Live Stream How To Broadcast

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Live Stream How To Broadcast – Information events and seminars have very valuable content. You can use video to reach people who can’t be there in person. Difficult subjects can be listened to again later. This is also appreciated by the visitors on the site. During the break, guests often ask us where the video is because they want to play it again or show it to colleagues.

Since Corona, live streams have been THE theme, so we’ve set up a separate area for them in the main menu. Our suggestions on this page harken back to a time when large-scale face-to-face meetings were popular and allowed, and hopefully will be again soon.

Live Stream How To Broadcast

Live Stream How To Broadcast

Our customers have found that the drive for follow-up events increases even more thanks to lecture videos on the Internet. Visitors can check the quality of previous lectures in advance and be there live at the next event. In addition, events, congresses and conferences offer perfect opportunities for networking, which many visitors greatly appreciate. So don’t worry about guests only watching online in the future!

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Which channel you end up using to distribute your stream depends largely on your goal, desired audience, and content. Different video platforms have different strengths. There is also the option to stream on multiple platforms at the same time or provide a stream only on your website. With our videos and live broadcasts, we accompany you from the concept to the realization of your online event.

Event videos can capture the “soul” of an event. They reflect the mood and emotions in a 2-3 minute clip.

We will assemble an experienced team specifically for your requirements. Our video specialists will assemble the film equipment in time and, after consultation with you, set up the director’s station.

The speakers are filmed by several cameras from different perspectives. We can import “beam images” directly into the transfer. If all the speakers cannot be on site, they will be connected via web camera.

Blackmagic Web Presenter

If your lectures are translated live into several languages, we integrate all variations through additional audio tracks and create videos in any language. Attachments such as names, logos, sponsors, other information, etc. complete your live stream.

HR departments can use video to offer their new hires and engaging onboarding experiences, sustainably communicate company values ​​and make a lasting impression.

Good internal communication creates loyalty among employees. Regular video messages are a great way to show appreciation. They are authentic and personal.

Live Stream How To Broadcast

Live streaming videos are often very valuable. You can edit them and use them successfully for different marketing goals. Find tips here!

Growing Your Audience

Christmas video for your customers, employees and business partners A grateful Christmas greeting We will make your Christmas video Video recording in the studio: little effort – big impact If you have a Christmas video message or a New Year’s speech…

E-learning videos created in a film studio offer the viewer a unique educational experience. The integration of different media, excellent sound and image quality and good direction work offer real information.

The big advantage of a teleprompter: you can read it and nobody will notice. From the teleprompter, you can read the entire text or view a PowerPoint presentation or key words only.

“Clothes make the man.” This is especially true of the magnifying glass. Unfortunately, not all modern and cool outfits are suitable for the camera lens. If you follow these tips, nothing can go wrong!

Live Stream Kosten: Was Kostet Ein Professioneller Live Stream?

Presentations are a popular design element for the visual representation of lectures. We have summarized the important ground rules for creating submission documents.

Radiant, even great-looking skin makes you look fit and healthy, and instantly boosts your confidence. This applies to men and women!

The hybrid event “Axians Power Day” delighted the audience. We take you behind the scenes! From planning to implementation.

Live Stream How To Broadcast

Take a behind-the-scenes look at a successful online event. Expert lecture in live broadcast directly from the attic of the 25-hour hotel in Vienna. The view was fantastic.

Step By Step: How To Live Stream A Zoom Meeting To Youtube

Event Platform for Live Streams and Online Events A custom online event platform has many benefits If you broadcast your event online on an event platform, your viewers can be deeply immersed in a world your brand. your business…

Live broadcast on social networks. Which platform do you use for maximum reach? Choosing the perfect platform always depends on your goals and audience. In our blog post, you will find considerations that will make your choice easier.

Accessible live streams are challenging. In our reference story, you can read how we were able to meet the demands of people with disabilities and their various needs.

We made a great video clip for the Viennese Cello Ensemble 5+1. An artistic collaboration that was really fun.

Livestream Studio Software

The V7 video portrait lasts 60 seconds and is therefore ideal for social media advertising. Find out how we tailored it for Marilyn.

Doris Göbl has been a successful entrepreneur for years. We shot two videos with her and were impressed with her professionalism.

Working with Harry Brunner, I created an image video. The requirement was to create a high quality video that shows the diversity of the artist.

Live Stream How To Broadcast

Chess Masterpiece Harry Brunner is a talented artist and goldsmith from Austria. Harry Brunner created a unique chess set. The checkerboard set impresses with loving and amazing pieces…🎥 Zoom is a popular tool for video conferencing, but did you know you can use it for live streaming? In this guide, you’ll learn how to set up Zoom for multi-streaming and broadcast your content to a larger audience.

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Many people have used Zoom to stay in touch with colleagues and loved ones during the global pandemic. But Zoom is more than just a video and voice calling app – it’s also great for live streaming.

With Zoom, you can broadcast your content on streaming platforms like YouTube Live or Facebook Live. However, you can also live stream to all these platforms at the same time using third-party tools such as . It’s easy and requires no technical skills.

Businesses with multiple offices with remote workers typically get the most out of Zoom. Zoom isn’t just for meetings, though. It is also a live streaming tool with great features like voting and virtual show of hands. Teachers and life coaches use it to stream live courses, presentations and webinars. Fitness trainers use Zoom to broadcast classes and experts hold workshops on various topics. Live streaming allows you to interact with your viewers in real time – a huge advantage over video on demand (VOD).

There are currently two options for multi-streaming using Zoom. The first method requires purchasing a paid Zoom plan (Pro, Business, or Enterprise). The other uses a third-party application such as OBS Studio.

Video Dienstleistung Und Filmproduktion Hamburg

Multi-streaming broadcasts your live stream on multiple platforms at the same time. For example, let’s say you want to broadcast your webinar live on YouTube Live, LinkedIn and Facebook Live with Zoom. You will need at least a Pro Zoom subscription and account for this to work. Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial on how to do that. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be ready to go!

Let’s say you want to live stream on more than one platform, but you don’t have a paid subscription with Zoom. allows you to broadcast your webinars or Zoom meetings on as many streaming platforms as you want at the same time, including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and more. In addition to the Zoom and free accounts, you will need to download OBS Studio. But don’t worry! The setup process is extremely easy and user-friendly.

2. Connect your account to OBS Studio. To do this, open the OBS Studio app and go to Settings on the right.

Live Stream How To Broadcast

5. After you have successfully linked your account and OBS Studio, select the channels you want to stream live. To do so, go to the main panel and click + Add channels.

How To Live Stream: The Ultimate Guide

6. Make sure OBS Studio specifies Zoom Meeting as the video source. On the Resources tab, click Add and select Window Capture. Note that if you broadcast live from Zoom on a Mac, you need to install a plugin called iShowU Audio Capture.

There’s a lot you can do when you know how to use Zoom in a live broadcast setting, especially if you combine it with a multi-streaming service. Zoom is a popular solution for communication in the workplace, so it has many professional and business uses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t multi-stream with Zoom for your side projects or even hobbies you want to turn into a business.

Get closer to your customers through a live product demonstration, webinar, Q&A or giveaway and create opportunities for real-time interaction.

These ideas are a great start. But when you combine teleconferencing, webinars, and live streaming, you can create any number of interesting types of content.

So Richtest Du Obs (open Broadcast Software) Für Deinen Livestream Ein

People who enjoy live streaming, especially those who do it for business purposes, are constantly looking for new and better ways to reach their audience. That’s why multi-streaming is becoming such a big problem. Using Zoom with multi-stream settings is by far the most convenient way to reach as many people as possible. Instagram’s live streaming feature helps brands engage with users more effectively. This is particularly useful for clothing brands that can use online live streaming to showcase and try on new products live for consumers to choose from. Easily and effectively increases the purchase rate.

When using the live streaming feature, fans often request product details or purchase information. communicate

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