Creative Ways To Wrap Cash Gifts

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Creative Ways To Wrap Cash Gifts – With Christmas just around the corner, sometimes finding a gift for your loved ones can be quite a challenge. Money is the ultimate gift. When money is given, it can be spent as the recipient wants. Today I am sharing some creative ways to give money not only for Christmas but also for birthdays, graduations or as a gift.

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Creative Ways To Wrap Cash Gifts

Creative Ways To Wrap Cash Gifts

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Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas For The Holidays

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Brilliant Ways To Give Money As A Gift

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Using real money as wrapping paper is a creative way to gift money. And who doesn’t like money? Here are 2 simple ways to gift wrap money.

Remember when I made this fun money dispenser out of a tissue box? A great gift for birthdays and graduations.

Creative Ways To Wrap Cash Gifts

I will show you two ways. Both are really simple but very attractive. I can assure you”

Surprisingly Fun Ways To Give Cash As A Gift

The first thing to be aware of is that this money gift bow is best used in gift boxes (or packages) that are on the smaller side.

You see – that only works if the length of the gift box is no longer than the length of the actual dollar bill. Able to fold the dollar bills into the side of the package while tapping from the center of the box.

In my opinion, making a gift wrapping sheet out of paper money is easier but still packs a punch. It’s one of those things that looks more impressive than the time it took to make.

Add one of my free printable gift tags for birthdays or Christmas to complete this gift wrapping project.

Creative Ways To Give Money

What other great ways to gift money do you know? I’m always looking for more to try!

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Creative Ways To Wrap Cash Gifts

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Engagement Party Gift Etiquette

Every year I make a smart effort to gift money to the children in my life who prefer to receive money instead of an actual gift.

This may sound harsh to some, but I don’t think so! What’s inappropriate or tactful about giving someone exactly what they want and need most for a birthday, Christmas or graduation?!

Keep reading for 10 incredibly creative and fun money gift ideas for kids of all ages….from 9 year olds who want to aim their own Nerf gun to spending money teenagers or college kids!

These are easy DIY gifts that don’t take much effort but are very impressive. Here are some creative ways to give money to 8- to 12-year-olds.

Creative Ways To Give Money And Gift Cards

This is probably my absolute favorite way to gift money. This is a small DIY that will have a big impact on the recipient because it is so unique and cool. It is a typical stocking stuffer.

You will need some of the supplies listed in the How to Make a Real Money Notepad post. If you already know how to do this and need a special glue that makes everything work, here you can buy filler compound >>

Here’s a simple way I wrapped this money notepad – I put it in a pretty Christmas envelope and called it a day!

Creative Ways To Wrap Cash Gifts

I personally think that the DIY money notepad is so cool that you can give it to an adult (friend, colleague, etc.) as a cool surprise gift.

Creative Money Gift Ideas That Will Surprise

I think I’ll take one to my friend’s annual Christmas party where we do a holiday gift exchange (white elephant style). It is guaranteed to steal the maximum number of times! 🙂

I found this money mailbox at Dollar Tree and knew it had to be on this list! It’s an unexpected item that lets you hide a gift in a fun way!

A mailbox is interesting enough that you don’t technically need to wrap it around. No one can imagine the surprise inside.

It doesn’t need much explanation! It’s so creative and couldn’t be easier! Grab an ornament from the dollar store and put the stuffing + money (rolled up tight) inside and you’re done!

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

A bucket full of cash (whether it’s a roll of bills or a quick toss in the bucket), is a super easy DIY last minute gift!

I personally think it would be a good choice for a 13 year old or a 14 or 15 year old. Sounds about right to me.

When I was a teenager I always used cash gifts to buy gas. I loved driving places but I couldn’t fund my own adventures! LOL

Creative Ways To Wrap Cash Gifts

As a high school student, I love the love of receiving money as a gift. Once I got to college, I didn’t need it because I had a side job.

Creative Ways To Give Money As A Gift

I couldn’t believe I found this “Treat Fund” mason jar at Dollar Tree of all places! I love having a frugal way to wrap money because I can give a lot instead of wasting it in the container it comes in.

We designed this gift in two ways – in one option we put $10-$15 worth of dollar bills. In the other version, we used coins, which you will see below.

I thought this was a super clever original idea. If you need ideas on how to use up all your mask boxes, here it is! ha

However, if you only have $10, you can still make it work – use tissue paper to take up some room and roll up the bills so they look really pretty.

Very Creative Ways To Give Money For Christmas

I put this bucket under the youth section because there’s a lot of money in there when you roll bills like this! And it is very impressive!

Getting the dollars is a little tricky so I find a little painter’s tape on each one does the trick (it keeps the money in place and doesn’t tear the paper when you peel it off).

Each dollar bill you roll up tighter, the more monetary value you can fit into the bucket! I got this bucket at Dollar Tree so the container is inexpensive.

Creative Ways To Wrap Cash Gifts

I don’t know any child of any age who doesn’t love counting coins! I have fond memories of throwing out my grandmother’s bucket of coins and spending a lot of time trying to collect them all.

Creative Ways To Give Gift Cards Or Money Gifts

I thought it would be cute to have some ideas about giving coins instead of dollars.

Is it good to skimp on Christmas or birthday gifts? I say yes! 🙂

When I saw this Teavana tea bag container with an easy-to-remove lid, I knew it would be perfect for this blog post. I haven’t calculated the value of the difference here, but it’s really heavy so I’d say it’s a good amount!

We counted

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