How To Build A Homemade Water Filter

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How To Build A Homemade Water Filter – Hello everyone. Today, I will introduce a fun and easy water filter that you can easily make at home. Before I go into all the steps, I would like to share my thoughts on the topic “Countries without clean water”. I think this is a very important topic and should be discussed more. Because everyone should have access to clean drinking water wherever they live.

What country does not have clean drinking water? The top three countries without fresh water are: First is Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a population of her 116.4 million, but 60% of the population has no access to clean drinking water. Most of their water is always polluted and not good. Families are sick and sanitation is inadequate. For this reason, Ethiopia has a high fecal (fecal discharge from the body), and 22% of people are affected by faeces. Then Papua New Guinea. In Papua New Guinea, 51% of the population drinks water from above. That is, we drink water from lakes, rivers, etc. Real countries live like this. It’s also sad that we don’t even have a toilet to use and we have to do our best to fix these issues. As in Ethiopia, they roam in the wild. But the good thing is their water is a little cleaner. Finally, there is the Republic of Chad. Her 61% of people living there have no access to clean water. Same as Ethiopia. 67% of people out there are trying ways to fight/treat acne. This is great! Unfortunately, Chad has less than half the number of toilets and latrines.

How To Build A Homemade Water Filter

How To Build A Homemade Water Filter

Countries with access to clean water. Below are their top 5 freshwater countries. Starting from the beginning in Switzerland. Switzerland has always had good maps and policies based on sea areas. They get their water mainly from rain (because it rains a lot there). Large fresh lakes and glaciers melt each time to get plenty of water. Canada is next! Canada’s geography also has many sources from which water can be obtained. Like Lake Ontario. The way Canadians get fresh water is because their tap water is very good, their water is very pure, and their water of choice is very safe. has a great government. It also has many lakes, many water resources, constantly replenishing water, and being one of the countries with a lot of rain, there is always fresh water. I think we should offer all these methods to countries that really need good water. Anyway… now in New Zealand. New Zealand, like Switzerland, has a very large ice cap in the ocean that melts and produces large amounts of water. The people there also know the importance of water and work hard to keep it healthy and fresh. Last but not least, we have Germany. German roads have laws to keep the water clean, they have plenty of water from natural lakes, they have glaciers that melt to provide water, and their country has a list of what to put in tap water. There is this.

Homemade Water Filter Science Project

Now that we’re talking about the benefits of water and why we should have access to clean water for everyone, let’s talk about some of the benefits that clean water can bring. children receive better care, children do better in school and adults do better in everyday life. Your family earns better and you does not get sick easily.

Now for the fun part! In this regard, what can be done to ensure that everyone in the world has access to clean water? Here’s how we can help.

The United Nations talks about water every March 22nd (World Water Day).

They provide water to the impoverished and needy

Homemade Water Filter Science Project

You can participate in a run/walk to participate in the ‘Global 6K for Water’ to give people access to clean drinking water.

You can join World Wide Vision and encourage those who have access to clean water to help those who don’t.

Now let’s move on to the practical side. You can make a small water purifier to give you some insight into what a water purifier can do. , can further purify water and improve water quality, more than 10 times! Isn’t it funny? Let’s take a closer look at the model and how it works. 🙂

How To Build A Homemade Water Filter

For this part, take an x-acto knife (use the knife carefully) and cut off the bottom of the water bottle. . . (Keep the bottom of the bottle as you will need it later.)

Science; Build Your Own Water Filtration For Kids (water Filter Experiments)

Then carefully place the top of the bottle into the glass. Always store the bottle with the inside and top facing out.

Grab the egg and lay it flat in the jar. You don’t want sand, charcoal, etc. in the wick or jar, so make sure it’s big.

Take a medium sized bowl and fill it with sand just below the center of the bowl. Then pour the sand from the bottle onto the cotton. Spread the sand evenly over the cotton.

You don’t want big chunks in the jar, so if the charcoal isn’t crushed, hit it with a hammer. Water may become difficult to flow. Grind until almost powdery. After that, pour in the crushed charcoal and spread it evenly over the sand.

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Take 3 items: gravel, rock and stone. Start by adding gravel, then rocks and final rocks, making sure they are evenly spread over everything in the jar.

Don’t forget to save the bottom of the bottle as it is needed for dirty water.Added dirt/dirt to dilute the water. Just a little water, but not too much and not too little.

Step 9: Pour water into the test bottle (see if it becomes clear)

How To Build A Homemade Water Filter

(I took a video of it jumping into dirty water and getting clean, but the video was too long so I posted a picture)

How To Make A Diy Water Filtration System Using Sand Or Gravel

Pour all the water into the bottle and wait if the water is clear or dirty. To me, the water that came out was very clean, which means good!

The reason I added rocks, stones and gravel is that they remove a lot of coarse sediment (solids in water like rocks and stones, wood chips).

Sand was added to remove all impurities from the water and reduce contamination.

Charcoal is also said to remove pollutants and impurities from water like sand.

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I hope you all enjoy this little experiment I’ve done and have good results! If you’re in an area with an unreliable water supply, you should clean it up. But it can get very expensive.

You can save a lot of money and you can definitely get it

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