Sign Up Icloud Email Account

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Sign Up Icloud Email Account – If you want to hide your iCloud email address when you sign up for a newsletter, post comments online, or don’t want to give out your real email address, you can use an alias.

An email alias is another name you give your email address, but the email still goes to your primary email inbox. For example, if your email address is [email protected], you can alias [email protected] Then use this alias if you don’t want to list your primary address. All email to your alias will still arrive in your primary iCloud inbox.

Sign Up Icloud Email Account

Sign Up Icloud Email Account

4) In the next pop-up, create your nickname, add your full name, and optionally choose a label and label color.

Icloud Email Settings For All Platforms

Also, when writing an email from your iCloud account, clicking on your email address brings up a drop-down menu. Then, choose your alias and the email will be sent with that address instead of your primary address. It works on the iCloud website and the Mail app for Mac and iOS.

If you want to turn off aliases, go back to and access your account as above.

Creating an alias for your iCloud email address is a great way to hide your primary email. Are you going to set it up and use it often? If you’re switching to an Android device from your iPhone or iPad, you’ll likely bring your iCloud email address with you.

The good news is that you can access your iCloud email on Android. But the process in Gmail is complicated – you need to add your iCloud account as IMAP, enter incoming and outgoing SMTP server addresses, port numbers, and so on. All you get is a messy Gmail interface.

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Newton Mail makes it easy to access your iCloud account on Android with one simple setup step. This is how you add your iCloud account to Newton –

Newton supports application-specific password login. For those unfamiliar with app-specific passwords, it maintains a high level of security and ensures that your master Apple ID password won’t be collected or stored.

Once you’ve created a Newton account, you can use it to sign in on any new device, and all your email and preferences will be automatically synced. Newton is available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac. (Psst…we are working on Window Desktop app!)

Sign Up Icloud Email Account

“Next time you switch devices, you don’t need to go through the email setup process again.”

Tip] How To Have Multiple Icloud Accounts On One Iphone

Newton comes with many powerful features like email tracking, send later, unsend, sender profile, snooze and many more works with all types of email accounts including Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail , Outlook and IMAP.

“With Newton, you can not only access your iCloud email on Android; you will have to pay for sending e-mail at all.

Upgrade your email on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac with read receipts, send later, snooze, and more. Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Hotmail, iCloud, and IMAP support With your Apple ID, you can access all of Apple’s devices and services, such as iCloud, the App Store, and more.

Not sure if you have an Apple ID or forgot what it is? To find your Apple ID, enter your name and email at

How To Create An Alias For Your Icloud Email Address

You can create a new Apple ID when you set up your device, or set up one later in the App Store.

Once you’ve verified your email address, you can use your Apple ID to sign in to the iTunes Store, App Store, and other Apple services like iCloud.

* In Mainland China, you may need to enter your Apple ID +86 phone number. You can change the number later or change your country or region to a location that doesn’t require it. This number is used for verification purposes only.

Sign Up Icloud Email Account

Once you’ve verified your email address, you can use your new Apple ID to sign in to the App Store and other Apple services like iCloud.

How To Change Apple Id & Icloud Account Information On A Mac

To create an Apple ID on your Apple TV, Android device, smart TV, or streaming device, you can typically follow the onscreen steps and enter your name, date of birth, email address, or phone number. as payment method. If you set up the Apple TV app on your smart TV, you may be redirected to to create your Apple ID. You can also follow the steps below to create your own Apple ID on the web.

Once you’ve verified your email address, you can use your new Apple ID to sign in to the iTunes Store and other Apple services like iCloud.

If you created a new Apple ID on the web and saw a message saying you need to sign in to iTunes, follow the steps below for your device.

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