How To Get A Verified Badge On Facebook

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How To Get A Verified Badge On Facebook – In the third quarter of 2021 alone, this social network removed more than 1.8 billion fake profiles, and the peak was in 2019, with more than two billion pages:

Among such accounts, there are many fake company accounts. Most of the time, these scammers are harmless – they’re usually fan sites trying to spread the word about their favorite products.

How To Get A Verified Badge On Facebook

How To Get A Verified Badge On Facebook

However, sometimes, such profiles can really damage your reputation, especially if they spread false information and fake news about your business.

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So, if you don’t want to face such a bad situation, you need to verify your Facebook account.

A verified Facebook account is a profile verified to represent the authenticity of a brand on this platform. When Facebook verifies an account, it gets a blue check mark next to the account name.

You can verify a Facebook business page and personal information. The blue mark differentiates between legitimate sites and fraudulent accounts.

The platform introduced the Page Verification feature in 2013. It is a solution that helps Facebook isolate real accounts and reduce the number of fake accounts.

How To Get Blue Verified On Facebook: Page/profile (new Form)

If your page gets a verification mark, you won’t be able to transfer ownership or change the purpose of your profile. According to Facebook, any account edits (such as name and bio edits) require further review. If you try to transfer ownership, the tag will be removed.

There are some account requirements to receive a verification token. We have put them all in a table for your convenience:

To get a verification token, you need to fill out a form, but we’ll talk about that in more detail later.

How To Get A Verified Badge On Facebook

So, we already mentioned that Facebook gives you a blue sign indicating that your page is safe. If you type the name of your favorite brand on Facebook, you will likely see a check mark, while all other third-party sites will not have this check mark:

Buy Facebook Page Verification Badge 100% Permanent Verified

If you are a member of the public or an influencer, you can also enter the request to verify the Facebook page. There are several celebrity accounts with blue flags:

There have been cases in the past of such accounts spreading wrong information, which ended up damaging the company’s reputation. The latest case involved Wells Cargo, whose employees created fake accounts using real customer names, registering for credit card accounts. The company eventually paid $3 billion to settle criminal charges.

Therefore, activity involving fake accounts, both inside and outside your organization, can really hurt your business. However, if you apply for account verification, it can save you from such unpleasant situations.

It is also worth mentioning that Facebook originally had two authentication symbols – a blue and a gray authentication symbol. Individuals and companies with a gray verification mark have the right to request account verification as verified by Facebook. The gray mark was discontinued in 2019.

How To Verify Your Facebook Page For Your Business

We mentioned a blue sign next to your brand name can protect your business and strengthen your online reputation. However, this is not the only benefit of asking for approval.

Let’s look at some reasons to fill out the form and get confirmation that your Facebook profile is real.

In theory, when a user sees a verification icon on an account, the trust of that page should increase. After that, the information in that profile is verified, and the messages it sent can be trusted.

How To Get A Verified Badge On Facebook

The research says not really. For example, a study from Georgetown University investigated the effect of the endorsement on users (on Twitter, but not on it) and found that the blue sign did not affect their perception of brand credibility.

How To Get Verified On Facebook: A Step By Step Guide

Survey participants rarely indicated the verification mark as necessary for brand credibility and did not refer to it when sharing the content of such sites.

However, the study also mentions another survey, which gives a general result. Participants were 100% certain that account verification is a factor that affects their perception of online presence.

We should take the results of any study with a grain of salt. The Georgetown University study participants were young, and we can assume that they are better able to distinguish between trusted Facebook accounts. Also, the survey was conducted at a time when “fake news” was proliferating online in 2019, and people were skeptical of even the most reliable sources.

Let’s summarize: branding improves your credibility, especially if someone wants to tag or advertise your business on Facebook (or wherever you are on the Internet).

How To Get Verified On Facebook?

It can be a big upset if a fake Facebook page steals your followers. After that, you will have a hard time convincing them to sign up for your real account, and there is no guarantee that they will follow you.

So, make sure your account is verified as soon as possible. This will help you start growing your follower base quickly and bypass all the profiles.

As a result, when someone searches for your brand on this platform, your verified profile will appear at the top, prompting them to visit and register.

How To Get A Verified Badge On Facebook

After all, we already found that a verification badge adds credibility to your profile. The same goes for what people see on your page. When a post is published on an authentic Facebook page, people see it as a sign of trust and are more likely to like, share and comment and add activity to your page.

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It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t check a brand before buying a product. According to Google, 53% of online shoppers analyze a brand’s online presence, but the real number is much higher. Brand research, of course, also includes social media.

If you have a valid search engine, the person will be prompted to visit your profile immediately. However, branding alone won’t satisfy their needs, so pay attention to what you put in and how it represents your business.

We also mentioned that verified accounts appear at the top of Facebook search results. However, the same thing happens with Google SERPs:

So, don’t ignore this opportunity to help your brand rank better in search results. This is your chance to improve your online visibility and help potential customers find it easier. This is also one of the reasons why social media is better than traditional marketing – you have all the opportunities you can find.

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Every Facebook post on a business account gets a view – a lot of views or engagement. You can track them through Facebook Insights with Reach:

If your profile is not verified, you may be losing views to fake accounts. This could also be the reason why your posts are not working properly.

In general, the process is not very difficult, but you should keep in mind some important requirements that will speed up the verification process.

How To Get A Verified Badge On Facebook

The page to go to is Verify Your Account, which you can find in the Facebook Help Center or log in through the Facebook Business Manager:

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There you will see various sections, which you must fill in with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

On Facebook, there are two options you can consider for verification – a public page or a profile:

Anyway, you need a few pairs to qualify for the blue check.

There is no such information in Facebook’s official guidelines, but the number should be less than 500 to request verification.

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In addition, it is worth mentioning that the whole process of viewing profiles is more complicated and longer than pages. Yes, you can request a verified search token with private information. Just insert a link to your account after checking the different options.

Obviously you won’t be able to authenticate an account if you don’t prove it’s a real person.

During the verification process, Facebook will give you several options for official identification documents: driver’s license, passport, national identity card (ID photo), tax-exempt documents, current utility bills or regulations (confirmation of availability that will allow you to verify). Verifying the existence of your brand):

How To Get A Verified Badge On Facebook

The next step is to verify your reputation, which involves taking the form that describes your account. It is imperative that Facebook ensure the needs of the public.

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If none of these options match what your page is about, choose others. In this case, Facebook may ask you to provide additional information separately.

Your location is the primary requirement for approval. Facebook (and many other social networks) need this to better understand your brand’s impact.

At this time, we are implementing the necessary actions to secure Facebook. Now, we are going to talk about some optional points, but they are important if you want to get approved quickly.

To help Facebook verify you, provide additional details about your followers. You need to be specific about who they are, what they’re interested in, and why they’re following you:

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To increase your chances of verification, use real-time data from Facebook Insights, Hootsuite and its alternatives, or other social media monitoring tools. You don’t want to make baseless claims – Facebook agents who will review your data need real proof

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