How To Play Piano Song Happy Birthday

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Recently, a friend of mine admitted that she can’t play “Happy Birthday” on the piano.

How To Play Piano Song Happy Birthday

How To Play Piano Song Happy Birthday

He was at a birthday party, there was a piano there, and people knew he was playing. So they ask him to play Happy Birthday, but he doesn’t know how!

Any Tips On How To Transform Happy Birthday Into A Jazzier Version?

In this lesson, we will improve this 🙂 I will show you how to play “Happy Birthday” on the piano in C major in its simplest form. Then, I will show you how to play a jazzy version. It’s very simple, but it seems

The easiest way to play “Happy Birthday” is to play the melody in your right hand and the melody in your left hand. We wrote our main sheet in C-Major, but listen carefully – the song starts in G!

If you’re new to chords, you might want to get introduced to how to play chords on the piano or, if you’re more hands-on, try Chord Hacks, our free introductory course.

Before going further, we recommend that you try the simple Happy Birthday template a few times first. Now you know these chords.

Happy Birthday To You Sheet Music

If you (or your party) find this key too high or too low to sing, read on to find out how you can convert it.

Playing “Happy Birthday” like this is all well and good, but the way to kick it up a notch is to jazz it up!

What are seventh chords? This time you add a fourth note after your third is seven notes away from the root (or bottom).

How To Play Piano Song Happy Birthday

Well, here’s an important thing to remember: stick to your key. We’re in C major, which means no sharps or flats, don’t add a note to get a sharp or flat in your seventh. Here are the answers we will use:

Happy Birthday Chord Melody Arrangement

You’ll notice that some chords have “maj” in them and some don’t. “May” means the answer is not a seventh point, but the lack of “maybe” means an answer.

The strongest seventh line is a chord built on the seventh note of the scale. For example, take C7: count back a fifth from C and you’ll land on F. So C7 is the seventh note build on the fifth note of F major.

What difference does this make? Well, F Major has one flat: B flat. This makes C7 with the notes C-E-G-Bb.

Major seventh, has the notes C-E-G-B. You can learn more about the different types of seventh chords here.

Happy Birthday To You Piano Sheet Music For Piano (solo)

So far, we’ve played all of our chords in the root position. But you can mix up the order of notes in your chords using transformations.

You’ll notice that I’m playing the G7 chord in the second variation at the end. That is, the G7 chord is ordered D-F-G-B. Can you see how I can minimize the use of this change? Variations can help us flow smoothly between chords!

Now, we played (and maybe sang!) “Happy Birthday” in C Major. But not everyone likes to sing in C major.

How To Play Piano Song Happy Birthday

You can’t always control the tone of the crowd at your birthday party. So it helps to learn how to transpose (move to a different key) your performance of Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Guitar Chords. Easy Guitar Lesson

Each call is assigned a number. Our starting key is C Major, remember that the C Major scale is like this:

Since our C chord is built on the first note of C Major (C), it is given the number 1 or I.

The chord is built on the fifth finger of the C Major scale, so it has the number 5 or V.

Our F chord is built on the fourth note of the C Major scale, its name is IV.

Numbered Notes Home

Dm is built on the second note of the C Major scale, so it becomes our ii chord. (Note: uppercase letters represent more and lowercase letters represent less.)

Say C Major is too high for you (maybe you have a party full of baritones!). Let’s move everything up two steps to A Major.

So, our I chord becomes a chord that builds on the first note of the scale. This is song A (A-C#-E).

How To Play Piano Song Happy Birthday

That’s all there is to it! Try it yourself. Transpose everything in the opposite direction: up two steps to E major. Then write at the bottom of this article to see if your answer is correct!

William Gillock

Here’s your final challenge: find out what your next birthday party is, then play Happy Birthday to everyone there!

Lisa Witt has been a piano teacher for 19 years and in that time has helped hundreds of students learn to play the songs they love. Lisa received formal piano training through the Royal Conservatoire of Music, but has since embraced popular music and played by ear to accompany herself and others.

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We use cookies to store information on your computer. Some of these cookies are essential, while others are used to assist in our efforts to improve your experience while using the Site. By clicking “Accept all cookies” you agree to the storage of cookies on your device. Here are two simple Happy Birthday piano songs for young piano players. The first one is for kids who are just starting to play, and just a simple melodic line centered on middle C, so they can quickly learn. And the second is a simple arrangement of piano music for both hands, which is more suitable for someone who plays a little.

Easy Piano Songs For Beginners (video Tutorials)

If you are new to teaching piano to children, check out my e-book First Piano Lessons, which is full of learning tips, tricks and games for teaching young children piano in an engaging way.

When children start learning any instrument, the challenge is to use them. And while the fact is that it is very important to make sure that they learn the right theory and techniques, it is also very important to make sure that they enjoy and enjoy the experience of the games that they want to play for themselves and others.

So Happy Birthday is a good choice because it is one of the first and most important songs that a child will learn, it has a special meaning and will definitely they come to sing many times every year. Generally, it’s a great thing for young pianists to play. They always want to be able to play for their friends at birthday parties, and they do it well at Grandma’s too!

How To Play Piano Song Happy Birthday

2. To prepare, ask the child to play and say the notes C, D, E, F, G with the right hand 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and again up and down. Then do one with the left hand down (it will be more difficult for them at first) C, B, A, G, F  and back to the middle C.

Easy Piano Songs For Kids And Beginners To Play

3. Look at the Happy Birthday song sheet and ask the child to say the first note of the Ha-pee. This is G on the left index finger

4. Since they will know the melody, it should be very easy for them to work on the first phrase, but it will help them to know the jump (ava) that is above “to you “. The 4th, means they jump from 4 – 1 of G – C.

4. The second phrase starts the same (then only repeats), but shows that the jump (vapa) is one step higher (5th) than G – D, using the right hand fingers 2 -1 above it’s “yours”. Practice these first two sentences over and over.

5. The third phrase starts again with G “Ha-ppy” in the left hand with the fourth finger, but the jump is a full 8 notes (octave) to G “Born” in the finger right 5. Practice finding this jump a few times. Then the right hand will hit 3 -1 on “dear – day” and the left hand will hit 2 – 3 on B – A where you put the name of the Birthday Boy/Girl.

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6. The fourth phrase with the right hand on the fourth finger is F for “Happy”  then 3, 1, 2, 1, E – C – D – C on birthday – to you!

7. Once the child knows all the notes, it is very good to sing the names of the notes while playing. This is difficult at first and should be tried slowly and without pressure, but they definitely understand what they are playing and don’t just rely on what they remember!

8. Remember to take it slow for young children, it is best to practice in short continuous sessions of only a few minutes each time. Once the child understands

How To Play Piano Song Happy Birthday

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