Cara Cepat Menambah Jam Tayang Youtube

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Cara Cepat Menambah Jam Tayang Youtube – This time I want to share about quality and reliable YouTube channel account to earn income from YouTube, here’s how to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 views on YouTube right now.

Quality is the most important thing for users to enjoy watching your videos. If your video comment is interesting, but not many viewers, then the quality of the video you uploaded is so low that the resulting image looks like a crack.

Cara Cepat Menambah Jam Tayang Youtube

Cara Cepat Menambah Jam Tayang Youtube

For comment quality, try to make the video you’re showing your original video. How to get free subscribers It also helps you maintain your brand credibility as a trusted brand. Remember to reference content that matches your brand’s personality.

Cara Menambah Jam Tayang Di Youtube 2021 Secara Cepat Dan Gratis

Just like creating a blog, the trick is to get a lot of subscribers, if you want to create video content, you need to know some keywords that you want to talk about. Start by searching for popular related keywords in Google Keyword Research Tools, then enter keywords that match your video content.

A tip is to write the keywords in the title and put the keywords you want to optimize for in the first two sentences of the video. The algorithm of the YouTube search engine, which is under Google, is based on the meta of the page. But don’t type it too often because it won’t help you improve the YouTube videos you make.

Use an attractive thumbnail or video title to be easily read by YouTube video searchers. Use a call to action or engaging language to get users to watch your video. Be careful when creating thumbnails, the words used as cover should be relevant to the video you are creating. Don’t let your viewers cheat and leave bad answers on your videos and YouTube channel.

YouTube offers additional features like YouTube Cards for long-watched channels. Viewers can click above the video where the video channel owner sets specific links.

Cara Beli Jam Tayang Youtube 2022

Well, usually if you pay attention to some of the big YouTube channels, they like to provide a recommended link to a video they recommend watching regularly, a link to subscribe, or a link to go to an online store or website. In the provided video analytics, YouTubers can see how many people stop watching per minute. Since YouTube users tend to watch longer and it can show ads, you can use these tabs at these points so that users can continue to watch your other videos.

After watching your video, YouTube usually displays a list of recommended videos that the user can watch next. How to safely add subscribers, be it yours or from another channel. One of them creates a video playlist to make users feel at home with your video content. Many people don’t know that there is a way to activate playlists with links. This method can be integrated into Youtube tabs or the link can be placed in the description of the video.

Try to encourage users to leave comments in the comments column on the videos you create. Your content should have a persuasive effect on users so that they willingly post comments without being asked. With more engagement on your video content, YouTube will consider your video liked and will slowly increase to reach the top searches.

Cara Cepat Menambah Jam Tayang Youtube

One of the biggest mistakes Youtube channels make is to disable the “Related Channels” feature that displays channels similar to your own channel.

Cara Cepat Mendapatkan 4000 Jam Tayang Youtube Untuk Monetize

Of course, the most commonly asked reason is that you don’t want competitors’ channels to appear in the same column. In fact, by disabling this feature, you will also be removed from Youtube recommendations on other channels. This means you lose the network effect that Youtube offers.

When you upload your video to YouTube, there is a tag box that you can fill with keywords. This helps videos improve in YouTube’s video search algorithm. Fill in keywords that match your video content so that the audience accessing your videos matches your target market.

Use a comprehensive campaign by uploading video content to YouTube or adding your YouTube video link to your brand’s social media. That way, it will help you spread your video content easily and automatically increase the number of viewers on your YouTube channel. Deciding to become a blogger and content writer, I also want to become a content creator, although I am still a YouTube content creator or commonly known as a YouTuber, but this profession is a favorite of many. Today is the digital age.

Especially for the millennial generation who are now highly literate in using digital technology. Becoming a YouTuber can bring very promising income. He noted that one of the conditions for 4000 hours of broadcasting has been met.

Beli Jam Tayang Youtube Termurah Dan Terpercaya

It is very difficult to upload videos and reach 1000 YouTube subscribers and get airplay which is one of the requirements to earn from YouTube. Especially if the owner of the YouTube channel does not have many networks or not much popularity for money, at least the number of views and subscribers can be obtained.

Now,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ have no need to worry because now there are many companies that provide YouTube streaming service or services and one of them is

By using this service from pasarview, beginner YouTubers can quickly and easily get views, which is a requirement for monetizing their YouTube account. And with this YouTube display service, your desire to earn instant income from YouTube will be instantly fulfilled.

Cara Cepat Menambah Jam Tayang Youtube

Why you should sell is a digital company that provides YouTube viewing services and streaming services. Additionally, this digital agency also offers advertising services for your website or YouTube account.

Cara Mudah Mendapatkan 4000 Jam Tayang Youtube Secara Gratis

Also, you will know if YouTube viewer service is not a bot that is harming your YouTube. But this is actually a review service that can be done from active or real human accounts. Additionally, viewers who watch your YouTube shows are already registered active members.

So by using’s YouTube viewing service, it is relatively safe and you can increase your YouTube views quickly and safely. So this step can provide income opportunities to bazaarview members by watching youtube shows.

How does Pasar View work? As I wrote above, is a money making platform that connects advertisers or advertisers with viewers. An Advertiser is a user of the Service who views or adds 4000 hours of views on YouTube to meet the target and criteria set by YouTube to become a Publisher.

Audiences are people who watch ads or videos installed by an advertiser and can earn revenue. Well, if using YouTube Showtime services is more secure for your YouTube account, then this is considered next. Hence it is mutually beneficial for both the advertiser and the viewer.

Software Penambah Jam Tayang Youtube Agar Ramai Pengunjung » Terminal Tekno

Steps to Register YouTube Showtime Services Are you still confused on how to use YouTube Showtime Services on You should know that pasarview services are very easy to use, you just need to register first, fill up your balance or deposit, and then you can immediately place ads to increase your YouTube viewing time.

1. Complete the registration or registration process at the following link. Next, fill the registration form with your email, full name, password and mobile phone number. After that, click on the confirmation link sent to the registered email.

2. Log in to your account in the login menu by re-entering the email and password created during the previous registration.

Cara Cepat Menambah Jam Tayang Youtube

3. If successful, select the Deposit Fund menu and enter the amount to be proposed, after which the account number will appear and you will be asked to transfer the existing amount.

Cara Cepat Menambah Jam Tayang Youtube Tanpa Melakukan Pelanggaran

4. Complete the transaction and wait for the process to complete. When you’re done, you can start an ad by clicking the “Create Ad” menu.

Yes, you know the nominal deposit available at Pasarview is very affordable, starting from Rp. 100,000, – only. With this minimal budget, YouTube beginners can grow their YouTube audience as a condition for monetization so that they can earn money.

So, are you curious about the YouTube viewing service For more detailed information, click on

Hello, call me Sasha. A student, an ordinary young mother who loves to write, her daily life consists of 2 sons and 1 daughter playing, studying and having fun. Along with a side job as a content writer and publisher, this is coupled with online sales. Come, relax and read my daily life here. Enjoy! In fact, how to increase YouTube watch time is still a necessary process. Achieving around 4000 hours of viewing time requires best effort from the channel owner.

Apa Yang Akan Terjadi Jika Channel Youtube Melewati Batas Waktu 12 Bulan

If done right, you can get 4000 hours of YouTube shows in 2-3 months. And it is certainly legal. So, how to increase YouTube watch time fast?

When you create a channel, it is not easy to get thousands of hours of views in a short period of time. Because you are creating and you don’t have a huge fan base yet.

As a channel owner, it is recommended that you upload videos regularly. Use long tail keywords every time you post. That is, use long words first.

Cara Cepat Menambah Jam Tayang Youtube

If it appears on the first page, the chances of visitors seeing it are definitely higher. With practice, YouTube video viewing time increases quickly.

Panduang Lengkap View Youtube

However, make sure the content is relevant. Don’t create clickbait headlines. Because it can reduce reputation or remove trust in the eyes of the viewer.

The better the match, the higher the number of visitors. This video is not unusual

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