Create Your Own Blog Website For Free

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Create Your Own Blog Website For Free – Getting started Create and manage website pages Create your new website Create your blog. Publish your website Website settings Website analytics Pricing Now it’s your turn!

We started with email campaigns, then introduced landing pages, and now we are proud to introduce websites. Yes, with our new website builder you can create complete websites right in your app.

Create Your Own Blog Website For Free

Create Your Own Blog Website For Free

Using the same drag and drop application you’re used to, you can now create a home page, individual website pages, and even a blog section with articles. You can quickly create your own website without coding. Are you already excited? We hope so!

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We’ve been hard at work creating new features to help you create great websites. To get started with your first website, go to the Sites section of the app. Next to landing pages, you’ll see a new Websites tab. Click on the tab and press the orange button to create a website.

Congratulations, it’s a start. The rest of this process is just as easy. If you have a few hours to spare today, we can have your website up and running before the end of the day!

When you think about it, a website is a collection of pages all interlinked. The foundation of your website is an automatically generated home page that is ready to be filled with content when you open the website builder. To expand your website, click the Pages tab, then click Create New.

To change a page, toggle between pages in the sidebar tab. You can also toggle and check which page you are currently editing in the black bar at the top of the editor.

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Each page is automatically displayed in the main navigation bar of your website. If you want to hide it, activate this option. This just hides your page from navigation, but you can of course still link to it using our smart linking system.

Is the page not yet ready for the public? This option marks your page as draft, which ensures that the content is not publicly accessible. When you compose a page, don’t forget to also turn on the hidden option so your page won’t show up in the navigation pane or get redirected to a 404 page.

Select this option if you want to password protect your page. Enter the password of your choice here, and others can access the page only if they know the magic keyword. Great for promoting exclusive content that people can only access by signing up for your newsletter!

Create Your Own Blog Website For Free

Optimize each specific page for search engines and social networks. Here you can add your SEO optimized title, keywords and description. If you don’t add settings here, we’ll take the general settings from your website and apply them.

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Do you want to create a dropdown menu when browsing? You may! To arrange a page to appear in the menu, drag it slightly above the page. You can see how the page is a little more correct. As you browse the website, you will see a down arrow that will open a menu for that page.

A 404 message appears when visitors accidentally make a mistake in the URL, when the page no longer exists, or when your page is marked as draft. This setting allows you to edit the displayed message or add additional content blocks.

If you have activated password protection, here you can design a landing page to open the content. Keep it simple with the opening field or add an image or text.

With the website builder, you can easily create and design your website exactly the way you want it.

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Layout settings allow you to change your layout globally so that the same layout settings apply to all of your inner pages. In-text editing is available so you can edit text content in the same way as our rich text editor.

With the website builder, you can quickly drag and drop 2 blocks of content to create a website. We’ve created lots of content blocks, from image carousels to contact forms. All blocks are divided into categories so you can easily navigate between them. The search function helps you find blocks faster.

Just like our landing page builder, you can add signup forms to your website pages. Just drag and drop the signup form block onto your page and start collecting subscribers.

Create Your Own Blog Website For Free

Don’t forget that you can add a survey or quiz to your website! You can find these content blocks in a special category. Surveys are a great way to get to know your current audience and attract new email signups.

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Survey blocks come with different question templates such as satisfaction score, NPS, multiple choice questions, and Like/Dislike questions. The quiz block allows you to choose the correct answer, our back-end system organizes the results for each participant. You can use the settings to customize the survey and quiz templates to your liking.

Each website also has a blog if you want to use it. To create a blog overview, select Blog after selecting Create New. You’ll see a page with placeholders that will automatically fill in as you start writing and adding blogs.

The main post area is not editable, but you can click the Edit icon and change the number of posts displayed per page and per row. You can also change the blog settings. You can play around with the layout in the Settings tab.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can save your website (publish it or save it as a draft). You will now see a Blog tab on your website’s dashboard.

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This is where your posts are saved. If you want to create your first post, just click Create Post. In the next step, you can add:

All these details can be changed later, so don’t worry too much at first. Click Next: Content to start writing your post. These are the highlights of the post editor.

Anything you change in the editor is a direct reflection of what your final post will look like.

Create Your Own Blog Website For Free

Add your own text and change the text colour, size and more. Each time you press Enter, the new paragraph is automatically converted to a block of text so you can easily edit and change it. Each block of text can be added, changed, and moved as you work. Just drag the entire paragraph to another location and structure your text until you’re completely satisfied.

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Make it easier for you and your readers to find posts related to a specific category. To add a new category, click the Manage Categories button on the Blog tab. Then click the Create New button and add a clear and understandable name for your category. Any categories you add will appear in the post settings, so you can link each post to the correct category.

Once you’ve built your website, you can publish it right away or wait until later. If the website is not published, no one will see it when you click on the URL.

You can make changes to the published website at any time. If you make changes to an already published page, the new changes will become visible when you click Update & Publish.

You can spend as much time as you need updating and revising your content. When you’re 100% done, you can update your changes and make them public. The same goes for blog posts.

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In the website settings, you can change the website URL or add your own domain to create a personal URL.

To ensure that your website is found by the masses, we have added the ability to optimize for search. This means you can add SEO descriptions to rank for. You can find these settings in the SEO settings tab.

On the Social Sharing tab, you can change how your website appears when shared on social networks. Add a title, description, and image.

Create Your Own Blog Website For Free

Under Analytics and custom code, you can get technical data. If you want to track Google and Facebook performance, you can do so by enabling Google Analytics and Facebook tracking or by adding custom code between the tags.

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If you do not wish to track your visitor’s data, you can opt-out of tracking here.

In the Analytics tab of your website dashboard, you can see how many unique visitors and total visits your website has received. If your website has more than 1 page, you can filter each page to check the analysis of individual pages.

Another cool feature is click heatmaps. With this visual, you can track how visitors interact with your pages and learn which elements of content or page layout work best for you. This option is also available for individual pages.

With your plan you can create 1 published website with 5 internal pages. Do you want to build more? You can create an unlimited number of websites and pages by purchasing the SitesPro plugin for $10 per month. If you already have SitesPro, you don’t need to buy it again.

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As for using your own domains, this is possible by using a paid package or the SitesPro plugin.


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