How To Use Avios Points

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How To Use Avios Points – This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions by newcomers to Avios. Click on the blue link for more information or to visit related websites

If you need more information we have a definitive series of 175 articles explaining how the British Airways Executive Club works.

How To Use Avios Points

How To Use Avios Points

Yes, this is a bit confusing. Think of avoicere miles as a currency. British Airways Executive Club, Aer Lingus AirClub, Wealing Club and Iberia Plus all give you different ways to earn and spend that money. Important things to know are:

The Complete Guide To British Airways Avios For Canadians

Qatar Airways also uses Avios for its Privilege Club. You can transfer Avio between the plans of British Airways and Qatar Airways by connecting via the link here.

Aer Lingus AerClub, Vueling Club, Qatar Privilege Club and Iberia Plus You rarely use them.

You can also buy Avios points, but it’s rarely worth it unless you buy the last few you need for redemption. Here’s the link to buy the Avios.

Credit card sign-up bonuses are the fastest way to earn Avios points. It’s easy to earn 20,000 Avio or more with every card you get – American Express Gold is free for the first year, and you get 20,000 Avio points for signing up and spending £3000, for example.

How To Book British Airways Avios Award Flights

(American Express converts the membership rewards point 1:1 to Avios, or indeed Virgin Flying Club, and several other plans.)

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How To Use Avios Points

For affordable flights, you’ll earn 0.25 avios per mile with a minimum of 125 per flight. You earn high enough to be in higher classes and to hold a Bronze, Silver or Gold BA Executive Club card.

Monese + Avios: A Current Account That’s Also A Reward Centre

Flights from other Oneworld partner airlines such as Qantas will earn at similar levels as you can see here.

We wrote an article here about Avios Points ‘value’ when redeeming for British Airways long-haul premium flights.

Non-flight redemption is poor value for money. Typically, you’ll get 0.5p per Avios value when redeeming for non-flight items, such as seat selections, wines, or ‘Part Pay with Avios’ on

As you can get 0.8p per Avio by taking them to Nectar and redeeming them for Sainsbury’s or Argos purchases, you should never use them for redemptions that will get you less than this.

Up To 80% Off Qantas Domestic Business Class With Avios

At the end of the day, the best redemption is the one that gives you what you really want! However, redeeming for long-haul business class or first class flights will usually get you the highest ‘pence per avio’ value for your air miles.

If you don’t earn enough points for this, you’ll usually get over 1p per Avio value when redeeming on BA European flights.

Try to avoid redeeming for long-haul economy class flights, as these often represent a bad value because of the taxes levied. Economic redemption sometimes makes sense during peak season.

How To Use Avios Points

A full list of the 30 airlines that allow you to earn Avios points can be found here. Each Avio plan has different airline partners.

What’s The Big Deal About

The British Airways Executive Club allows you to redeem Oneworld Alliance Plus Aer Lingus (by phone only) and on all 14 airlines in Komar (South Africa).

Iberia Plus lets you redeem on all 14 Oneworld Alliance airlines and Vueling and more that you can’t book on

AerClub and Vueling Club use the website to handle their redemptions. Aer Lingus can be booked online through this website, although taxes are higher if you book through the British Airways Executive Club over the phone.

Qatar Privilege Club allows you to redeem Avio on Bangkok Airways, LATAM, Middle East Airlines and RwandAir as well as members of the Oneworld Alliance.

How Do You Book Flights Using Avios Points?

As this page states, flight redemption starts at just 4,750 Avios. This means that you cannot get a one-way ticket to Amsterdam, Paris, etc. in economy. If you’re willing to pay the cash supplement, you can use less Avio, or more Avio to really reduce your taxes and fees by up to £1.

Long-haul economy redemption starts at 13,000 Avios, which will give you a one-way seat in economy on a BA in the Middle East or India.

Premium Economy (World Traveler Plus) seats cost 2x Economy Points. Business class is 3x and First class is 4x.

How To Use Avios Points

No additional Avio points are required for domestic connections to or from London when redeeming for long distance flights.

Iberia Avios Points For Business Class

Depends on. British Airways guarantees a minimum of two Club (Business Class), two World Travel Plus (Premium Economy) and eight Economy (Economy) seats per flight.

That means at least 14 seats per short-haul flight and 12 on short-haul flights, as short-haul does not have World Traveler Plus.

If you’re a solo traveler or a couple without kids, you won’t have too much trouble, although flexibility is always helpful. If you want a family ticket to an extreme holiday destination for summer, Easter or Christmas, you’re going to have a tough time – although I’ve taken several school holiday trips with my kids.

British Airways allows you to search for Avios on even if you don’t have Avios on your account. Before you commit, take some time to see how easy it is to find seats on the routes you fly.

Book Alaska Flights Online With British Airways Avios

All BA flights are open for booking at 00.00 BST (01.00 BST) 355 days prior to departure. BA is currently issuing 14 guaranteed seats per flight.

Additional seats are usually available from time to time depending on how well the flight sells. Generally, BA is quite liberal with the number of seats provided.

British Airways levies a high surcharge on long-haul Avios airmile redemption – around £300 per person, on economy return and £550 on World Traveler Plus, Business and First.

How To Use Avios Points

However, there are ways around it. Redemption in Europe has limited its taxes on economy flights to £35 through the ‘Rewards Flight Saver’ scheme. Read our ‘Avios Redemption University’ article to learn how you can reduce your taxes by up to £75 on long-haul flights.

Step By Step: How To Book American Airlines Flights With British Airways Avios Points

The British Airways Executive Club has a limited selection of non-flight redemptions, mainly alcohol, hotels and car rentals. You usually get a bad value when you redeem for non-flying products because BA has to pay ‘real money’ for them.

Starting January 2021, you’ll be able to transfer Avios to Nectar Points to use on Sainsbury’s, Argos or eBay purchases. If you do that you get 0.8p per Aveo, which is surprisingly attractive.

When you fly with British Airways and credit your flight to the British Airways Executive Club, you earn Tier Points as well as Avio Points. Earn enough level points and you’ll receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze Executive Club card with special privileges. Tier Points cannot be exchanged for additional Avio Points and vice versa.

Yes you can. British Airways Executive Club offers domestic accounts. You can learn more about how British Airways domestic accounts work here.

Using Avios Points On Aer Lingus

No. (There’s actually a way to convert Virgin Points to Avios, but it’s pretty bad value.)

If you have points from another airline plan to use, we recommend trying to combine them with Avio redemption via two unilateral redemptions.

For example, when British Airways and Virgin Atlantic both fly to Hong Kong, you can make enough to redeem your Virgin miles one way. You can then use Avios to fly back to British Airways.

How To Use Avios Points

Technically yes. If there is no activity in your account for three years, they will expire. Of course, it is unlikely that there will be no earnings or expenses in your account during such a period.

How Much Are Avios Points Worth, How Do You Collect Them And Why Is The Ba Scheme Closing?

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The good news is that you are not limited to spending Avio Points on British Airways. BA is part of a global airline alliance called Oneworld, which allows you to redeem Avio on flights with all member airlines.

A Beginners Guide To Collecting Air Miles And Avios Points (100,000 Goal)

This is easy. You do this the same way you do when booking an Avio redemption flight on British Airways.

Go to, log in to the British Airways Executive Club section, and visit the Avios booking page.

The cancellation and change fee rules are the same as if you had booked a BA flight. You can cancel your flight up to 24 hours before departure, online or by calling BA.

How To Use Avios Points

Your taxes and fees will also be refunded, minus the cancellation fee of £35 per person.

British Airways Reward Flights

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