I Need To Learn Portuguese

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I Need To Learn Portuguese – Each lesson contains useful everyday expressions related to a specific topic. You learn a language in context, not isolated words. All material was translated and spoken by native speakers.

In this lesson you will know the following phrases: Do you go out a lot? / I prefer to stay at home. / I like spending time with friends. / I like spending time with my family. / To the gym twice a week. / I don’t have many friends. / I am very social.

I Need To Learn Portuguese

I Need To Learn Portuguese

In this lesson you will learn the following phrases: How was the party? / Great party. / We all had a good time. / is boring / I left early. / I stayed long / we danced for many hours. / This has to happen again sometime.

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In this lesson you will know the following expressions: Where do you want to go on holiday? / I want to visit India this year. / Weren’t you in Egypt last year? / I came across one on Saturday. / I went to Rome last week. / How long? / I spent three weeks in the summer in New York. / I need a spare…

In this lesson you will learn the following sentences: How was your week? / It was good. / My friends came on Monday. / I worked in the office. / My sister visited on Thursday. / I walked my dog ​​every day. / I bought a new phone a few days ago.

In this lesson you will learn the following phrases: Have you had lunch yet? / No, I haven’t eaten yet. / I had lunch an hour ago. / What are you eating? / I ate fish. / Do you have lunch every day? / No, I eat breakfast every day. / I’m hungry / Sit down

In this lesson you will learn the following phrases: How often do you go to the cinema? / I will never go to the cinema. / We rarely go to the cinema. / How often do you go swimming? / I go swimming three times a week. / I often go shopping.

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In this lesson you will learn the following phrases: What is similar? / She is nice and friendly. / How it looks? / He is tall. / She has brown hair and blue eyes. / Do you want to be like your mother or your father? / He looks like his father.

In this lesson you will learn the following words: What are you afraid of? / I’m afraid of the dark. / To be honest / To be honest, I’m afraid to run. / As you already know, / as you already know, they are afraid of spiders. / I’m not afraid to fly. / The heathen were terrified. / I was …

In this lesson you will learn the following phrases: I always have lunch before twelve o’clock. / They often eat fish for lunch. / I return home at a quarter to six. / When do you go to bed? / To bed at 11 o’clock at night. / Never get up early. / They get up early.

I Need To Learn Portuguese

In this lesson you will learn the following words: I think. / Maybe / Okay. / Really? / I do not remember. / Of course / Definitely not.

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I Need To Learn Portuguese

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Portuguese Phrases You Need To Learn Now (+free Pdf)

Where do we start when we decide to learn a new language? I have also heard this question from several students and friends. And I have my opinion: we must start with the word “Esse” of each language. and personal pronouns.

In Portuguese this happens more and more often, because in our language we have a very special case: there are two translations for the word be. This may confuse some students at first, but don’t worry. By the end of this article, you will be able to understand how it works.

For example, in English you can say “I am Brazilian” as well as “I am in Brazil”. Both sentences are correct and the same word works in both cases.

In Portugal it is different. He uses his own word for each example. I offer you the words “SER” and “BE”.

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To make your life easier, I’ll explain each word first, then I’ll combine them for you, and at the end we’ll see more examples to explain everything, right?

It is really easy. We can say that the word SER is used for permanent or long-term situations and the word ESTAR for more transient situations. If you think about it this way, you will communicate well with Brazilians most of the time. Of course, there are cases where Brazilians do not follow this rule very much, but they are part of it. Daily meditation will allow you to better understand these exceptions.

In the previous examples, “I’m Brazilian” is a persistent state. I was born in Brazil. So the word we will use is SER. The correct translation is: EU SOU BRASILEIRO. “I’m in Brazil” is a temporary thing. You are now in Brazil, but you can move in 1 day, 1 month or 1 year. In this case it uses the word ESTAR: EU ESTOU NO BRAZIL

I Need To Learn Portuguese

I’ll give you more examples, but first I want to connect two words in the present tense. I can thus further enrich the examples with other personal pronouns.

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Now we know what each word means and how to connect them. Now let’s look at some examples to make this difference clear to you.

I am short. i am 37 years old. Not anymore lol. So that’s a certain condition for me. So I say Eu sou baijo.

It’s fair – that’s a situation that can’t happen overnight. So we say that Ela is beautiful.

I’m in my room – In this case, we can consider this situation temporary, because at any time I can go to another: I’m in my room.

Ways To Say You Are Welcome In Brazil

Are we messing something up? Now let’s look at some variations of the above sentences, because depending on the word you use, it can completely change the meaning of the sentence.

In the second sentence I said “Eu sou baixo”. But in certain circumstances the word “to be” can also be used.

For example, my grandson is 4 years old. It’s small. But it will be born. So it makes sense to me to say “Ele está baixo” because it is at the time of the situation.

I Need To Learn Portuguese

When a friend wears higher heels than me, I always tell him “you have a high voice”. I can only express that this situation is temporary due to high feet.

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In another example “Ela e bonita”. This way Brazilians will understand that she is always beautiful. But if I say “She’s beautiful”, it changes the meaning. Brazilians will understand that she was not always beautiful, but now she looks beautiful .. because of the makeup, because of the clothes …

They are fun. So I understand they are always funny. But I heard “They’re funny” several times. So I understand it’s a unique thing. Today they are ridiculous. Probably because of the drinking LOL

I’m skinny. But because of the pandemic, I gained a little weight. When I met my friends again, they said: “Mamde, Rodrigo, você está gordo”.

Interestingly, they used the word BE, as I have always stuck to, but I don’t anymore. I’m still trying to find a solution for this

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