Best Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

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Best Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically – When Instagram appeared in 2010, it was portrayed as a hipper, an exclusive and aesthetically pleasing social network rather than a contemporary one like Facebook and MySpace.

Today, the bar for success is higher because brands and influencers need thousands of followers if they want to know the ROI of their social media campaigns.

Best Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Best Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Instagram itself has evolved from a wall-to-wall garden photo-sharing community to a major platform for advertising and content marketing, making sustainable follower growth a priority.

Ways Brands Can Increase Their Instagram Followers

While Instagram is the hub for beautiful sunset photography of flowers and – of course – food, it’s so much more:

Linqia’s The State of Influencer Marketing 2021 shows that Instagram remains the top platform to focus on, with 93% of enterprise marketers planning to use social media platforms this year.

Influencers use Instagram posts to build awareness and increase frequent engagement with other online resources such as podcasts or books.

Every day, more than 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories, a platform service for live streaming and for short videos and photos that are available 24 hours after they are posted.

Ways To Get Instagram Followers Organically

This level of engagement puts good stories ahead of comparable features on sites like Snapchat. IGTV’s slow support for landscape video should also prove useful in getting more influencers and creators to promote their content on YouTube.

For years, Instagram has served as a virtual storefront for many businesses, displaying products on their Instagram profile and then using messaging apps like WhatsApp to transact with interested buyers.

Shopping on Instagram now allows direct sales in a number of areas, including displaying product prices and links to the seller’s website.

Best Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Buying followers through third-party Instagram automation may seem like a shortcut to perfection, but it is always a waste of money.

Best Instagram Growth Services In 2022 (revised) (organic & Real)

Popular social media management platform HootSuite conducted an experiment where they paid $ 9.95 for 1,000 Instagram followers. Sounds simple enough, right?

However, one month after the acquisition, HootSuite did not receive any likes or comments from new followers.

It turns out that when you pay for followers you do not know exactly what you are buying and you often end up with bots or other accounts that do not care about your profile.

It’s harder than buying followers, but it pays bigger dividends in terms of higher engagement, more likes and comments, increased monetization and increased website activity. Overall, organic growth produces high quality results.

Ways To Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically

User-generated content is the opposite of branded content. It is created by regular accounts instead of marketing groups according to specific brand guidelines.

Many companies have successfully run social campaigns with user-generated content appearing on lucrative search pages and attracting more followers. According to Buffer, they can increase their Instagram followers by 400% just by using the UGC strategy. This type of content works in large part because it encourages audience engagement.

Another great example of UGC strategy is Aerie’s #AerieReal campaign. The clothing company has asked users to submit their unprocessed photos, each of which will prompt a $ 1 donation to the National Food Association.

Best Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

KONG Box has launched a game that requires participants to like a specific post, track their account and tag friends, the perfect recipe for getting more followers without looking up or turning to the top. Deposit money.

Tips To Gain More Instagram Followers

Followers who see high-quality photos or videos from someone similar to them or tagged in a post by a friend often value that interaction. In fact, a new study shows that 90% of consumers trust user-generated content to influence their purchasing decisions.

If your followers really like your Instagram profile, they will likely come back to it regularly to see what you post. They expect consistency, so you should avoid infrequent posting or advertising.

There are several tools including eClincher, Buffer and HootSuite that allow you to schedule content well in advance so you never miss a day.

When creating your schedule, pay attention to when you post, because not all times are the same. Buffer and Sprout Social examined how Instagram engagement changed over the course of a typical week. The following two charts can help you plan.

Increase Instagram Followers Organically

As an added bonus, consistent posting can help you get into Instagram’s search page, rewarding popular content that gets significant engagement.

It’s a virtuous cycle: a continuous stream of high quality posts builds your audience, whose engagement then increases your Instagram presence and visibility, making it easier to gain more followers. .

Speaking of Explore, it’s a science to make your posts show up there. Its algorithm seems to particularly like video (played automatically in Explore) and original posting (as opposed to sharing or unreliable content), and it also rewards fair use of hashtags and geotags. Well.

Best Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Overall, the average brand engagement rate was 1.16%. However, posting with specific hashtags (like #giveaway) works 50% better than posting without any hashtag.

How To Organically Grow Instagram Followers 2022 For Free

Most of these hashtags – 70% of them are genuine – are branded, showing a high level of brand interest on the platform and an opportunity to reach many users who may not be particularly looking. For your Instagram profile, but see what is tagged. . Specific hashtags and can follow the account that targets it.

Balance these hashtags with location-based tags (like #chitown for Chicago or #hotlanta for Atlanta) or trends.

Popular hashtags like #love and #nofilter may be worth including as they will not affect your post, but keep in mind that it is difficult to rank.

If hashtags and geotags are like chocolate, then Instagram headlines are like peanut butter – the other half of what should be an indisputable combination.

How To Organically Grow Your Instagram: 5 Proven Ways To Attract Followers

While Instagram is clearly a highly visible platform, all articles are also important because they provide important context and help guide your potential followers on how to interpret each post and give them an idea of ​​how you feel. Worth to see or not. On the first place.

Instagram allows for more than 2,000 characters per post, which means more space to describe what’s in a photo or video, ask questions, include calls to action, and load relevant hashtags.

Even expanded music is neatly divided into paragraphs (type in the notebook first, then copy / paste) as in the example below.

Best Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Sometimes a long title like this is useful, such as when you are looking at a big achievement or telling a story that requires a lot of background.

Reasons Why Organic Instagram Growth Is Better Than Buying Instagram Followers

But most of the time you will want to get to this point by immediately including important information, describing what the image is showing, explaining the game or campaign you are running, or otherwise quickly summarizing what your audience should do. Remove. Far from the post.

This post from Intel does a good job of taking the lead with hashtags and a simple statement that the featured robot needs a name.

Don’t like the prospect of exploding your audience with a big block of articles? This is basically the problem that emoticons are trying to solve.

With the right icons, you can say a lot with very little, whether it be pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween updates or hearts and rainbow flags for LGBT pride month.

How I Grew My Instagram By 70%

Even something as simple as using an arrow in a call to action like this Dunkin post can be highly effective.

View this post on Instagram Posts shared by Dunkin (@dunkin) Embed yourself in a video format like Instagram Live

Accordingly, increasing your audience organically will require smart video strategies that can use short versions of Instagram Stories and Instagram Live in addition to videos that show up on important information.

Best Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

In particular, Instagram Live is great for direct communication with your audience and training as follows in real-time Q&A about this makeup:

Organic Instagram Growth Strategies To Build Your Brand

How do you know if your post is engaging with your audience and bringing you new followers? The analytics tool that comes with Instagram Insights is the place to start.

In Instagram Insights you can see details like how many followers you get on a particular day, how many views came from your homepage, browsing pages and profile, and the percentage of accounts you reached that were not tracked. You come back. . .

You can quickly download the analysis if you have a business account that allows posting / advertising as shown below.

Dark Blue Control: It is an indisputable sign of authority across social media and a great way to gain organic followers.

Best Ways To Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

You will need to fill out several forms and provide relevant evidence such as government ID (if individual) or company documents (if business).

Verified accounts are more reliable and usually have an easier time posting them in front of a larger audience. Verification should not be at the heart of any organic growth strategy, but it is a useful measure.

The huge Instagram following like the picture above is really interesting. But more important than the numbers themselves is the quality of the interaction that comes from those followers.

Best Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

When you want to increase your Instagram followers organically, stay focused.

How To Increase Followers On Instagram Without Any App

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