How To Make Ribbon Earrings

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How To Make Ribbon Earrings – Fringe is everywhere these days. They hang on everything from designer handbags to trendy earrings. The old and stuffy image of fringe hanging from old furniture is a thing of the past. They are so cute and adorable and now come in a variety of colors and styles. In addition, they are relatively easy to make. So without further ado, here is a tutorial on how to make your own DIY tassels.

Here’s how to make some fringe in two ways – one with ribbon and one with embroidery floss. The means to do both are quite similar and so is the method.

How To Make Ribbon Earrings

How To Make Ribbon Earrings

Start by choosing strips in a similar color scheme. The ribbons I have chosen here are beige, white and gold. I added some lace ribbon for a vintage feel. I also chose ribbons with different textures – one from Michaels with a burlap texture, another from Michaels with a sheer texture, and a cord with woven gold thread.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Ribbon Earrings

I decided to make a tassel varying in length from 3 to 4 inches. Since we will be folding the strips in half, make sure to double the length of the strips before cutting them. The strips I cut were 6 to 8 inches. After you have cut the desired number of threads, line them all up.

Gather the ends of the strips and weave them through the reversible end of the key ring. Try to place the key ring in the center of all the collected strips. Fold the strips over the key ring so we can start tying it all together.

Double the lame cord about 12 inches long (so about 24 inches total). Tie a base knot (like the first step in tying shoes). Be sure to tighten so that all the strips are held tightly together at the knot. Wrap the string around the tape a few turns until you can’t see the tape underneath.

When you’re happy with how the cord is wrapped (mine ended up a little less than 1/2″ thick), tie a double knot. You want to try positioning the knot so it’s on top of the clip and close to where all the strips meet It is important that the joint is placed here so that the ends and the joint are hidden and hidden properly.

Teardrop Ribbon Earrings

After the double knot is firmly tied, cut the ends, leaving about 1/4″ to 1/2″ of the limp cord sticking out. Using the end of a paper clip, tuck the loose ends and double knot into the fold where the strips meet. This will hide the knot so that the limp gold cord looks smooth.

Once that part is done, you’re almost done. Use your freshly made tassel to decorate almost anything. I cut it into pencil cases and notebooks.

Making the embroidery tassel is very similar except for step 2. Step 2 in the instructions above will be replaced with the steps below.

How To Make Ribbon Earrings

I tried buying a tassel making kit from the craft store to see if it would be easier, but found this method to be much easier and cheaper to do. Simply find a piece of scrap cardboard and cut it into a square that is about twice the length of your fringe. The photo below shows a finished tassel about half the size of the cardboard piece I cut.

Hematite And Gold Drop Earrings From Dante

Use a ruler to measure the exact center of the cardboard piece. Draw a line and start cutting a slit in the center.

Now, holding one end of the embroidery thread, roll the cardboard until you are happy with the thickness of the fringe. If you are making multiple tassels, keep track of the number of twists so that you are consistent in the thickness of your tassel.

When you are happy with the number of turns, cut the ends. Four strands of about 12″ of embroidery floss and weave through the swivel part of the key chain. Use the slit that has been cut in the center of the cardboard to start tying all the threads together. Go through the turnbuckle chain several times to secure it completely before tying a double knot.

Now that the threads are tied together in the center, you can slide all the threads out of our cardboard device. Slide one side at a time and make sure to keep your finger through the loop so it’s easier for you to cut all the yarn once it’s all slid off the cardboard. Repeat on the other side until both ends are made of cardboard.

Beaded Pink Ribbon Earrings

Fold the two ends together (as we did with the strips) to cover the double knot on the opposite side of the turnkey chain. Double the lightweight cord to about 10 inches in length and tie a basic knot at the top near the key chain.

Wrap the yarn around until the bottom yarn is completely covered. When you’re satisfied, tie a double knot tightly near the top of the key chain where the fold of yarn meets.

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How To Make Ribbon Earrings

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How To Make Ribbon Earrings

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How To Make Ribbon Earrings

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