African Waist Beads For Sale

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African Waist Beads For Sale

African Waist Beads For Sale

It can be worn for many purposes such as tracking weight loss, body adornment, cultural display. We have a new style every week!

African Waist Beads β€” Fashnlux, The Authentic African Brand!

When it arrives, you just adjust it to the position you want, on your stomach or hips, tighten it tightly, and cut the loose part. You’re ready to go!

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Waist Beads / African Waist Chain

I can offer gift wrap for the purchase of $5 per gift. Message me for more gift wrapping options.

Yes, we can provide wholesale. Please message us for any questions. Wholesale orders are final. No returns, no cancellations or exchanges.

We put love, care and purpose into every package. We clean and sanitize each item before shipping.

African Waist Beads For Sale

This is my first time trying authentic African belts and I will buy them again! It will be fun to experiment and figure out how I can wear it.

Crystal Clear Waist Beads Waist Beads On Sale African Waist

This is my first time trying authentic African belts and I will buy them again! It will be fun to experiment and figure out how I can wear it.

It came in such a beautiful package and with confirmation. love the key charm that matches my eyes directly. very grateful 🧑 body feels good and amazing with it πŸ§‘πŸ§ΏπŸŒŸπŸ€—πŸ€— thanks. very beautiful

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Black & Gold Waist Beads

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African Waist Beads For Sale

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Wholesale Custom African Ghana Bohemian Multi Layer Chain Set Colored Seed Bead Waist Beads

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African Waist Beads For Sale

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Tubular Glow In The Dark With Gold & Orange Blend Gems Waist Beads

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Our colorful blend is light, fun, eye-catching and beautiful. Our durable beads are simple yet charming everyday essentials. Our matte monofilament yarns are elegant and fun. Our Gold Bead Based Elegance Collection Looks Like A Million Dollars. Wear alone or combine with our range of complementary colours.

Serenity Belt Box – The ultimate in premium DIY complete 12-strand belt kit with tool cords and accessories – Nurture your passion, inspire your creativity – 25% off coupon price

Gooseberry African Waist Beads

Balancing all seven chakras Healing Waist Beads – Single String Seven Gemstones Waist Beads – Crystals for strength, peace and harmony

Carnelian and Pearls Success Bringer for Healing Waist – Healing Waist Beads with Gemstones, Make Your Dreams Come True Healing Waist Beads

Dream Maker – Zebra and Seashell Gemstone Healing Waist – Single Thread Gemstone Healing Waist for Goal Pursuit

African Waist Beads For Sale

The Royal Belt Bracelet brings modernity to a long tradition. We create custom-fit jewelry for one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body: the hip.

Light Blue Waist Beads

Our wearable art evokes feelings of luxury, sensuality and empowerment. Handcrafted with quality and with a keen eye for detail, our selection is the premier choice for luxurious, one-of-a-kind bellybands.

We are very grateful that our belt beads have been voted the Best Belt Beads in the market and we have been recognized as the top selling designer belt beads. We pride ourselves on our high quality standards, beautiful design, superior craftsmanship, and genuine care and appreciation for our customers. Shop today for 25% off your total purchase of top quality belts with coupon code SELFLOVE25. We are a mother-daughter crafting duo, Chris and Kristen; we modernize long-standing African traditions by creating custom, handcrafted jewelry for some of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body: hips and waist. Belts are also known as Belt Beads, Belly Beads, Body Jewelry or Bracelets. The wearable art, weight loss tracker and crystal healing belt Royal Belts evoke feelings of luxury, femininity, sensuality and power. The Royal Belts brand is known for its exceptional quality and the largest collection of attractive designs. Order a set of Royal Belts; It feels so good!

Beads are like necklaces or bracelets, except they are worn around the waist or just above the hip. In many ancient African cultures and still today, it is a symbol of a woman’s confidence in her body and sexuality.

Belts, also known as belly beads, have been traditionally worn by African women since the 15th century to serve a variety of celebratory purposes. Read more about the fascinating history of the bead.

Sterling Silver Waist Beads

The Royal Waist Bracelet celebrates the historical significance of belt beads while giving a wider audience the opportunity to learn about its origins, adopt this form of body jewelry and

We treat our customers as queens; royal, beautiful and unique. What are the qualities you embrace — the things that make you feel good

In your daily life? Are you drawn to your deep cultural roots or are you a fashionista who loves accessories? Are you committed to living a fit life and staying in shape, or are you a free person who likes to channel your energy? Perhaps it is a combination of these qualities that defines who you are.

African Waist Beads For Sale

Let’s do it

White & Gold Waist Beads On Sale Waistbeads Waist Beads

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