How To Attach Bail To Pendant

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How To Attach Bail To Pendant – We are lucky to live near the sea glass coast. We love walking around photographing the blue and green sea glass. And of course we take beautiful pieces to turn them into jewelry! We will show you how we turned a piece of found sea glass into a pendant with a bail. Then we’ll show you how to put together a sea glass necklace with a starfish charm!

Here is a step by step video we made that shows how to add a sea glass pearl, how to attach a charm to the chain, and how to attach the clasp. Follow and then use the rules below to create your own!

How To Attach Bail To Pendant

How To Attach Bail To Pendant

1. To turn a piece of sea glass into a pendant, you need a pendant bail. This is to find jewelry that has a flat surface to add to something like a shell or a piece of sea glass. It has a built-in loop at the top to feed the chain. Using a hanging bail, put the glue on a flat surface.

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4. To assemble the necklace, start with the starfish charm. A jump ring will be needed to hang forward from the chain. Open the jump ring with a pair of pliers. Hold the right side of the jump ring with one bead and the left side with the other. Open the jump ring by pushing one set of pliers towards the table while pushing the other side towards the ceiling.

5. Hold the jump ring with pliers. Drag the starfish charm into the open jump ring. Then put the metal chain of pearls in the open loop of the jump.

6. Use the two pliers to close the jump ring, at the bottom, repeating the steps you used to open it, but backwards.

7. Slide the hook into the opening of the suspended bail. Center the sea glass pendant on the chain.

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8. Open the second jump link with two sets of pliers. Power from the other side of the clasp.

10. Open the last jump. Slide one side of the tie and the other side of the chain.

You can use this same technique to turn all kinds of found objects into pendants. We made necklaces with shells, smooth stones, foreign coins and keys! Marketing pitfalls in the jewelry industry and how to avoid them.

How To Attach Bail To Pendant

Standard Bail The standard bail uses light pressure to keep the bail opening closed. You can open the back and slide the pendant through and then let it go. After you let go, it will close by itself under the pressure of the iron. It is one of the simplest and easiest bails to use.

Snap Jewelry Bail 7.5×2.5mm 14k Yellow Gold

This type of bond can have an open or closed ring or loop in it. A ring or loop is used to attach a charm, pendant, or similar component to the hole in the bail. Usually, the ring is hidden behind the decorative bail in front. https:///wholesale-sterling-silver-simple-hook-bail-connector-wholesale-findings

A bail clamp has two pins in the opening of the bail that are facing each other and “pinch” each side of the pierced gem or briolette. When choosing a small bail, be sure to carefully read the size of the bail. You need to know how wide the pinky bail can be to fit the size of your stone. You also need to know the distance from the nail to the top of the bail, make sure it is a little bigger than the distance from the top of the stone to the drilled hole so that the stone fits into the bail without problems. . Pinch bail can be attached with flat nose paint or just with your fingers. https://///925-sterling-silver-long-teardrop-pinch-bail-connector-16mm-2-pcs

The pegs only have one peg sticking out of their bottom. The nail is either smooth or ridged like a screw. It is designed to be used for semi pearls or gems. The nail will go up to the pearl or stone and be attached in place. The screw is preferred because it holds the stone securely. When you choose a peg bail, you need to make sure that the length and width of the peg fits well with the middle of the hole of the pearl or stone. Ideally, the stone or pearl can stay on the bail without falling without the use of glue. HTTPS: /// PLASH-STERLING-STERLING-Silver-BEW-BEG-BEG-CAP-CUP-PRESS-PRESS-PER-PIET-PEARLS-TOP

As the name suggests, this type of bond must be used with glue. Unlike a nail, it does not have a nail. Instead, it has a large flat area on the back of the bail that must be attached to the flat surface of the gem or cabochon. It is important to use a jewelry adhesive and press to ensure that the jewelry is firmly attached to the bond.

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The design of the snap-on bail allows it to be opened and closed without the use of tools, so the pendant can be easily attached or removed from it. As a result, it is the perfect bond for jewelry pieces with interchangeable pendant designs. Some snap-on bails use a zipper and snap/clip design while others use magnetic snaps like loops to close. When choosing a snap-on bail, make sure the hanging hole is large enough to fit into the bail loop when open. https:///bail-clip-on-bail-925-sterling-silver-snap-on-bail-simple-smooth-classic-bail-connector-pearl-enhancer-12mm

A tube bail has a tube that allows a cable or a chunky chain to fit into it. It usually has a loop welded to the bottom of the tube so that the pendant can be attached to it. It is very popular in the design of leather cord jewelry. When choosing a pipe, make sure that the cable or a hook fits into the pipe properly. If you don’t want the bail and pendant to move along the cord or chain freely, you should choose a slightly smaller cord to create a better fit. https:///925-sterling-silver-round-ribbon-bail-1-pc

This type of bail consists of a long pin with a loop at one end and a spinning ball tip at the other. You can put several beads on the pin shaft and secure it in place with a ball screw. You can hang it on a chain with a high loop to make a pendant or make a matching set and make earrings by attaching it to the ear wires. https:///925-sterling-silver-eye-pin-bail-screw-on-ball-tip-pin-20mm-sold-per-5-piecesUm die Sicherheit der Userdaten zu gäschäften, werden älter Versionen deines Webbrowsers von nicht more sustained. Please update to the latest version.

How To Attach Bail To Pendant

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Starfish And Sea Glass Necklace

It arrived quickly and is so beautiful. The chain it comes with is very nice, but I wanted a shorter chain, so I changed the chain to the one I already had but the quality is good and it looks nice.

I had an old Pennia necklace from Finland in high school, and it got lost over time. I found this Finnish necklace and I am very happy with my purchase. So beautiful! Better than what I had before. I like the design of the cord around the edges, it adds a nice grip. Thank you! Rakaus ❤️

The coin itself is authentic and looks great on the necklace, I just wish the chain came in sterling silver or higher quality.

How To Attach Bail To Pendant

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How To Attach Bail To Pendant

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