How Many Views And Subscribers To Get Paid On Youtube

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How Many Views And Subscribers To Get Paid On Youtube – Ready to hit 4,000 hours of watch time to earn money on YouTube? Read on to discover five clear strategies.

Did you know that the watch time required to earn money on YouTube is 4,000 hours? Many creators spend a year or more getting to that stage, but it pays off in the end. To achieve this goal, you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program and monetize your content with ads. And what a creator

How Many Views And Subscribers To Get Paid On Youtube

How Many Views And Subscribers To Get Paid On Youtube

But first, what does watch time mean on YouTube? And how does YouTube calculate total watch time?

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You must have 4,000 viewing hours in 12 consecutive months for viewing time to be monetized. Videos do not have to be submitted in the last 12 months, but must be viewed within the last 52 weeks.

Also, only certain types of videos are eligible to collect watch time. You want to make sure that most of your videos are public because that’s the main qualification.

Apart from these requirements, creating videos that get more views and additional viewing time is also up to you.

Want to get some quick viewing time? Read on to explore the best tips and tricks.

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Dating on YouTube can be very difficult. But you can make it easier by downloading the video below:

This is called evergreen content. Creators love these videos because they get traffic and a lot of watch time as a result.

Check out these stats. This is the real-time view count of the top videos on the channel. Did you notice anything special? Check publication date.

How Many Views And Subscribers To Get Paid On Youtube

Most of these videos were posted years ago and still get thousands of views per day. This translates into hundreds of hours of time watching our channel.

Youtube Strategies Strategies To Skyrocket Your Views And Subscribers On Youtube To Make Money By Lara, Elinda

Some examples of evergreen topics are “how to change a light bulb” or “how to cook perfect brown rice”. This task is complex enough to require a video tutorial, and people watch it every season of the year.

When we did our first live show, there were 50-100 people. Now we get hundreds of viewers at a time and as the number of viewers increases, so does the additional viewing time.

Let’s do the math. If 600 people watch a two-hour live broadcast, for example, that equates to 1,200 hours of viewing time.

Give your YouTube journey 9 to 12 months of live streaming. You might have a few hundred subscribers to give you a slice of their viewing time per stream.

How To Make Money On Youtube (without A Million Subs)

Viral videos are amazing; they give your channel a boost and attract new audiences to your content.

To make a viral video. This is handled by multiple creators and is easily consistent across YouTube. Stick to your post schedule and you’ll have enough videos to reach 4000 hours in a few uploads instead of one video a day.

Let me give you an example. When we launched the Spanish language channel, it grew slowly. But we know that we are constantly creating great content. And if YouTube gets enough data and positive signals from our content, the channel starts to explode. No viral videos – just good, consistent content shared with the right audience.

How Many Views And Subscribers To Get Paid On Youtube

In the end, we didn’t get 4,000 hours of watch time; We destroyed it. Now our content has over 800,000 views like this video about getting our first 100 subscribers:

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Increasing watch time on YouTube is a numbers game. If you need 4,000 hours to monetize and your videos average per hour, you need 4,000 videos in total.

This is just an example, though. Your channel can (and probably will) do better. But what I am saying is that you need a large collection of videos to reach your watch time target.

Find ways to produce content quickly without sacrificing the quality you need to stay competitive on YouTube. Then upload your content and start working on your next video. Rinse, repeat.

YouTube Studio has a lot of analytics to explore, but the best tips for growth are from your customers. Because they are

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Your customers. Most people know what they want to watch and will tell you what videos to watch. Check out the comments section on the next video to see what I have to say. Interested viewers are asked to share their video ideas and capture the concept.

Give some of these ideas a chance. If your video is well executed, you will get more watch time.

Want to track your watch time? YouTube Studio has a special page called Monetization in the left navigation panel. This shows your subscription progress and watch time.

How Many Views And Subscribers To Get Paid On Youtube

If you want to track additional metrics such as hourly views for the last 48 hours, please download. You get this awesome real-time stats bar for FREE.

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Want to learn more about reaching 4,000 hours of watch time? Watch this video for more information:

You can’t increase your YouTube viewing time without increasing your views. Check out this guide to learn how to get more views on YouTube.

Lydia Sweatt is a writer who likes to balance her articles/blog at home with a healthy dose of nature. He bikes and walks, identifying edible plants along the way. It’s hard to believe it’s been 1 year since I started my YouTube channel, codeSTACKr.

In this article, I want to be open and honest about all the things that lead me today, good and bad decisions. And I hope you can take this information and apply it to your situation.

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No matter what your category or niche is, I hope this information will help you grow your channel.

This post is not meant to brag. However, it is intended to give you an idea of ​​how to grow your YouTube channel quickly.

I hope this post helps you in some way, but what worked for me is not guaranteed to work for you. So feel free to change my method to suit your needs.

How Many Views And Subscribers To Get Paid On Youtube

Let me start by giving you a little background on myself and why I started my YouTube channel.

How Many Youtube Channels Are There?

There are many reasons why people start YouTube channels. It can be for fame and fortune, to make money, to help people, or just as a hobby. I started a channel to prove a point.

Well, I have 2 young girls who are normal. I want to challenge them with business ideas. You know, instead of playing video games, watching Netflix, or hanging out with friends all day.

As expected, there aren’t many ideas. So I thought I could start a YouTube channel and make content about things I like. My son can start a gaming channel and my daughter can start a hairstyling channel.

They thought it was a good idea. My son is going to download a screen recorder and make some videos. I helped my daughter set up her tripod and camera so she could capture her beautiful braided hair.

Nail Technician Business Planner Printable Nail Artist

Then I had the idea to open my own channel. I want to prove something: if you try, you can succeed.

I decided not to tell anyone, not even my husband, to prove that I had opened the channel. I thought, “If I can get 300 subscribers, I’ll tell you.”

Choosing a theme for your channel is, in my opinion, the most important decision. You want to choose something that is not too wide, but not too narrow. You want to reach a specific and targeted audience.

How Many Views And Subscribers To Get Paid On Youtube

I don’t know about the topic of my channel. I’ve been coding since I was 12 years old and it’s a topic I’m really passionate about. It makes sense to talk about web development.

Youtube By The Numbers (2022): Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts

I have watched other channels over the years like Brad Traversy, Academymind and Net Ninja. So I started with the VS Code tutorial.

We will know about my channel and videos later. Now, let’s talk about the motivation and expectations for starting a channel.

When starting a YouTube channel, blog, or social media account, you need to know what motivates you and what you want.

For me, I want to prove something to my children. Are you trying to be famous? Do you want to earn money? Want to help people in some way?

I Am Selling My Monetised Youtube Channel 38k Subscribers!

Whatever your answer is, you should know that you won’t see results overnight. It may take months or even years to see any results.

This is where expectations come into play. If you manage your expectations, you can handle the ups and downs that will inevitably come.

Make sure you choose a theme for your channel

How Many Views And Subscribers To Get Paid On Youtube

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