How To Fix My Iphone Headphones

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How To Fix My Iphone Headphones – Imagine receiving an urgent video call from your boss while you’re away. As soon as you hit “reply,” you see your boss’s lips moving, but you realize there’s no sound.

As you silently curse your phone for acting at such an important moment, you press “End Call” as you signal to your boss that you are about to call. Wonderful.

How To Fix My Iphone Headphones

How To Fix My Iphone Headphones

Next, check your iPhone’s settings to see if the headphones are on when not on.

Why Apple Was Right To Remove The Iphone 7 Headphone Jack

Although it is rare, it is one of the few known quirks of iPhones. The good news is that in most cases it can be easily fixed.

This can be due to a number of things, hardware or software. iPhones tend to get stuck in headphone mode for some reason. Some of them may be:

These are just a few potential reasons, but the truth is that it can happen randomly for no reason.

But as we mentioned earlier, you can probably fix it in a few steps that we will share with you soon. So if you’re ready, let’s take a look at our first set of fixes that you can do without any special tools or apps.

How To Get Wet Iphone Off Headphones Mode

On the software side, the iPhone “thinks” it still has headphones connected, so we’ll try a few things to “trick” it into exiting headphone mode.

The idea is to force the device to run its own algorithms by restarting the phone, changing audio channels, changing network settings or enabling airplane mode.

The fastest and clearest solution (if it works). All you have to do is gently pull the headphone jack out of the port for a few seconds, then plug it back in.

How To Fix My Iphone Headphones

Phones “know” when headphones are connected via the 3.5mm port circuit points when they come in contact with headphones in the socket. As soon as this happens, the phone will run its default algorithms to instruct its software to transmit audio to the headphones.

Iphone Sound Not Working: What To Do?

Hopefully, during this quick power off and on process, the software will reboot and now be able to properly recognize whether the headphones are connected or not.

If the above steps fail, the next step is to reboot the phone itself. This will reboot and restart the software, which will allow it to properly recognize whether or not the headphones are connected.

Airplane mode is a setting on smartphones and tablets that allows you to quickly turn off cellular, voice, WiFi, and Bluetooth connections.

This fix works best for Bluetooth headphones, but it’s worth trying with wired ones as well.

How To Connect Bose Headphones To Your Iphone

Another way to reset the iPhone algorithm to a normal state (without problems with headphone mode) is to connect to another sound source or change its audio output (connect to Bluetooth speakers or HomePod, for example).

If you’re using iOS 11 and later, you can click the AirPlay button inside Control Center to see if “iPhone” is included among the audio output options. If so, tap it to tell your iPhone to output audio to your phone’s speakers.

The last trick on our list of native iOS software fixes is to reset network settings. Our goal is to essentially “reformat” all saved and existing connections (including Bluetooth headsets) to eventually force the phone to restart its algorithms, hopefully returning headset mode to normal.

How To Fix My Iphone Headphones

This move will reset all network settings (Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) and remove all passwords for connected devices.

How To Solve Bluetooth’s Most Annoying Headphone Problems

First, make sure your headphone jack isn’t stuck inside the port – that would be an obvious cause for concern. After this, look inside the headphone port. Is there dirt, debris or gunk stuck inside? This could be the culprit.

Start by using a flashlight to shine a light on the headphone jack and see if you can see any smudges or dirt. Then, using a Q-tip or paper clip, gently insert and clean the inside of the pickup. See these steps for detailed instructions:

If cleaning the headphone jack fails, the problem may be water damage. It is possible that water or a large amount of moisture has somehow entered the headphones.

At this point you have two options, the first is to take it to a service center. Or you can go the DIY route and try these tips to save your iPhone from water damage:

Best Lightning And Usb C Wired Headphones For Iphone And Ipad

Did you know that leaving your headphones in the headphone jack all the time can lose the connection to the motherboard?

When this happens, it increases the likelihood of damage that can lead to errors like your iPhone getting stuck in headphone mode.

It’s best to keep your headphones turned off when not in use and store them in a protective case

How To Fix My Iphone Headphones

If your luck runs out and you can’t get out of headphone mode even after trying the steps above, the next logical step is to take it to an Apple service center for repair. Avoid third-party stores that you are not sure are trustworthy or can trust.

Headphone Jack Not Working? Here Are 6 Ways To Fix It

The next time your iPhone gets stuck in headphone mode, don’t panic. Whether the problem is caused by hardware or software, there are many ways to fix it.

For now, if you’ve followed some of the instructions we’ve outlined above, there’s a good chance you won’t have any issues with the headphones working or lip-syncing battles with your boss.

We hope we’ve helped you solve those problems, meaning your headphone problems are a thing of the past! Can we help you get our phone out of headset mode? Which method did you use? If you have your own unique way to get iPhone out of headphone mode, we’d love to hear about it.

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