How To Fix Broken Iphone Headphones

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Treat your AirPods Pro with serious care, or at least consider getting AppleCare+ to cover accidental damage or malfunctions. iFixit has completed a teardown (opens in a new window) of Apple’s new wireless headphones and found them nearly impossible to repair.

How To Fix Broken Iphone Headphones

How To Fix Broken Iphone Headphones

The experts wasted no time with the positives and negatives in the final score. “Although theoretically partially serviceable, the non-modular, interlocking design and lack of spare parts make repair impractical and uneconomical,” iFixit said. AirPods Pro received a repair score of 0 out of 10.

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Like regular AirPods, Apple will remove damaged units and issue replacements; AppleCare+ will give you a replacement for $29 each, and the out-of-warranty replacement fee is $89 each. It’s the same price whether you need to replace the headphones or the wireless charging case.

The iFixit teardown also revealed what kinds of components are inside to create immersive audio with active noise cancellation.

Inside each earpiece, Apple stores a speaker driver, a coil, a battery and a microphone. Glue appears everywhere, so repairs are not ideal. It is such a small space that it is not practical to put the components back in and glue them in place.

AirPods Pro also use silicone tips. In addition to improving comfort, they enable sound insulation. Apple includes several different sizes in the package, allowing users to decide which tips are most comfortable for their ears. However, Apple has implemented a proprietary engineering method to standardize the fit. So you won’t be able to use third-party tips unless the manufacturer can replicate Apple’s exact design.

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You can buy AirPods Pro today for $249. Be sure to update your iPhone to iOS 13.2, which is required to connect to Apple’s wireless headphones.

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How To Fix Broken Iphone Headphones

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