How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel

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How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel – Well, all this investment time should (literally) pay off. Are you ready to take your YouTube channel to the next level this New Year by monetizing your followers?

In this article, I will share 8 things you can do to monetize your YouTube channel in 2023.

How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel

How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel

This is because you need it to unlock most of the options in this list. It will make it easier for you to earn maximum income on the platform.

Youtube Monetization: 8 Ways To Make Money On Youtube In 2023

I recommend you check the official page here to see if there are any major changes in eligibility. (Murphy’s Law says that the minute we click “Publish” YouTube will change

If you meet the criteria, then go to the next section to find the first profitable option.

If you don’t meet the criteria, check out our guide on 22 ways to get more views on YouTube and spend time building your channel.

Adsense revenue comes from ads displayed on or around your video. So, if a user views or interacts with an ad in your video, you will receive a small payment.

How To Monetize Youtube (plus 6 Youtube Monetization Tips)

You may have seen Adsense in action when you watch other YouTube channels. For every ad you watch before a YouTube video, the channel owner will earn a small amount of money!

To get Adsense, you need to enable the option to show ads by setting up your Adsense account and enabling the function in your YouTube studio dashboard.

Adsense lets you for the impressions your ad receives. Basically, how many people see ads on your channel when they use YouTube.

How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel

So, the more views your YouTube video gets and the more it performs, the more money you can earn from Adsense.

How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel

Which means a bigger channel with a higher number of views stands to make more money out the door. But, as the channel gets smaller, so does their Adsense income!

Average revenue – after YouTube’s 45% cut – is $4.18 per 1K impressions. This means that with 1 million views, you can earn about $4,180 from Adsense, before tax.

Follow advertiser and community guidelines, and YouTube can (and will) defund videos that don’t meet the ever-changing guidelines.

I like to use the method where the ad revenue generated on YouTube is just the icing on the cake, you really know what it is, instead of being your only source of income […] Think of ‘other ways to make money Derral Eves

Why My Channel Dont Get Monetization But My Subrcribe More Than 1000 N My View More Than 4000 Hours

This means it’s a good idea to combine your Adsense income with some of the other monetization options on this list, to make sure your income is consistent.

Having a third party brand come in and sponsor your video content is another way YouTubers can make money with advertising, aside from using Adsense.

So, if you’re someone whose audience is interested in magazines and books, you might want to partner with a brand like Audible, as Johnny Harris does here:

How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel

But, expanding your channel to attract sponsorship can be difficult. According to Be.Live, sponsors need you to have at least 1000 applicants before they will consider sponsoring you.

How To Create A Youtube Channel (and Build Subscribers)

That’s why sponsors are willing to spend more for less views (compared to Adsense). Advertisers want to spend big on relevant audiences. The more targeted people the channel can reach, the better!

It’s also worth mentioning that this is a form of advertising revenue, so you’ll still need to create advertiser-friendly content if you want to keep the deal with your sponsors!

You will need to do some networking and outreach to find your first few sponsors. So, pay attention to who your audience is and what they want, then find the right company!

If you use live streaming as part of your YouTube channel, we have a triple threat to help you increase your income!

How Does Youtube Monetization Work?

YouTube has rolled out features over the past few years to make live streaming more interactive for viewers and help creators like you earn more in real time.

They did this by creating what they call paid digital goods. These are “online only” items available on YouTube for your fans to purchase.

This makes some YouTube creators earn $100,000 in total, and others earn $400 per minute.

How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel

Because these options are built into your channel—as in, they’re visible on the same screen as the video you’re streaming—they’re easily accessible, which can lead to

I Will Create, Set Up, And Manage A Youtube Channel With Full Monetization.

This is because it creates a smoother experience for your audience to pay you instead of going offstage, like “buy me a coffee.”

Better yet, digital goods let you keep 70% of the profits on your channel, and YouTube takes 30%. That’s a better cut for creators than advertising revenue.

A YouTube channel membership is a paid subscription to your channel. They are also considered part of the paid digital goods that I mentioned in the last section.

By becoming a member of the YouTube channel, you can pay a monthly fee for the most serious subscribers, to access special privileges and exclusive content in return for your support as a creator.

Reasons Why Your Youtube Channel Is Denied Monetization

Button, fans of The Pat McAfee Show can sign up and pay a regular fee for special privileges on the channel.

The channel membership option is unlocked as soon as you qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, allowing you to offer a variety of benefits:

You can also choose different membership levels where each level comes with its own benefits. But, the price is predetermined by YouTube and you have to choose an option between $1 and $49.99 per month.

How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel

YouTube will also take a 30% share of any revenue you make. This means for every $100 you make, YouTube will take $30!

My Youtube Channel Finally Got Monetized After Almost 2 Years!

Most of the monetization options we’ve looked at are digital so far. Let’s consider physical products instead, shall we?

This can be a very profitable option and generate a very stable income, especially if you focus on growing and nurturing your community.

In fact, according to Sellfy a creator who gets 5,000 views per month can earn between $1 and $20 per month from Adsense, but the same creator can earn between $170 and $870 per month selling products.

It is also a relatively more consistent income stream than Adsense. Instead of relying on hours of viewing time and number of views, you are relying on a growing group of your fans to continue buying your products.

How To Enable Youtube Monetization By Joining The Partner Program

When you activate the product shelf, your viewers will see a circle of up to 12 products below the video they’re watching:

YouTube automatically selects these products based on a number of factors such as novelty, availability, and sales performance.

It should be noted that there are some additional conditions that your channel must meet – in addition to the YouTube Partner Program – if you want to be eligible for the product shelf:

How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel

You will need to either work with a third party service provider (such as a dropshipping company) or have your own product development and distribution system in place.

How To Make Money On Youtube In 2022: 7 Simple Ways (+video)

If you choose to work with a dropshipping company, many YouTubers go with Teespring. They are approved by YouTube and provide many product options such as:

Teespring also allows you to keep 100% of the profits from your sales, just enough to cover the cost of production and distribution.

So, if you create a t-shirt that costs $10 and sell it for $24, Teespring will take the $10 creation cost and you keep the $14 profit.

If viewers who use YouTube Premium come to watch your content, you will receive a small portion of the revenue they generate based on how many times they watch your content.

Steps For Starting A Youtube Channel

This creates a second stream of income, in addition to Adsense, that can help you make money with less effort.

But, these payments are small and unpredictable, so it is better to treat this as a “nice to have” rather than a consistent source of income to build your business.

If you’re not sure what affiliate marketing is or just want a refresher, here’s a quick rundown:

How To Create A Monetized Youtube Channel

Affiliate programs are offered by companies looking to grow their customer base. These programs work by giving you, the affiliate marketer, an ‘affiliate link’ together’ that you can promote to your audience, eg.

Youtube Shorts Monetization: How To Profit From Short Videos

If someone clicks on your link and buys the product, you get a percentage of the payment. (The affiliate rate is usually between 5% and 30% of the product value.)

It’s like renting a house through a real estate agent. Although the rent was paid with the owner, the broker also took a cut because he found a tenant!

Affiliate links are often included in the description of your YouTube video, with the product name clearly displayed next to it, like this example from Good Mythical Morning:

First, you can find common affiliate programs in your niche through a Google search. There are often websites that list profitable options for you:

Youtube Monetization Explained (how To Make Money From Youtube!)

Second, you can go to the website of the product you use to see if they offer an internal affiliate program. You usually see this in the footer of a website, like this:

Finally, you can sign up for the Amazon Associates program. This makes you look

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