How To Make Tumble Dryer Smell Nice

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Because fabric softeners can smell on your clothes, sometimes it turns out they’re not so good for the environment or your skin.

How To Make Tumble Dryer Smell Nice

How To Make Tumble Dryer Smell Nice

Often filled with chemicals like quaternary ammonium compounds (which soften your clothes) and phthalates, studies show that some fabric softeners can irritate sensitive skin or aggravate existing asthma—for fresh-smelling laundry. A great price. But if you’re stuck on scented sprays and paper towels, we’ve got the laundry detergent for you.

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Believe it or not, you can spray a paper towel with your favorite perfume, essential oil, or scented spray and voila: you’ve got yourself a laundry cleaner (minus the dangerous side effects. subtract ).

You obviously don’t want to put paper towels in the wash, but you can throw a scented paper towel in the dryer like a dryer sheet to give your freshly washed clothes a nice scent.

2. Scent a paper towel with a few drops of fragrance or essential oil (depending on how strong the scent is and how you want to scent your laundry.

3. Throw the scented paper towel in with the laundry and start the dry cycle. Keep in mind that the higher the heat setting, the stronger the paper towel odor will be on your clothes.

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Not only do they allow you to scent your laundry without all the side effects of fabric softener, but DIY scented paper towels help you determine how fragrant your clothes will be and, more importantly, when they’re in the dryer. What will they smell like when they come out? allows You can reuse your scented paper towels if they are still together.

You might be thinking, “Aren’t paper towels bad for the environment too?” And it’s true that reusable solutions outperform disposable solutions every time. Another sustainable option that will keep your laundry smelling just as well is a set of wool dryer balls. You can spray or drip them with perfumes, scents and oils and then toss them in the dryer to leave your clothes smelling fresh and wonderful.

So, before you bother with fabric softener on your next laundry day, grab some paper towels or dryer balls and your favorite scented spray instead. Lauren Weeks is a freelance writer and editor based in Birmingham, Alabama. . She writes for brands like VERANDA, Well + Good, Southern Living and EatingWell and covers lifestyle from interior design to travel to food.

How To Make Tumble Dryer Smell Nice

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How To Keep A Front Load Washing Machine Clean & Smelling Sweet

There’s something wonderful about slipping into fragrant, freshly laundered sheets at night or wrapping yourself in a fresh, fluffy towel after a hot bath. However, most scented detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets are full of chemicals and may not be compatible with your household values ​​or may irritate sensitive skin.

“There are a lot of great commercials that say fabric softener or dryer sheets will make your laundry smell better,” says Marisa Murphy of Pioneer Linens in Palm Beach, Florida. “However, you should avoid using any additives on cotton. should not They can add a coating that prevents your laundry from cleaning properly.” Fortunately, there are many ways to deodorize laundry without chemical additives.

Before you start stocking up on new laundry detergent, there are some basic laundry rules to learn. According to Murphy, over-packing your washing machine leaves room for your laundry to spin and move around the unit. As a result, the detergent may not penetrate all of your towels or pajamas, and some may smell cleaner than others. She recommends washing a full set of sheets yourself and wearing a little gym clothes at the same time to keep them smelling fresh.

Murphy also notes that washing machines are now more energy efficient and use less water than older models. As a result, many people use more soap than they should. These formulas can build up, stiffen your sheets and clothes, and keep your laundry from smelling clean. If your clothes, sheets, and towels aren’t as shiny as they should be, try an extra rinse cycle to remove excess soap.

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“The laundry detergent market has really come a long way in recent years, and if you still want a scented option, phosphate-free detergents with natural scents like lavender or summer verbena are common,” says Murphy. is

One of her favorite laundry brands sold by Pioneer Linens is Le Blanc, which has scented linen waters that are sprayed on clothes before ironing and scented infusions to clean your laundry without harsh chemicals. Added to laundry cycles, imparts a unique scent.

Add lavender water to a spray bottle and give your laundry a quick spritz before throwing it in the washing machine. After drying, there is enough fragrance to maintain a fresh scent for a long time. Don’t like lavender? Try your favorite essential oil. Rose water is another clean scent.

How To Make Tumble Dryer Smell Nice

Mix one cup of baking soda, one cup of borax, one cup of white vinegar, and 20 drops of lemon or orange essential oil. Add this mixture to a bottle of laundry detergent and use as usual.

I’m A Laundry Pro

For clean, fresh-smelling laundry without the chemicals that usually come with scented detergents, Dr. Try Bronner’s Peppermint Soap. (Always check your washing machine manual to make sure there are no restrictions on the type of detergent you can use.)

These dryer bags are easy to toss and make three out of four loads of beautifully smelling clothes. You can find them on Amazon or Trader Joe’s.

Use dryer balls, you may need to add a little vanilla essential oil (or any other scent!) before each cycle to start a fresh scent.

You can put a few drops of essential oil or a few drops of perfume on a sheet of paper towel and throw it in the dryer with the laundry. There are benefits to wearing nice (or cool) clothes. People will notice (in a good way). You smell like you belong together. Every hug is like a nose hug. Another fact: scented beads will help you get there.

How To Deodorize A Dryer

It starts in the laundry room: Shake and pour Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Booster Beads into the cap before adding to your clothes (as much as your scent-loving heart desires), then toss in the laundry drum. Use fragrance enhancer beads with laundry detergent for long-lasting freshness. How long, you ask? 12 weeks from wash to wear – now is a long time to maintain the results of a fragrance. If you want to know more about using these wonderful little scent beads, read our article.

Use Unstoppable Scent Boosters with your favorite conditioner for a bold, long-lasting, touchably soft scent! Combining liquid conditioner with Unstoppable Scent Boosters is a match made in fragrance heaven for your linens, towels, linens, whites, and even your fine delicates. This new train has not stopped!

So there you have it. Two easy ways to give your clothes a nice, long-lasting fragrance. The next time someone asks what a really good fragrance is, it will be you.

How To Make Tumble Dryer Smell Nice

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