How To Slow Down Menopause Naturally

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How To Slow Down Menopause Naturally – I’m glad to see more talk about menopause lately. It seems like we can see that this is a very taboo topic, which is fine. However, as we raised awareness, I noticed that most of the discussion was about helping women navigate HRT centers.

At 41, I’ve spent a decade researching all the ways to help women move through menopause with vigor, from the onset of menopause. I researched how menopause differs across cultures and explored why we in the West, especially the UK, seem to suffer the most. I have learnt a lot! In order to understand natural treatment options for menopause, it is important that we have the complete picture.

How To Slow Down Menopause Naturally

How To Slow Down Menopause Naturally

There are many dietary, lifestyle, and mindset changes we can make positively that allow us to have a different and often significantly improved menopausal experience. I have nothing against HRT, far from it. I have been advised to take HRT until at least age 51 after early menopause.

What Are The Symptoms Of Menopause While On Birth Control Pills?

It’s designed to protect my bones and heart from estrogen for 10 years or less. You can read more about my experience with early menopause here.

The advice at the time was to only use HRT until the “average” age of menopause was 51, which I would have taken to heart if I had been okay by then. I don’t like to take pills unless absolutely necessary. The hypertension did not subside after pregnancy, and it was recommended to take antihypertensive drugs because of family history. But my dad was obese and sedentary most of his life.

At first I was on high blood pressure medication, but then I tried to change my lifestyle to control my blood pressure. I have a similar approach to menopause. Only time will tell if I successfully avoid these pills!

When it comes to HRT, I chose to stop it at the age of 51 and have been able to naturally overcome any symptoms since then. (Click here to learn how I gave up HRT.) There are many natural remedies for menopause. In this article, I will tell you everything I know.

Natural Remedies For Perimenopause Symptoms: Supplements, Treatments, And Food

So, what are the main symptoms that women experience the most during menopause? Many women don’t notice anything other than the end of their period. For others, symptoms commonly associated with menopause may include:

In fact, 34 symptoms are linked to the hormonal changes of menopause! But these are the main points.

What should you do if you prefer natural remedies to menopause drugs, or if you’ve been advised not to use HRT? After all, natural and “safe” HRT is still a drug, no matter what it looks like. It still occurs naturally.

How To Slow Down Menopause Naturally

It comes in sachets, patches or pills, which means its ‘natural’ elements are well developed. HRT is considered a treatment for all menopausal symptoms because it restores premenopausal hormonal balance. But we went through menopause and intend to spend the last part of our lives with low estrogen.

When Does Menopause Start? Signs, Stages And What To Expect

Let’s start with how to improve hormonal balance naturally, and then I’ll give you some ideas on what you can do for specific symptoms.

1. Balance blood sugar and adjust diet. Start with what and how you eat. According to Jackie Lynch in her book “Happy Menopause,” the most important part of hormonal balance in middle age and beyond is keeping blood sugar levels as stable as possible. In the years leading up to menopause, we experience a drop in estrogen. But it didn’t go away completely.

The ovaries no longer produce it, but it is still produced by our fatty tissue and adrenal glands. It’s a weaker estrogen, but it’s still estrogen. The thing is, if we’re stressed and our body goes into fight-or-flight mode, the adrenal glands are more willing to produce estrogen. Then we come to the issue of menopausal symptoms.

Stress can manifest as standard emotional stress. Alternatively, it is believed that our bodies are stressed and need to go into fight or flight mode, causing our blood sugar levels to become unbalanced. It can lead to high blood sugar levels because we’re not eating when we should, low blood sugar levels, or the wrong thing.

Symptoms Of Menopause

Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to eat (and drink) the right things on a regular basis. Caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and refined foods all cause our blood sugar to spike, and when they’re gone, the effects drop dramatically.

All types of stress are bad. So we need to start with diet to reduce stress and keep blood sugar levels balanced. Eating small, frequent, high-fiber amounts of protein and complex carbohydrates (such as beans, whole grains, and starchy vegetables) at each meal is the way to go.

Now is the perfect time to make your diet healthier and include plenty of fresh vegetables. Eat as little processed food as possible. Refined carbohydrates, in particular, can spike our blood sugar levels and disrupt our hormonal function.

How To Slow Down Menopause Naturally

Eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce alcohol, sugar, and caffeine, which can disrupt hormone function and cause hot flashes, and eat natural phytoestrogens to replace estrogen no longer produced by foods like flaxseed, lentils, and tofu . soybeans. Below is a detailed list of foods that may help.

Menopause And Perimenopause: Taking Charge Of The Transition

Eating ground flaxseed for breakfast every day and substituting organic soy milk for dairy has worked really well.

2. It’s expensive, but eat organic at every meal if you can. The pesticides used in agriculture are not only bad for our hormones, they are bad for you too. Some fruits and vegetables have higher levels of pesticide residues than others. So you don’t need to worry too much if some aren’t organic, and some you might want to avoid.

I’m still struggling with this, but I’ve printed off a list of the worst offenders for reference. You can get these lists for the UK from the Pesticide Action Network or the EWG in the US.

3. Consider what toxins are in your home and whether you can reduce them. Household cleaning products are full of chemicals, some of which are thought to disrupt hormonal function. Personal products like deodorants, moisturizers and shampoos often contain questionable ingredients (parabens are still controversial) – can you spot all of them from your favorite product’s ingredient list? ?

Proven Ways To Slow Down Aging Naturally

Over the years, I have followed these tips to minimize the impact on myself and the environment. I now try to use as little cleanser and cleanser as possible and keep my makeup as natural as possible. I use organic coconut oil to cleanse and remove makeup, and make my own face cream to moisturize.

I buy organic sunscreen whenever possible. Plain old vinegar is a great household cleaner. All of this helps limit any toxin-affecting hormones as much as possible.

4. Try to reduce stress or improve coping skills. Hormonal fluctuations are caused by the emotional and dietary stress we mentioned above. Reduce stress in your life by practicing meditation or restorative yoga. Both of these can help reduce stress levels and reduce menopause symptoms, especially the anxiety that affects many of us at this time.

How To Slow Down Menopause Naturally

5. If you think this is a problem, control your weight. If you are overweight in middle age, problems may arise later. Overweight women are especially prone to hot flashes. Yes, you can take supplements or try other things to help.

Menopause Symptoms: Delay Menopause With Food: Eat Oily Fish, Legumes And Soya Products

But if you’re overweight and suffering from menopausal symptoms, try to do something about it instead of just seeing it as a natural part of aging. That’s not it.

6. Increase the amount of exercise. As we age, we need more exercise, and many women turn to exercise to help them cope with the symptoms of menopause. I know regular yoga and running helps me. Running is great for building and maintaining bone density.

Any weight training will help keep your bones strong. Lifting weights also helps us maintain muscle mass, which decreases with age and slows our metabolism, which can lead to weight gain. Middle-aged muffins? It doesn’t have to be pure. Lift weights and do lots of cardio!

7. Try acupuncture. Acupuncture is great for rebalancing the body, so it can help us when we get out of balance during menopause. I

Doctor Approved Strategies For Natural Menopause Relief

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