How To Make Recycled Paper Beads

That, my friends, is where the magic happens. You will use Mod Podge to seal the beads. If you want to make them extra shiny, use Super Gloss Mod Podge or a gloss sealer.

Learn To Make Round, Tubular And Teardrop Paper Beads

This project is perfect

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