Best Ways To Budget Money And Save

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Best Ways To Budget Money And Save – Weddings are so expensive! The average wedding for the year is over $35,000! It’s a huge down payment on a house, a really nice new car, or a crazy vacation around the world.

There is only so much you can do with the amount of money people spend on weddings. And many people don’t even have the option to spend that much. If you’re anything like us, you’d want to stay away from that number and stick with something MUCH cheaper.

Best Ways To Budget Money And Save

Best Ways To Budget Money And Save

So we’ve found some great ways to save money here and there that will save you thousands and thousands of dollars on your special day.

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First things first…know what your priorities are. Everyone is different, so if the cake is one of your top priorities for the day, you shouldn’t skimp on that portion… maybe you just don’t care for the flowers, so you can save a lot more money there.

Here are some ideas we heard about and used to save a ton of money on our wedding day.

Flowers can be very expensive, and adding a professional florist to the mix can add greatly to your costs.

For us personally, we don’t care about flowers, so we’re working to make them much more accessible.

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Of course I still wanted the floral centerpiece, the floral arch decorations, and I wanted all the girls to have the bouquets and the guys to have the boutonnieres, so I found the next best thing.

Instead of renting expensive packages from a florist, we ordered ready-made floral arrangements and bulk flowers from Sam’s Club. That way we don’t have to go through the hassle of making all the bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres, but we still order in bulk flowers so I can arrange the bouquets however I want, as well as make arrangements to hang them from the arch. They turned out very beautiful.

We didn’t hire a florist to put them together, but for things like our wedding arch flower arrangements, we asked a friend to help us put them together, as she has done some of these before.

Best Ways To Budget Money And Save

At a sister’s wedding we went to the flower market and picked up hundreds of flowers and made the arrangements ourselves.

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If flowers aren’t your priority, find a friend who can help, order seasonal and more affordable flower options, and check out Sam’s Club’s large and ready-made flower arrangements.

There is a season for every flower, and by choosing flowers that are in season, you can save money on having to ship them and paying a small amount for other flowers that were not grown locally during your wedding. .

There are also different versions of the flower that look very similar. Choose a less expensive floral option to get the same look you want. No, you shouldn’t just stick to baby’s breath and carnations, but take a look at the more affordable options you can choose from.

We were surprised to find out how much a wedding cake costs. Some girls tell us they spent over $1000 on them! Neither my husband nor I are big fans of cake and I knew I wanted to have an ice cream station as well.

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We almost decided to forego the cake but I really wanted to cut the cake and feed each other…still wanted a bit of tradition plus I wanted to have the top layers of our one year. So we opted for smaller cakes and cupcakes instead.

Having a smaller cake will save you a lot of money to begin with, but you can also have a smaller cake and add cutting sheet cakes to the back before serving to guests. No one will ever know it’s not a real wedding cake and you can save money.

The bigger the cake, the more expensive it is! Plus, you’ll also need to think about things like paying for cake cutting. We were quoted anywhere from $3-$5 per slice of cake! That’s an extra $500 just for someone to cut it.

Best Ways To Budget Money And Save

No thank you! We decided on cupcakes and our planner cut our smaller cakes for others who wanted to try them.

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We received $70 worth of cookies from Sam’s Club! It has 3 floors and can serve 60 people. We strayed from the traditional white wedding cake and opted for a fun mermaid and fisherman cake (Everyone calls me a mermaid because of my long red hair and B is a fisherman).

But Sam’s Club has a beautiful traditional white wedding cake if it’s earlier. Costco has great sheets and we’ve heard nothing but great things about Public Cake.

Weddings that take place on a Friday or Sunday or any other day of the week tend to be much cheaper. Many different venues will give you a significant discount if you have your wedding on any day other than Saturday. This is because Saturday is the most popular day for a wedding, and they can still book a wedding on a Saturday and do your wedding that week.

Getting married on a Sunday or a Sunday wedding can save you money with vendors for the same reason. Many different vendors will give you a discount if you have your wedding on a different day because you won’t be using their coveted Saturday wedding slot.

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Planning a wedding can be very stressful, especially when you’re trying to stick to a budget and start thinking about going it alone. But let your friends and family help you! Most likely, people close to you will ask you if you need help. And if not, there’s no need to feel weird about asking for help.

Have a friend who is good at makeup? Let them do their makeup for the day. Have a family member who does cool calligraphy? Ask if they would like to extend the invitation to you.

Try to stick to the things your friends and family are good at, and if they’re willing to help, let them! Don’t expect everyone to say yes, and don’t take it personally if they give you a price where they can do something. There is a fine line between asking for help and expecting people to work for free.

Best Ways To Budget Money And Save

Did you know you can get great deals on wedding merchandise on places like Facebook, OfferUp and other marketplace apps? There are several Buy/Sell bridal groups on Facebook where brides and grooms sell lots of decorations, dresses, signs, etc. and trying to make money from their own wedding.

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You can usually find great deals here instead of paying full price for something at a bridal store. You may have to be patient and keep checking to see what’s available, but it can be worth it once you find the perfect decor.

One of my favorite ways to share with brides to save money on their wedding is to buy their veils from Amazon! When you try on your dress, bridal stores like to add a veil to complete your look to make you say yes to the dress. But then you fall in love with a veil that just happens to fit perfectly, only to discover it costs hundreds of dollars. We have heard of brides being quoted up to $1200 for the veil alone.

I bought my cathedral length veil for $15 on Amazon! We have a post where many other brides have found their beautiful veils from Amazon.

A unique way to save money is to trade services with vendors for services they also need. If you are a web designer and your photographer wants to hire someone to create their new website, you can exchange services for mutual benefit. Maybe your makeup artist friend needs her own wedding invitation and you know calligraphy!

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Use your skills and the family business to your advantage. Even if it’s something you can offer at a discount. Understand that each vendor you hire is investing a certain amount of money into your wedding, and know that each vendor will be a valuable addition to your day. But if something is mutual, don’t be afraid to bring it up and see if they’re interested in working with you.

We’ve heard of many brides who chose not to have a videographer because it was too expensive, or decided to try doing their own hair and makeup because they couldn’t afford a professional.

This is where you can take students and people just starting out. Check with your local college to see who is working on creating and building their photography and video portfolios. Or head to your local cosmetology school and have your hair and makeup done by a student. Everyone will be much more approachable and you might be able to order something you never thought you would.

Best Ways To Budget Money And Save

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