Add Logo To Email Signature Gmail

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Add Logo To Email Signature Gmail – And a simple but overlooked way to do this is to add a little something to your Gmail signature: your company logo.

Think about it, you probably send out dozens of emails to prospects, clients, and other contacts every day. Why not take advantage of the opportunity by using the logo in your Gmail signature?

Add Logo To Email Signature Gmail

Add Logo To Email Signature Gmail

In this article, we’ll discuss how to add a signature in Gmail that includes your company logo.

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Whether you’re working with a team in Google Workspace or alone in Gmail, you have a couple of options:

You’ll see a small transfer icon in the top-right corner of your Gmail inbox. Click on it and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

You will be automatically taken to the General tab of Gmail settings. Scroll down the page until you find the Signature section.

There are two radio buttons in the signature field, one that says No Signature (which is the default for the signature) and one next to a small text editor. Make sure you select this second button as this will enable your signature.

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A notice. While your professional signature is a great place to add cool and useful resources, be careful not to overdo it. Too many elements in your signature can be distracting and confusing. We recommend no more than five links, including social media profiles. Add social media icons with image links for a professional Gmail signature look.

Use a text editor to highlight it. In the example below, we’ve changed the font, bold some words, and added a pop of color.

You can select an image from your Google Drive, upload a file from your computer, or enter your logo’s URL. We recommend uploading a physical file instead of a URL just in case you run into hosting issues or changes to that URL in the future.

Add Logo To Email Signature Gmail

Pro tip: If you don’t already have a logo, there are tons of great tools you can use to create one without hiring a graphic designer. Check out tools like Canva, Wix, and Designhill. You can also find affordable designers on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

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After adding the file, drag it to where you want it to appear. To resize an image, click on it and choose Small, Medium, Large, or Actual Size.

Our House Stark logo was quite large, so we chose “small” to make it more proportional to the signature text;

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t allow you to use the “Text Wrap” feature to place your logo next to your text, so you can place it above or below your text.

Follow the next two methods as we look at how to make your logo signature even more attractive.

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Use the link option in the text editor menu to ensure all your links are clickable, like your website and social media profiles.

Let’s take as an example. If you’re sending emails from your CRM, make sure you change your settings to include your shiny new signature.

To do this, go to the “Settings” menu at the bottom left of the panel. Go to Personal Settings and select Email Settings and Templates.

Add Logo To Email Signature Gmail

Let’s say you want to place your logo next to your text instead of above or below it. This next method will help you with that.

How To Add An Image To Your Gmail Signature

In this example, we’ll create a two-column table in Google Docs or Microsoft Word and then paste it into Gmail’s signature editor.

Create a two-column table in your document by choosing Insert and then Table. Choose a 2×1 table. This process is the same in Google Docs and Microsoft Word;

Place your logo in the left column and the desired text in the right column. Then adjust the width of both columns so that they are wider than the content of each column.

To do this, mark the entire table with the cursor. Then click the More icon that looks like three little dots. It’s on the far right of the text editor’s menu bar.

How To Insert An Image In A Gmail Signature

There are several email signature tools that you can use to design a fully customized signature. Sites like htmlsig, Newoldstamp, and WiseStamp are just a few that can help you along the way.

These sites usually offer simpler designs for free, with the option to add special features or advanced customization for a fee.

When you’re done, just copy and paste the entire signature into your signature editor and save the changes like the second method.

Add Logo To Email Signature Gmail

It’s hard enough to get your prospect’s attention with a cold email. Why make it even harder by frustrating them with a boring and boring signature?

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Think of your email signature as your business card. Use it to share your company’s vision, identity and branding.

With a logo in your email signature, your company will be more recognizable to your customers, prospects and colleagues. Not only that, but if you have a sales team, anyone who uses email can be part of the sales team.

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Finding the right CRM platform requires asking the right questions about CRM software before you buy it. Here’s what to ask. Back in 2009, it was difficult to add a graphic or image to a Gmail signature. Can you believe this one post continues to average 60 views per day?

Adding a graphic or image to a Gmail signature used to be quite difficult. I’m happy to report that Google has made the process a lot clearer over the years, and we’ll update this post with new information as things change. But today I’m going to share a great tool that will make designing a beautiful Gmail email signature even easier.

Add Logo To Email Signature Gmail

I’m a big proponent of creating an email “signature” that is automatically attached to the email you send. under each message. One reason is that it makes you look polished and professional. But the main reason I like to see an email signature is so I can easily pull someone’s phone number from a recent email if I need to make a quick phone call instead

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Although Google allows you to use up to 10,000 characters to create your Gmail signature, please don’t go crazy. If you provide too much information, people tend to get overwhelmed by the junk and end up not absorbing any of it. Another reason to be sensible with the information added to the signature is that inaccessible messages may not work well on mobile devices.

We need at least your name and phone number. If you have a business, include the name and link to the website. You don’t need to add your email address because your reader already has it. You can insert your photo or your company logo. And maybe you want to add a link to register for a meeting or subscribe to your mailing list.

Keep it simple Don’t worry about fancy fonts or formatting. Gmail only uses eleven fonts, and if you choose a different font for your email signature, one of the default fonts will default to it. I used a regular size sans serif font for my signature for New Tricks Web Design Atlanta.

The Gmail signature edit box handles adding text, links, and images. If you want more complex formatting, you’ll quickly find that you can’t do it in Gmail’s signature text editor. A simple solution is to create your email signature in a Google Doc and then copy and paste it into the Gmail email signature text box.

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Now you can test your email signature. Email yourself and view it on both desktop and mobile to ensure the formatting works for both. If so, you’re good to go. If not, go back to the drawing board and tweak it a few times.

And don’t forget, if you need web design help, the Atlanta experts at New Tricks Web Design are here to help. An email signature is one of the most important tools to promote your brand and improve your image in the eyes of your customers and colleagues. . Check out these 8 easy steps to enhance your Gmail correspondence with a custom email signature.

Sign in to your email service. Click the gear icon in the top right corner. Select “Settings” from the drop down menu. You will see a new window with a list of tools. Select “Signature”. Check the “Enable Signature” box. Now you need to add your information to your signature.

Add Logo To Email Signature Gmail

A notice. Don’t overload your signature with too much information. That’s the last thing your recipients need. Your signature should consist of:

Adding An Email Signature In Gmail • Blackstone Studio

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