How To Build An Accurate Catapult

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How To Build An Accurate Catapult – Antoni likes to spend time in the workshop, kitchen, garden and hunting. Many of his DIY projects are on display in his backyard.

This small wooden catapult is a functional model supported by rubber bands. Despite his small size, he is able to throw small objects with surprising power and distance.

How To Build An Accurate Catapult

How To Build An Accurate Catapult

Whether you use the catapult to storm the castle built in the living room or bring it to the office to shoot candy at the cubicle wall, you can make a working slingshot that older kids (and admins) will enjoy and adults will appreciate.

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This catapult is a fun and simple project to build. I chose several different types of contrasting hardwoods for the catapult, including sawn mahogany, cherry, and oak. The different colors of the hardwood add visual interest and appeal to this minimalist design, while a dash of Danish oil makes the wood grain pop. Best of all, it only takes a few hours to build a mini catapult from a few pieces of wood I found in a dumpster.

Use pieces ¾ inch or thicker to make struts and wheels. The catapult shown uses oak for the base, mahogany for the posts and wheels, and walnut for the arm.

Be warned, this rubber catapult fires real projectiles that can cause serious injury if not used safely. This is not a game for small children and every child should be properly supervised. Use caution and common sense.

Be sure! The catapult will launch a marble or similar object several feet away and can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

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The catapult is an ancient weapon of war, mainly used as a siege weapon for surrounding castles in the Middle Ages. Catapults hurled volleys of stones and burning tar inside and over the walls of the fort, causing massive damage to buildings and other structures. The incoming shells also caused serious physiological damage to the population trapped within the city walls.

The short video below shows how Leonardo da Vinci’s work comes to life as a small catapult model.

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How To Build An Accurate Catapult

Nerd Approved – Commentary News & Reviews Desktop Trebuchet: If there’s one thing nerds love, it’s medieval games that annoy our co-workers. So what could be better than throwing things through the cabin wall, would it be a small catapult? Nothing the hell and you know about it as you will see in Avai’s picture

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Going back to another look at your tutorials on how to make a rubber band catapult, this was a very interesting technique in its time and still looks impressive. I added a test… I missed England.

I almost made the catapult a science… but with 3 boys (big and small) in my house, I wouldn’t fall for it!! LOL I thought nerf guns were bad enough! Nice lens! Thank you.

My students build castles every year when we finish the missile unit, but we build them with popcorn sticks and duct tape. They will shoot marshmallows that are six feet long.

I am not sure if I would show this lens to my daughter, she would definitely like to make one! I think this catapult is a great idea for the office….

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I can see that this catapult is a lot of fun and a lot of trouble in the office 🙂 very nice project

Nice lens. Woodworking projects are my favorite pastime. I need to make me one of them soon, just to play with them. I think I’ll use it to feed chickens for fun.

Oh my goodness the catapult is such a fun educational project and as always well crafted and detailed by you! I have taught sixth, seventh and eighth graders. I am constantly striving to improve my education and this is one of the places I am looking for… More about Biodynamics »

How To Build An Accurate Catapult

Below are links to the lab and a general lesson plan. This lesson is designed for the middle grades, but can be used as early as fifth grade or H.

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Lesson Objectives: Students will demonstrate the ability to build siege weapons. Students will collect data using a catapult. Students will make a claim, use evidence, and justify it. Students will analyze Newton’s laws and describe how the catapult relates to each law.

In-class activities: watch a YouTube video on how to build an ice cream stick catapult (without pausing the video).

Hand out all the materials and let the students build their own catapult, again using the video or illustration from the instructions below.

Part 1: Some students choose to stick an extra stick to the back of the A-frame (horizontal) to influence the throwing arm’s stop for a higher trajectory.

How To Be More Accurate With A Catapult

Part 2: Some students choose to stick two extra sticks on the back of the A-frame (vertical) on either side of the throwing arm to prevent it from wobbling to the left or right.

My students have one semester to test their slingshot on the catapult track. We connect the lab tables together (from start to finish), creating a series of long tables. We placed three cups at the end of a sand-filled table. Pupils work in pairs by hitting cups (1 point) or throwing balls into them (3 points). The top 10 win, but must win by 2. The team that scores second at the start of the match takes the last shot.

After students have had a chance to test their slingshot, identify problems, and make adjustments, they proceed to formulate their claims. Proposition: To launch a 300 cm catapult, students must know ____________________ and __________________.

How To Build An Accurate Catapult

They can enter variables (including distance, but that’s the length of our lab tables grouped together).

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Proof: Students then design an experiment to test their theorem. They collect data and create a spreadsheet.

Reasoning from collected evidence: Students are expected to be able to use collected evidence to support their claim. For example, to launch a 300 cm catapult, students should know the distance the throwing arm is retracted in centimeters and the number of rubber bands. First, our team used a metric ruler to mark 1-6 centimeters on the A-frame of our catapult. Then we collect 4 rubber bands. To keep the weight of the bullet the same, we used the same 4.5 gram bullet throughout the experiment. According to our data, using 3 rubber bands and retracting the throwing arm 4 cm gave a throw distance of 300 cm. Our next closest experiment was to use two rubber bands and move the throwing arm back 6 cm because the ball landed 315 cm away. One possible variable that we haven’t been able to explain is…

I teach science in the seventh grade. In our physics department, I have students make a literal slingshot to help illustrate Newton’s laws of motion. They also use their slingshots to make theorems, devise an experiment to test their theorems, and use evidence from experience in their reasoning. For more information about the catapult lab, you can skip to the last step. If you’re not already a student, don’t let that stop you!

3. Create an equilateral triangle. Make sure the stick closest to you is on the other stick. The angle of the triangle facing away from you should touch the edges of the sticks.

Launch It: Torsion Spring Catapult

4. Add masking tape to each corner to secure the shape. Double the tape for double the strength.

* The bottom bar is on top because when you retract the throwing arm (after construction) these two corners will be tighter (compared to the rest of the joints).

1. Place two sticks on top of the equilateral triangle from step one. Make sure the ends of the sticks closest to you are placed in the groove (created when we placed the hand stick over the other two in the first step).

How To Build An Accurate Catapult

3. Pick up the letter “A” and wrap the tape around the three corners. “A” will remain normally after the tape is retracted.

How To Make A Catapult Launch Farther

When you press down on the front pillar, you will notice that the top of the letter “A” may be glued in several places. Depending on the angle of the front post, this will affect the angle at which the throwing arm will stop and therefore the firing point of your projectile. A more vertical front pillar will reduce the driving path. If the top of the forward shaft was attached to the top of the “A” (forming a pyramid shape), the catapult would have a higher trajectory. I tend to keep the catapult somewhere in the middle.

Take the other two sticks and glue them together as shown. Throwing arm length is another variable of distance, accuracy,

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