How To Download Shutterstock Videos For Free Without Watermark

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How To Download Shutterstock Videos For Free Without Watermark – Shutterstock is a premium royalty-free stock photo site where you can get any kind of original stock photos for your commercial use. You can download up to 10 images for free with Shutterstock’s free trial. You can also get a free Shutterstock image every week. To download more photos, you need to purchase their paid plans, which start at $49 per month for ten photos (or $4.9 per photo).

It can be quite expensive to afford, and usually, if you don’t have a lot of investment to begin with.

How To Download Shutterstock Videos For Free Without Watermark

How To Download Shutterstock Videos For Free Without Watermark

Well, lucky for you, there are many free alternatives to Shutterstock where you can search and download stock images for free. These pictures come with a Creative Commons license, so they can be downloaded, used, and even distributed for free.

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Honestly not. Shutterstock’s collection expands by millions every week. But don’t worry, I have more options than you can imagine! Below is a list of alternative Shutterstock stock photography sites you can join and search for your photos.

The reason I kept it is, to begin with, is that I use it regularly to create featured images on , our social media banners and more. This is my go to storage for stock photo hunting. It has one of the most extensive collections of stock images, and the good thing is that it collects images from several other similar sites for free.

Okay, let’s talk about licensing. All photos from Pexels are free to download, edit, modify and share in any way you can. And you don’t have to credit the original owner for it. They are completely free. So just go ahead and give it a try.

I would put it just behind Pexels, because of the quality of their collections. unsplash photos are provided by real users like you and me who can contribute their own original photos. Quality is their top priority, and you’ll have some great options there. Images are generally divided into three categories: backgrounds, images, and wallpapers.

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The background will include landscapes, beaches, city life and other such scenic beauty. Wallpapers is designed to give you a unique sorted list of wallpapers for smartphones or desktop computers. In terms of licensing, they are the same as Pexels. You may use the images without giving credit. But if you give, it is appreciated. check this out.

Pixabay is a rare gem of free media. Launched in 2010, it has grown into a massive photo collection. Not only standard images, but you will also get a dedicated place for illustrations and vectors. In addition, pixabay also offers free video and audio clips.

In terms of licensing, you can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes and may or may not give credit to the original owner. But the original, unaltered image should not be sold on other premium stock photo networks like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock Photos. Check out Pixabay below.

How To Download Shutterstock Videos For Free Without Watermark

Vecteezy has a great collection of stunning images available for free download for both free and commercial use. Apart from images, you can also download videos and stock vectors from different categories. One unique thing I liked about Vecteezy is that it puts community access first and has a “Featured Contributor” section in the search dropdown. The free license allows limited use and you must provide appropriate attribution in this case. It also offers a Pro plan that allows you to use all the images and their vectors as much as you want without attribution. See below.

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Stocksnap has a curated catalog of high-quality photos, submitted by original creators. There are hundreds of categories you can browse and hundreds of new photos are added every week. As with other websites, all images come with a Creative Commons (CC0) license. check this out.

The e-com installation giant Shopify also offers its own collection of images designed for their sellers. You will find a variety of stock photos. They are primarily intended for business owners and entrepreneurs to add to product listings for commercial and personal use.

The special thing is that there is a dedicated page for business ideas that you can browse to get both new sales ideas and relevant images related to it. As always, the images are royalty-free and come under a CC0 license.

Freeimages is a newer company in the stock photography genre and is now actively growing every day. Its collection is quite small compared to the ones above and only contains about 3 million images at the time of writing this post. But this site will also allow you to use some of the various images that are not used elsewhere. So you can still search for the image you want here and find a gem. check this out.

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Two things to say about Freeography: First, they are original. You will not find Gratisography images elsewhere on any other cross-platform. Second, Gratisography offers a curated collection of free-to-use stock photos only in the following categories: Animals, Business, Nature, Objects, People, Urban, and Whimsical. Their whimsical collection is quite unusual, especially if you are selling products where you can use them as a creative design. check this out.

Kaboompics is unique in itself. First, the collection is small, with less than 20,000 images. And secondly, they are mostly created by a team of people. But there’s a reason why billions of people have downloaded these: it fulfills your professional photography goals. All photos are unique and nice to look at. They are intended for studio use.

Honestly, the first time I saw these photos, I was amazed. I was wondering how anyone can publish these images with a license without Creative Commons authorization? Go check them out. A surprise awaits you.

How To Download Shutterstock Videos For Free Without Watermark

If you don’t know about Canva, then you’re probably missing out on a whole world of photography and graphic editing. I use Canva for all our design work, banners and posters. Canva has a wide collection of free images that you can not only download, but you can also edit them instantly, add some text or styles and make your poster online for free.

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Canva is more than just stock images. You can create flyers, posters, resumes, invitation cards, presentations, blog and social media images and much more. To use these features, you must visit and register. Since we are only dealing with stock images here, I will only link to their free stock images below.

RGBStock is a small community of high quality limited stock photos from a few dedicated photographers. While you’ll get images from all categories, their licensing is a bit different from the rest. Although you can download them freely, they are not free. That is, they are protected by copyright. You may not use them for commercial purposes; You must contact the owner and get his permission. Yes, you will not be charged, but written confirmation is required. But because of these strict policies, the images you’ll find here are of high quality. Look at them.

Stockvault deals in free and premium stock images. The premium ones will direct you to Shutterstock, but the free ones come with a Creative Commons license. For publishers and photographers, it offers a unique way to earn, even by uploading stock photos to Stockvault.

First, you can accept donations using PayPal or Skrill. Second, you can place Google AdSense ads on the pages where you have your images. So, if you have an existing Google AdSense account, you can put your ad code here. Every visitor that clicks on your ads on Stockvault, you will get 100% of your ad revenue/impressions. For this reason, Stockvault has acquired a large collection of original, high-quality images. Go check them out.

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Hosting just over a few thousand images, Negativespace is a small photography platform. However, Negativespace has a unique color-based search option, which is useful if you’re decorating your room and need an image that matches your favorite color. It also helps brands with some colorful images that match their identity. I will recommend you to check out this unique search pattern. As always, Negativespace images come with a Creative Commons CC0 license. check this out.

Picspree offers a wide range of free stock photos in three main categories: stock photos, illustrations and vectors. The site speed is notably on the slower side than most of the other sites I’ve mentioned here, so you need some patience and wait for it to load properly. In terms of licensing, you can use the images for personal and commercial use.

LifeofPix is ​​a whole community of photographers, with their professional creations. The aim is to provide a platform for young photographers to showcase their work. Each photographer has his own profile where he can add his photos. This site focuses more on raw photography, rather than photography or stock photos in general. You won’t find illustrations or vectors here. Uploaded images are released to the public domain without attribution, so you can use them for your professional work.

How To Download Shutterstock Videos For Free Without Watermark

Freestock offers stock images, vector images, icons and videos. As the name suggests, they are free to download and use. good,

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