Make Your Own Reusable Shopping Bags

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Make Your Own Reusable Shopping Bags – Thanks to everyone who entered last week! We’ve had so many suggestions for ways to save the planet – I’ll address my loved ones in the next post (probably closer to Earth Day…). In a random drawing out of a hat (as we had so many good entries) our two winners were:

Happy! I’ll send you your grocery bag holders and reusable bags! That’s right… your secret prize is an actual reusable grocery bag, so you can cut out all the plastic grocery bags when you can no longer fit them in your bag storage! Here’s a video of me declaring my love for reusable bags (and checking my camera for future use):

Make Your Own Reusable Shopping Bags

Make Your Own Reusable Shopping Bags

Those who did not win this time, do not despair! There will be 11 more giveaways this year and I will announce them soon in February! Now – on to the instructions for making your own reusable bags…

Ripstop Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag

3. Secure the binding by folding over the back and sewing 1/8″ back from the second seam.

5. Fold the fabric 3/8″ under the lining to create a finished seam. Sewing At this point, the right side of your lining should look like this:

6. The bag opening pins and handles together form a large “o” on the right side of the bag and the lining. sewing

7. Open the fabric and finger press and attach the openings and handles you just sewed.

Reusable Grocery Bag Tutorial |

9. Press the side seams of the straps inward and pin to create a finished seam. Repeat the sewing with the belt stitch on the other side.

11. Turn the bag inside out and sew the side seams of the bag to secure 3/8 inch from the edge.

12.  Take a rectangle of fabric and make a rolled piece with 1/4 of the fabric under one of the long edges and then under again. sewing

Make Your Own Reusable Shopping Bags

13. Fold your rectangle in half to create a pocket and sew the two unfinished sides together. (I don’t have a picture of this step, but this is what it looks like minus the strap.)

Bring Your Own Bag Program

14. Make a tube by folding a thin rectangle of fabric in half and sew the unfinished edge.

19. Open the right side of the tariff. Attach the other side of the velcro to the outside of the small bag, being careful where the strap ends when closing.

20.  Turn the bag inside out and sew the unfinished side edge to the side seam of the bag about halfway up.

One of the benefits of using Rip Stop Nylon is that you can snap it out of your pocket and use it as a parachute if you fall off a building! (Please don’t do this. Never. It’s a joke.)  Next week I’ll show you some of the projects I’ve been working on to make my sewing nook feel more like a sewing room and less like a basement! As much as I love crafting for myself, I love crafting for others! Whether it’s baby shower gifts, Christmas gifts, or even making a card for someone, doing something special to bring a smile to someone else’s face makes my heart happy! So when Cricut asked if I wanted to spread the word about childhood hunger and help our local food bank, I said yes of course!

Are Reusable Polypropylene Bags Effective As Diy Face Masks For Covid 19 Prevention?

This is a sponsored talk written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions and writing are my own.

It is a great pride to come to the food bank and ask for help. And while you’re grateful for the support, it’s hard to walk with a heavy lunch box or worse, grocery bags until you get to the car! Cricut’s Tote Bag Blanks are great to use for reusable shopping bags, and the design possibilities with Infusible Ink are endless!

While looking for a design space to stick the designs on these totes, I came across this super fun Arizona cartridge. It has many different designs that are special to our state. It’s not just Arizona though, each state has dozens of designs to choose from.

Make Your Own Reusable Shopping Bags

Food banks across the country are always looking for more food to fill their shelves. While most people remember others during the holidays, helping a food bank isn’t just two months out of the year. Here is a list of products that food banks need most:

Fabric Tote Bag

You can even take your donation in a reusable shopping bag you make! Making reusable shopping bags is also a great service for families, churches, and youth! Find a local food bank you can donate to here.

It really couldn’t be easier! Just grab the Cricut Blank Totes, find a design you like in Design Space (or create your own), cut and press your design, and you’re done! These six branches took me about an hour and a half to make, including design time. Some designs took a long time, so if you go with a less complicated design, it might take even less time!

Ink transfer sheets (I used Pink Lemonade, Distressed Grassland, Patina and Bright Bow Gems)

If you shop, use code FRUGAL to save 10% and get free shipping on all orders $50+. Cricut Access members automatically receive this 10% discount!

Reversible Shopping Bag Pattern

Create your design in Design Space. If you would like to make these Arizona bags, click here for the design specification file.

Click Make It and make sure your design is reflected on the next page. If you are doing multiple colors, make sure to reflect all the mattes. Click Continue.

On the next page, select your material (non-reactive ink transfer paper) from the drop-down menu. If you are using the Explore Air 2, make sure you type Custom.

Make Your Own Reusable Shopping Bags

Use your fingers to remove excess transfer paper. *** Note – Do not use weed weeding tools with infusion ink. They can transfer the ink to the backing and it will show up when you press your design. If you need help getting small pieces (like the letters A or O), you can use tweezers ***

Sewing Pattern: Reusable Shopping Bag With Pocket Pouch

Preheat EasyPress to 385°F and 40 seconds (you can find the right temperature chart based on your ingredients).

Place your EasyPress mat covered with a piece of cardboard (perhaps to protect the mat from ink transfer) in your bag.

These tots were so much fun to make and my kids were so excited to come with me to our local All Faith Food Bank. Click here to find your local food bank. Check out these posts if you want to see more ways to use your Cricut! Need help with your Cricut? Join our Cricut Support Facebook Group!

I’m Sydney, the creator here at Tastefully Frugal. I’m a mom to two crazy little boys and a little princess and I’m married to the best guy around. My goal is to help you do more with the money you have. From recipes to meal plans to crafts to organization tips and more! Read More…This DIY Reusable Grocery Bag is a super easy pattern that anyone can sew. You can use your favorite fabric or mix it up

Reusable Shopping Bags For Every Shopping Trip

Your favorite clothes will also be the use of leftover fabric. The simplicity of this pattern makes it easy to resize to create any shape. I made the grocery bag on the bottom right smaller and wider to use as a beach bag.

Step 1. Cut your trim fabric and your lining fabric to 20″ wide x 21″ long. You need two pieces of each.

2. Cut the strap. You can use the same decorative fabric as the body of your bag or use a complementary fabric. The cut should measure 22″x6″ and you need two pieces of this dimension.

Make Your Own Reusable Shopping Bags

3. Cut off the bottom of the bag. This part is optional and optional. This adds a little more stability to the bottom of the bag and makes a great guide for sewing the corners. You can use the same decorative fabric as the outside of the bag with HeatNBond to line the bottom of the bag, or use fusible stabilizer instead of fabric and HeatNBond. Or you can sew this piece to the bottom of the bag.

Needle And Spatula: Roll Up Shopping Bag Sewing Tutorial

You will see how it works in the instructions. This part is also explained in detail in the video.

4. Sew to the bottom of the outside of the bag with a 1/2″ or 5/8″ seam. And then sew along the sides and bottom of the bag lining.

6. Attach the extra bottom stabilizer to the bottom of the bag Place it on the bottom of the bag and secure using HeatNBond or melt stabilizer. Then press the outer top of the bag with a one-inch seam

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