How To Remove Mylife Profile

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How To Remove Mylife Profile – If you feel your privacy is at risk when it comes to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, they are nothing compared to people finders. We are talking about WhitePages,, BeenVerified and the like.

Here’s the thing: States sell their data to brokers, who in turn provide these websites with court and criminal records, housing information, car details and other information for a fee.

How To Remove Mylife Profile

How To Remove Mylife Profile

You never asked for real estate prices, address, age, or other personal information to be posted online, but they are.

How To Delete Your Personal Information From People Finder Sites

The good news is that most sites allow you to delete your data by clicking the opt-out button, although it’s not easy. For example, MyLife requires you to call and apply in person. And it’s really a checkerboard game, because if you remove information from one site, it can reappear on another site.

It’s the easiest site to use and the most responsive, but deleting data takes five clicks. Start by searching for your name, copy the URL that was generated for you, press the BACK button on your browser, and then go to the PRIVACY tab. At the bottom of the page is the Opt-Out text in small letters. Click it, enter the copied URL and your email address. Spokeo says it will delete the data soon. In our tests, it disappeared within a day.

Search for your name, copy the URL you created, and go to the opt-out page, which is so hard to find that we’ve provided the URL here: You will then be asked to confirm and inform WhitePages of the reason why you do not want your personal information stored in their index. (The options in the drop-down menu are: The information is incorrect, I’m getting too much spam and junk mail, I’m being harassed, and I just want to keep my information private.) WhitePages then asks you to provide a phone number and receive a call back from prompted to enter a verification code.

You can save yourself a step by going directly to the privacy policy (hidden path at the bottom at the bottom of the home page). From there, search for your name (and add the state you live in). Then enter your address and request a release. The company adds that it “will not sell the email address you provide as part of the opt-out process or use it for any other purpose without your prior consent.” Opt Out

MyLife, for example, told me “you’ve been arrested or have a criminal record” and offered me access to those documents if I paid $1 for a three-day trial membership that could only be canceled if I called. It also said they “may” have bankruptcies and liens, sex offender reports and eviction records.

I took a bite to see what they had. And it turns out that in 1991 I received a report for a “minor offense”. That was 27 years ago due to what I believe to be an illegal reversal.

Worst of all, after a call on Monday (888-704-1900) asking me to be removed from the index and asking for my name, address and date of birth, everything was in place by Friday evening. After a phone call, MyLife was told to take five to seven business days to remove. Other sites destroyed me in less than a day.

How To Remove Mylife Profile

Several consumers have sued MyLife, with one group accusing it of scamming and tricking people into paying a single fee to find out who’s looking for them, then getting additional recurring fees. Another group claims MyLife violated the Illinois Right of Publicity Act by reselling their “addresses, work histories, criminal records, social media photos and other sensitive and personal information.” Spokeo was sued for alleged inaccurate information and went to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the company.

White Pages Removal

What about selling data? The California Department of Motor Vehicles has recently been in the news for collecting $50 million a year to resell driver data to automakers, insurance companies and banks.

DMV spokeswoman Anita Gore says the agency only covers their costs. The data is sold “for legitimate purposes,” he says. What if customers turn around and resell data? “We expect it won’t,” he says.

And if websites claim that all real estate, court and criminal records are indeed “public”, why aren’t they listed on the world’s most used search engine, Google, instead of being sold by companies like MyLife and WhitePages?

Mark Rumold, senior fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says the issue of public records in the digital age is a delicate one. “Everything was in the open, but hard to get. I had to appear in person. Now it’s digitized and there are privacy issues.”

White Pages Opt Out: How To Remove Your Info From Whitepages

It adds that there is no way to “put the genie back in the bottle,” but if consumers are concerned, they should write to local and state legislators and file a complaint. He notes that contacting federal officials would be a waste of time because each state has different laws.

A new law, the California Consumer Privacy Act, goes into effect in January and requires companies to fully disclose the personal information that has been collected and eases demands on companies to delete their data.

So look in the search engines for people who will be offering changes in January. Even if they are not in California, they do business there, so they will have to adapt. MyLife collects personal information through public records and other sources that are publicly displayed and available online. It was founded by Jeffrey Tinsley in 2002 as In addition to this name, it previously operated as

How To Remove Mylife Profile

In today’s hyper-connected world, information can be used for both good and bad purposes. More and more people prefer their privacy and opt out of matchmaking brokers like Mylife. Opting out of data brokers to prevent your private personal information from being openly displayed and sold to anyone online.

How To Remove Your Info From Sites Like Mylife, Spokeo And Whitepages

There are three main ways to delete personal information from Mylife. The options depend on whether you want to sign up for automatic service or do it yourself manually, and whether or not you live in California. California residents have special privacy protections.

3. Scroll down the page and click the “Don’t sell my personal information” link.

4. Fill out the opt-out form with your profile URL, email address, check the Captcha, then click the opt-out button to submit. For privacy reasons, we recommend that you use a backup, temporary, or disposable email address rather than your primary email address when filling out the form.

5. You will receive a message on the screen that your request has been successfully sent. Check the confirmation email from MyLife.

How To Opt Out Of Mylife: A Complete Guide To Be Followed

You will receive an email confirming the deletion. Please allow 24 hours for your profile to be deleted. In most cases, they will automatically disavow your profile after submitting a removal request. Have you ever looked up your name online and been horrified to find out how much of your personal information is available on sites like Mylife? Your net worth, cell phone number, physical address, and more are readily available to anyone bored or interested in typing your name into a search engine. For some, this is not just an invasion of privacy, but also a security issue. Removing personal information from sites like Mylife is becoming a high priority.

If you want to reclaim your online privacy, I’m on your side. This article will walk you through the steps you need to take to remove your personal information from Mylife, Spokeo, BeenVerified, Radius, and Intelius. I have embedded links to make it easier to remove personal information as you read. is often at the top of search results for your name. The information you have on this site is astounding. A regular browser can display your physical address, phone number, net worth, make and model of your car. They can then check your criminal history, bankruptcy, lawsuits, and liens.

How To Remove Mylife Profile

Mylife also offers anyone who wants to leave a personal review about their character and reputation how Yelp users rate pizzerias. These reviews may be posted anonymously by disgruntled ex-employees or ex-romantic partners. Basically anyone who has a grudge against you. If you find this disturbing, the first step to removing your personal information from Mylife is to visit their website to find your listing.

Website That Provides ‘reputation Score’ Accused Of Posting False Information

You may find more than one result under your nicknames, maiden names, etc. Don’t forget to mention them all when you ask Mylife to delete your personal data.

If you choose the email method, please send a message to [email protected] Make sure you include links to all relevant records in your query. Prepare for a sales presentation. Almost immediately I received a reply inviting me to sign up for “Mylife Premium” to “monitor and control” my personal information online. If

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