How To Change Language Of Keyboard

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How To Change Language Of Keyboard – You might want to know how to change your keyboard language if you’re learning a new language and want to make it easier to practice on a computer using a website or app like Babble or Duolingo. In addition, many people speak several languages ​​in their daily lives, both in business and in their private lives. As a result, computer and smartphone operating systems make it easy to switch between different keyboard languages. In this article, we’ll explain how and why you might want to consider changing your keyboard language.

Changing the keyboard language on your computer is more difficult than on your phone because the keyboard layouts are tied to the keyboard and require manual effort to rearrange. If you don’t use a mechanical keyboard and instead have a membrane keyboard or laptop, this may not be possible at all. In this case, you have to remember where the keys are and you won’t be able to rely on looking down at the keys as you build up your muscle memory to conveniently know where the letters for your chosen keyboard language are on the keyboard. .

How To Change Language Of Keyboard

How To Change Language Of Keyboard

Changing the keyboard language on Windows computers differs slightly depending on the version of Windows you are using. Changing the language in Windows 11 is very easy, and in Windows 8 and 10 it is very similar, with a few additional steps.

How Do I Change My Keyboard Language Input? (mac)

To switch between languages, press Alt + Shift or you can add multiple languages ​​to the desktop language bar by following these steps:

Changing the keyboard language on your MacBook Pro, Air or iMac is a very quick and easy process, just:

The screenshots below are from Elementary, but LinuxMint, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions will look the same or very similar.

Changing the keyboard language will change the language of your phone’s keyboard, it will also change the word prediction and autocorrect when you type in that language. Your phone can sometimes predict the correct conjugations as you type, which can be very helpful.

How To Add And Switch Keyboard Layout On Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop

As the most popular mobile phone brand, Apple has made it very easy to change your keyboard language on iPhones:

Samsung mobile phones are also very popular, and if you use one of these mobile devices, you can easily change the keyboard language by following four simple steps:

You may ask yourself, is it worth the effort to change the keyboard language? Or is it really necessary? Here are a couple of reasons why changing your keyboard language can be beneficial.

How To Change Language Of Keyboard

Writing is all about speed. Keyboards are designed with the most common letters of a language closer to your fingertips for faster typing. Therefore, changing the keyboard language will help you type much faster. For example, Q is at the top left of the English keyboard because it is not used much. However, when the language used on an English keyboard is changed to French, the Q takes the place of the A, as the Q is often used in the French language.

How To Change Your Keyboard Language On Iphone Or Ipad: 9 Steps

When writing in French and Spanish, it is very common to use accent marks. Accent marks are used on six different letters in French and five different letters in Spanish.

If you are not using French or Spanish as your keyboard language, you must press three different keys to add accent characters. By changing your keyboard language to French or Spanish, you save a huge amount of typing time, because you don’t have to press three keys every time you want to use one of those accent marks or punctuation marks.

When you change the keyboard language to French, you can type the acute accent (à, è, ù) and the sharp accent (é) with a single key. The rest of the accented letters require a combination of two keys:

When you change the keyboard language to Spanish, the ñ is to the right of the L and does not ask if any other key should be typed. Also, for vowel accents, all you have to do is type the apostrophe key (‘) on the keyboard after the vowel you want to accent.

How To Change Your Keyboard Language On Android: 9 Steps

Whether you’re fluent in multiple languages ​​or trying to learn a new language, switching your keyboard language while typing in that language can be beneficial. Doing so will save you a lot of typing time because the letters you use more often will be closer to your fingertips. Also, adding accents or punctuation will be much faster because you don’t have to press three keys each time.

For more tips and useful information on keyboard technology, check out our blog to learn about keyboards, productivity hacks, typing tips and more. If you’re ready to upgrade to the next generation of keyboards, shop our mechanical keyboards! Sometimes special characters are needed when writing text, especially if the text is written in a foreign language. For example, some languages ​​may use characters that are not part of the currently selected keyboard layout. In this case, the characters must be integrated into the document using the tedious Insert special characters option called “Character Map”. This can be quite inconvenient and time-consuming, especially with long texts. Changing the keyboard language in Windows 10 is much easier.

Of course, you can change your Windows 10 keyboard language if the corresponding language is installed. Depending on the country where you purchased your version of Windows, the local language may be the only one installed. If you want to use other languages, you have to install them manually. Language packs can be downloaded from Microsoft.

How To Change Language Of Keyboard

Windows 10 does not have all keyboard languages ​​preinstalled. If you need a new keyboard language, you can easily add it by following the steps below.

How To Change Keyboard Language While Typing

You can add any keyboard to the language menu. To do this, you must select your default language in the “Preferred Languages” header menu.

In the taskbar, the keyboard shortcut currently in use is displayed next to the time. For example, if the English keyboard is currently selected, it will say “ENG”. Clicking this shortcut will open a window with a list of all available keyboard layouts. The last item in the list is “Language settings”. Clicking this will automatically take you to the Windows language settings menu.

If you also want to install additional language features, you can add another preferred language after step three instead of installing the keyboard. To do this, select “Add a preferred language” from the “Language” menu.

Note: Changing the display language changes the system language. This means that all menus, options and descriptions will be displayed in the new language. For example, if you select English as the display language, Windows 10 will interact with you in English. However, if you select a keyboard or language pack without selecting “Set as my display language”, only the keyboard layout will change.

Can’t Change Keyboard Layout/language

Your keyboard layout in Word can also be changed. Go to “Language” under “View” to access your language settings. From there you can choose a keyboard layout from the installed demo languages. The current version of Word is part of Microsoft 365 and is available with an installation service.

When you have more than one layout installed, you can easily change the keyboard language. Windows 10 offers several ways to do this.

By using the button with the language abbreviation in the information bar of the taskbar next to the time, you can change the keyboard in Windows 10 with just two clicks. For example, “ENG” is the English keyboard. Hovering over the language shortcut displays additional information about the active keyboard. If you left-click on it, a list of all available keyboards will appear. You can set your preferred keyboard language with a single click. Each record has two lines. The top row is the display language, while the bottom row is the keyboard layout.

How To Change Language Of Keyboard

Switch keyboard from taskbar: Windows 10 shows all keyboard languages ​​in a list with a single click.

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Various keyboard shortcuts can be used to change the keyboard. If you hover your mouse over the language option in the taskbar, you’ll see a keyboard shortcut. However, there are generally three ways to switch between keyboard languages ​​lightning fast with shortcuts.

Windows Key + Spacebar: This is the new Windows 10 keyboard shortcut for switching between keyboard layouts. It should always work if more than one keyboard is installed. Hold down the Windows key and press the space bar. You can choose between the different displayed keyboard languages ​​by pressing the space bar repeatedly.

ALT + SHIFT: This is the classic keyboard shortcut. However, in some versions of Windows 10, this shortcut will only give you information about the currently active keyboard.

If you have changed the keyboard layout, the keys may no longer match the characters on the keyboard. A good example of that

How To Set/change Keyboard Language Shortcuts In Windows

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