How To Make A Tissue Box Cover Out Of Paper

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I have cried many tears of joy since the birth of our son. It was such an amazing experience, to say the least. In honor of happy tears, today I’m sharing a chic two-tone felt box cover. This DIY tissue box lid was inspired by these West Elm storage bins. It goes perfectly with my DIY industrial toilet paper holder.

How To Make A Tissue Box Cover Out Of Paper

How To Make A Tissue Box Cover Out Of Paper

Cut a strip of felt of each color to measure 18″ x 2 5/8″. (I recommend using a maker’s edge for one side of each felt strip as we will be doubling and sewing those sides. Perfectly straight edges are ideal for this). Cut another piece of gray felt to 4 5/8″ x 4 5/8″ with a rectangle cut out in the center that measures 2 ½” x 1 ¼”.

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Line up the straight edges of the 18″ long black and gray felt strips. Sew them side by side using a zigzag stitch and black thread. Leaving a 1/16″ straight stitch, the short ends together to form a loop. I recommend using gray yarn here.

Leaving a 1/16″ seam allowance, sew the top square directly to the gray felt. Leave the seam inside out and place the lid on the tissue box. So ! You have finished!

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Kristi Murphy is a lifestyle expert and founder of , an award-winning DIY blog where Kristi shares easy DIY ideas for home, party, wardrobe, vacation, dinner or wedding with her readers! Kristina’s mission is to share awesome DIY ideas that don’t feel DIY, and it would be absolutely hilarious if this DIY blog inspired you to recreate some of her ideas or create your own DIY project! Kristi has worked on styling and photography for major brands such as Bon Appetit, Lauren Conrad and Shutterfly. She has been featured in national publications such as Forbes and Bon Appetit. Visit her on Google+Most of us have tissues at home and tissue boxes tend to look very boring and sometimes ugly. Want a little sweeter? No problem, there are plenty of cool and easy DIYs to help you revamp an ugly box of tissues and make it look cool.

Cork Tissue Box Cover

We all have tissues at home, but how to decorate the box so that it fits into your interior or just becomes funny and bright? It’s easy! Turn your tissue box into giant Lego! Your children will be delighted and it will be a beautiful colorful detail for your space.

Metallic details are very trendy in decoration, and making a tissue box with a metallic touch is a great idea. The gold leaves will help you renovate the box to make it look amazing and bold. Read the tutorial, which is very simple!

Turn an ordinary tissue box into a cute girly box by painting it and adding beads. Make sure the tape is well adhered before you start painting. If there are air bubbles on the edge, the paint will penetrate 100%. Read the full guide to find out how to do it all.

How To Make A Tissue Box Cover Out Of Paper

If you have a Scandinavian interior, you can renovate the tissue box in this style. This tissue box cover is made of gray and black felt and looks very minimalist and trendy. Of course, you can vary the colors and create any bold box you like.

Diy Gold Leaf Tissue Box Holder » Lovely Indeed

After looking at the ugly, brown tissue box, you’ll want to change it up and maybe add some color or a pop of shine. And of course, what better way to do it than with pink spray paint and rhinestones?! This bold pink box with colorful glam jewelry is ideal for a girly space. You can also make it a toned down version if you want to incorporate it into your everyday decor.

Ombre decor is a very trendy idea, and more and more homeowners are choosing such pieces. You can also renovate the tissue box using the ombre painting technique in any color. Read how to do it in the tutorial.

If you are familiar with crochet, this tutorial may be a good idea. The craft involves crocheting a monster tissue box lid – a great idea for Halloween and just right for the kids room! Your children will love and enjoy removing tissues from it.

No more ugly tissue boxes in every small space in your home! This cover is made of fabric, leather and has a large opening on the top. Instead of making slits or holes, a large opening at the top is a much more comfortable idea, check it out for yourself!

Diy Tissue Box Cover — Kristi Murphy

This tissue box cover is ideal for winter. This one is designed for play, all soft and cuddly with windows and doors to add and play. Of course, a real gingerbread house is completely covered in frosting and candy and will make your hips flare and your teeth drop. Here’s a calorie-free alternative that will still look great this time next year.

If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you might have noticed the lid of the tissue box on the table next to Sheldon’s. It’s a little geeky kitsch that definitely stands out! Read how to do it in the source. If you’re looking for a fun and easy home improvement project, making your own tissue box cover is a great option! It only takes a few supplies and can be completed in a few hours!

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get started with plastic canvas crafts, the supplies you’ll need, and how to use them to create a stunning blue and silver plastic canvas quilt, for square and rectangular handkerchiefs.

How To Make A Tissue Box Cover Out Of Paper

You may be wondering what a plastic sheet is. Plastic canvas is a thick plastic craft material with evenly spaced holes intended to mimic embroidery canvas. Its mesh design allows you to weave thread or yarn through the holes to create intricate designs similar to cross stitch and embroidery.

La Jolla Rattan Rectangular Tissue Box Cover

Plastic canvas is stiffer than other pin blocks, so the end product can hold its shape. This makes it an ideal material for crafting everything from placemats to box covers (you guessed it).

Because plastic canvas is such a popular crafting material, you can usually find it at most craft stores (or in the craft aisle of most big box stores, like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. )

You can buy plastic drop cloths in four different sizes: 5#, 7#, 10#, and 14#, with 7# being the most common. These numbers refer to the number of holes in a canvas sheet per inch. The 5# plastic canvas obviously has the largest holes as it only takes five holes to make an inch, while the 14# size has the smallest holes as there are 14 per inch.

The size of your plastic canvas dictates the type of yarn you will need for your project. As mentioned above, 7# plastic canvas is the most common size and is a good all-purpose option for most types of projects. It uses plain yarn from the bar, which makes it especially easy to source.

Creative And Cute Diy Tissue Box Makeovers

5# canvas can also use twill yarn if you are using multiple strands, but it is usually easier to just use bulky yarn. Ideal for large projects such as purses, clutches and bags.

10# and 14# canvas work best with embroidery floss or a thin yarn like sports or lace. These canvas sizes are ideal when you want to create an intricate pattern or create intricate colors for your project.

Now that you know the basics of making plastic canvas, you’re ready to start making your own plastic canvas tissue box! This is a great project for beginners because it only uses basic stitches and is quick to complete. Note: For this project, we’ll be making a square tissue box, but if you want to make a rectangular version, we have setup instructions at the end of this article.

How To Make A Tissue Box Cover Out Of Paper

Using sharp scissors, cut five squares from your plastic canvas sheets. Each square should be 34 holes high and 34 holes wide.

Solid African Mahogany

After you are done cutting, you will most likely have excess plastic pieces along the edge of your squares. Use scissors or a blade to cut them. Try to get rid of it as much as possible, as your thread can get caught in it as you weave.

Cut a rectangular hole in the center of one of your squares. This plate will be the lid and the slot is where the wipes will go. You should have 10 mesh holes

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