Cara Charger Hp Yang Benar

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Cara Charger Hp Yang Benar – Many people use improper methods while charging their cell phones. So their mobile phones are not durable and durable.

In fact, our life today is no different from mobile phones all the time. HP is used for shopping for payments, searching, sports and entertainment, communication and chat. There is no job in life that does not require a cell phone. The time spent on mobile phones in a day is more than the people around them. This is a temporary condition and not much to worry about.

Cara Charger Hp Yang Benar

Cara Charger Hp Yang Benar

When you are buying a cell phone, you want to buy a large capacity battery, save energy and last a long time. After all, mobile phones that need to be filled often affect the speed of HP’s life. When HP runs out, the whole world seems to stop. Also Read: 5 Cell Phones With The Best Battery Life Without Needing A Power Bank

Memilih Kabel Charger Yang Bagus Untuk Hp, Simak Tips Terbaiknya!

But everything has a life and battery is no exception. For the same cell phone, some have 90% battery capacity. After 2 years of use the situation is different. This condition is directly related to improper charging or charging methods. Today, we will share with you some tips on charging to extend battery life.

Wrong HP charging method 1. Wrong HP charging method: Charge for a long time

Experienced long time HP users. After buying a new phone, they need to charge it for 24 hours. This experience comes from the HP guide or the legend of charging before using it. But many people ignore the fact that HP used to use nickel-cadmium batteries with memory. If it is not fully charged, the battery capacity will be degraded.

But now all batteries use lithium and the battery has no memory effect. Long charging time leads to unnecessary battery drain and shorter battery life. After buying a new cell phone, the battery can be fully charged. In daily use, the battery does not have to wait for a 100% charge before removing the charge. 80% capacity is good protection for the battery.

Cara Ngecas Hp Yang Benar Agar Awet (baru & Lawas)

It is a common task for many people to connect the charger to play games. And these are activities that increase battery drain, leading to higher temperatures during use. Even when the CPU is running at full power, the phone gets hot to touch. High temperatures can worsen hardware aging and lose battery life. Not only is this bad for HP, it’s also a potential security risk.

The normal operating temperature of a lithium battery is between 0°C and 35°C. Excessive cooling or heating can damage the battery. If the temperature is too low, the electrolyte in the battery will decrease and the voltage will decrease. Charging causes the potential of the negative electrode to overcome.

If it is too high, lithium metal will form on the negative electrode, affecting the life of the battery. If it gets too hot, the device’s system will be damaged, causing the battery power to decrease. Also Read 4 Causes of Hot HP While Charging and 9 Ways to Overcome

Cara Charger Hp Yang Benar

There are some rumors about HP charging, for example, many people say that “fast charging is not safe”, which is not true.

Charger Hp Terkena Air Hingga Basah? Ini Cara Mengatasinya

The development of technology and technology is changing every day. Starting HP can charge for more than ten hours. Most cell phones can be fully charged in an hour or two. However, some HP brands have gone the extra mile and developed 66W or more wattage for charging.

In this step, we will provide experience and knowledge on how to charge phone fast to help you fully understand,

The right way to charge a mobile phone    1. The right way to charge a mobile phone is 3-4 hours of charging time.

The charging time should not be too long, fully, which will affect the battery life significantly and cause damage.

Cara Efektif Mengatasi Berbagai Masalah Pengecasan(charging) Hp Android

The first charge does not need to be fully charged for 12 hours. An old-fashioned nickel-metal hydride battery should do this. Batteries are now all lithium batteries or lithium polymer batteries. For the first time, it takes only 3-4 hours.

There are different opinions about charging and some misconceptions about charging often confuse people. So you can charge well not only to ensure safety but also to extend battery life?

Different battery products require different charging methods. So be sure to use it according to the product’s instructions. Early NiCd and NiMH batteries required such “activation”. This battery has a memory effect. Charging in incomplete discharge mode makes it easy to charge the battery and makes the user feel like the battery is working.

Cara Charger Hp Yang Benar

Positive Solution: Most batteries used in smartphones and laptops today are lithium-ion batteries. The first step is done during production. So no activation is required to start using it.

Cara Menghemat Baterai Hp Agar Tidak Cepat Bocor Dan Kembung

In general, the life of a lithium-ion battery lasts for hundreds of charging cycles. Here cycle charging refers to the process of using power and then charging the charger instead of plugging it in and unplugging it once.

The lithium battery has no memory effect and can be charged at any time. Deliberately charging the battery after charging to shorten the charging time will not extend the life of the battery, but will have a negative effect on the life of the battery.

Good solution: In fact, lithium battery charging pays attention to “eat more and eat more”, and frequent shallow charging and charging can help extend its life.

There are rumors that answering calls while the phone is charging can cause it to explode. Experts say that this argument cannot be sustained and that in case of such risk, the product is programmed not to connect to the phone while charging.

Rekomendasi Charger Hp Yang Bagus Dari Merk Terbaik (update 2022)

Good solution: Lithium batteries usually have safety protection circuits and various safety devices to ensure that the battery circuit is cut off automatically. In case of charging and charging and short circuit. Therefore, if there is no quality problem, the battery will not explode to put it for a long time.

Not removing the power supply after the battery is fully charged will not cause the battery to explode. However, this accelerates the loss of battery power. Also, from a safety point of view, do not cover your phone while charging the battery. Do not place on the bed to avoid fire.

Have you done the wrong HP charging method before? Do not charge for a long time, do not charge while using the mobile phone, do not charge in very cold or very hot weather. For many people, chargers or mobile phone battery chargers, regardless of design and model, are not important, the important thing is that the “plug” (plug) jack) corresponds to the “hole” (terminal) on the mobile phone. At home, the device or smartphone has only one terminal, usually the father uses the mother, the younger brother uses the older brother. Borrow a charger from a shop or store, especially if the battery runs out in the middle of a trip. I don’t know the specs, just plug it in.

Cara Charger Hp Yang Benar

Or when the charger is broken, you want to buy a new one at the store but don’t pay attention to the main specifications. Although there are values ​​that require attention, especially “voltage” (voltage) and “current capacity” (amperes). No wonder someone complains, why is the battery so fast? Or does anyone think why it drains so quickly even though it has just been charged?

Cara Mengisi 🔋 Baterai Iphone Yang Benar

Many cause and effect results from the difference between these two things (volt and ampere). The voltage and current capacity of the charger will affect the speed of the battery charging process. In addition to charging time, battery life (number of charging times) is also affected by the charger used. This is normal. Not sure about mobile battery only. All types of batteries are the same, including motorcycle batteries, car batteries, UPS batteries, NiCD batteries, remote control car batteries and others. But this time I will only discuss the topic of choosing the right mobile phone charger / battery charger.

First, pay attention to the specifications of the smartphone that will be charged (charging). In this article, I have given examples using Zenpad 7 and Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL.

In the pictures above (notice the parts of the letters that I boxed), the inputs say +5,2 V. and 1,35 A, 7W. 5.2 V is the specification voltage, but 1.35 A is safe to use for charging current. Meanwhile, 7W of power, in units of WATT.

So a good charger for use on top (planted battery) smartphone or ZenPad 7 tablet should have a voltage specification of 5.2 and 1.35 ampere.

Tips Mudah Merawat Kabel Charger Agar Awet Dan Tidak Cepat Rusak

Notice the box I made. Listed input: +5V 2A, 10W. That means the input power for charging is 10 Watts with a specification of 5 volts for voltage and 2 ampere for current.

So, if we use the Zenpad charger on the Zenfone selfie smartphone, we can be sure that it will take more time to charge the battery (low specs).

And if we use the Selfie Selfie Charger (5V, 2A) to charge the Zenpad 7, the charging process is faster when using the charger (5, 2V, 1.35 A).

Cara Charger Hp Yang Benar

As an additional detail, the specifications of the Selfie battery I used are about 3.85V as shown in the image above. That means the standard voltage it carries is 3.85 volts.

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Also, it should be noted that the battery charging process is like the process of water flowing, from a higher point to a lower point. So the charging voltage (5 volts) flows to the battery (3.85 volts).

In the picture above, you can see the difference in the size of the charger. At the top is the charger for the Zenfone Selfie (5V, 2A), while at the bottom is the charger for the Zenpad 7, which is smaller in size (5.2V; 1.35A).

Therefore, the voltage of the charger is designed to be higher than the output voltage (rated) of the battery. Can a battery charge another battery? Answer: For example, a battery with a voltage of 12 volts can charge a battery of 9 volts. (However

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