Cara Cepat 4000 Jam Tayang

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Cara Cepat 4000 Jam Tayang – Becoming a YouTuber has become very popular now to earn money online, because with just a smartphone camera and internet quota, one can earn hundreds to millions of rupees by uploading videos on YouTube.

Given that the current rules of Youtube have issued a policy for youtubers to make money, that is, each channel can earn money if it reaches the limit of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing, so it is only is not a journey.

Cara Cepat 4000 Jam Tayang

Cara Cepat 4000 Jam Tayang

Below I will figure out how to get 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours quickly by implementing Youtube Seo.

Cara Aman Mendapatkan 1000 Sub Dan 4000 Jam Tayang (seo Youtube)

A unique and easy to remember YouTube channel name suggestion is a short channel name and does not match other people’s channel names.

How to Get 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours Quickly One is to focus only on creating video content, as this will make it easier for the viewers or viewers to focus more on watching and enjoying the video content on your channel, so that Viewers / visitors will agree to subscribe to the channel -YouTube and always wait for the next video.

This is different from a channel that discusses several topics at the same time, for example, a channel that starts by discussing how to draw, then the installation discusses how to cook, thus the channel have difficulty increasing customers, audiences or show times, it is because the audience feels comfortable. Confused about what the channel is discussing.

Unlike the channel of artists or celebrities, whatever is discussed on their channel should have the potential to go viral and be liked by many people.

Pengalaman Cara Mendapatkan 1000 Subscriber Dan 4000 Jam Tayang

But if we are not a person in social media then surely we must have some strategies and efforts so that channel can get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours fast.

All new YouTube channels must have a hard time getting a lot of viewers, even the biggest YouTube channels experience difficulty in getting a lot of subscribers and viewers.

So, one of the tips on how to get YouTube channel to get more subscribers and viewers is to make videos that people want.

Cara Cepat 4000 Jam Tayang

Make sure you are serious while deciding on a career as a YouTuber, as you need to keep uploading videos regularly so that viewers can watch the latest videos on your YouTube channel.

Jam Tayang Youtube

So, even though the number of viewers and subscribers of your YouTube channel is still low, do not be lazy to continue to upload the latest videos regularly and continuously.

Also make sure that every video you upload doesn’t violate copyright or rules set by Youtube, because if you violated YouTube’s rules, your YouTube channel will likely have a bad name, or even more Worse. May be banned by YouTube. ,

So, continue to create original video content, even if it is very difficult to do, because without us realizing, original video content will invite more viewers and increase the time of the show.

This is because the content of the video is the first thing the viewer will see, so the content of the video is an opportunity to capture the attention of the viewer.

Cara Cepat Mendapatkan 4000 Jam Penayangan Dan 1000 Subscriber

The way to create an interesting YouTube video title is to try to use 5 to 10 words that the audience wants to know but lead to a topic of discussion.

Remember, you should avoid using misleading titles or clicks, as it will invite viewers to dislike which will negatively impact your editing process and make viewers reluctant to open the video content on your YouTube channel.

For example, if the content of the video is titled “How to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours fast”, you could fill in the tag as follows.

Cara Cepat 4000 Jam Tayang

Note: How to write a tag, put the # sign at the beginning of a sentence and how to write a sentence does not contain spaces. Example: #1000Subscriber

Jam Tayang Tembus 1 Minggu || Youtuber Pemula Wajib Tau

Creating the right YouTube video description is very important to increase subscribers and viewership, because then viewers can find out what they get by watching videos on your YouTube channel.

The way to create an accurate and good video description is to use keywords that represent the content of the video or complement the topic you have created.

Arrange as many words as possible in sentences that are easy to understand so that even the YouTube algorithm can know what the purpose of your video is. If you are still confused, you can check out a review here: 5 Ways to Fill a Good and Accurate Youtube Video Description

A video thumbnail is an image intended to provide a reference for the subject of the video you publish.

Akhirnya 1000+ Subscribe Dan 4000+ Jam Tayang Di Channel Youtube

Remember, avoid using unnecessary video thumbnails, as thumbnails that don’t match the content of the video content discussed will invite a lot of dislike and, even worse, visitors will want your thumbnail to click through to YouTube. can report.

As a result, a clickbait video thumbnail, if recognized by YouTube, means that the video will be removed for violating the Community Guidelines.

Compared to other types of keywords, long-tail keywords tend to get more views of distribution quickly and over a longer period of time, the positive effect being that viewers will be more willing to subscribe to channels and share on social media.

Cara Cepat 4000 Jam Tayang

How to increase the tail keywords you will use in the title of the video You can use the Youtube search feature to get more keyword suggestions at the moment.

Ngobrol Seputar Youtube

Creating a playlist for a group of similar videos is an effective way to increase views and hours.

When you create a video playlist, you need to make it more engaging so that viewers are interested in seeing the type of content on your channel.

Example: If you create a channel that contains video review content, you can create a playlist with sections, for example Playlists: Unboxing Samsung Cell Phones, Unboxing Apple Laptops, etc.

Don’t forget to take advantage of cards, as this method can be an effective way to get your audience to see your other videos.

Cara Fokus Menyelesaikan Jam Tayang Youtube 4000 Jam, Agar Bisa Monetisasi

Therefore, you can provide other similar video recommendations when one of your videos is viewed by viewers, and you can add a playlist to this card feature.

To get more clicks to the video card feature, position your scene in a viewer so that you can adjust the position of the video card.

The function of the editing feature in YouTube Studio is to make the videos shown on your YouTube channel appear to attract more listeners or viewers.

Cara Cepat 4000 Jam Tayang

So, if you want to watch 4000 hours and get 1000 subscribers, the safest and fastest way is to set it up in the Features section of YouTube Studio.

Terjual Jasa 4000 Jam Tayang Youtube Aman Monetise Real Human Ditonton Manual High Views

To increase Youtube SEO in your channel easily to get 4000 Hours and 1000 Subscribers you will need to implement optimization like:

This section is very important so that users who do not subscribe regularly can watch video trailers on your channel. So that viewers can see more video snippets that they can click on.

Because in this section you can display the best video content, popular videos, created playlists and installed channel features.

After creating a video and uploading it to YouTube, you definitely want the video to be viewed by as many people as possible.

Aero Official Youtube Channel Analytics And Report

But if you are still a beginner, then you definitely need more strategies to bring in more audience. Unlike well-known youtuber channels, for example as artists, and without sharing, many people are already searching or waiting for the latest videos.

To get more views and subscribers, you can share the latest videos on Facebook, Fanpage, Twitter, WhatsApp groups and more. -In the digital age like today, there are many people who suddenly become content creators, and many more on YouTube. also make. a source of material. Work.

Moreover, YouTube is now very easy to access for everyone. It has been proven that most YouTubers are born to create great content. Now many artists are turning their heads to become YouTubers because the results are very promising.

Cara Cepat 4000 Jam Tayang

Now, if you are just learning to be a YouTuber. Try to learn YouTube SEO first. There are certain conditions to become a YouTuber. You don’t just need to get 1000 subscribers, you need to be able to get 4000 watch hours to be able to make money.

Cara Mendapatkan 4000 Jam Tayang 2022 2022 2022

As quoted in a video posted on Teknobie’s YouTube channel on March 6, 2021. Here’s how to get 4000 hours of watch on YouTube for beginners:

You should look for keywords that are relevant to the video you are creating. Find keywords that many people are searching for.

Therefore, you create content not because other people will like it, but because people are already watching that content.

You should learn about youtubebe seo. With SEO keywords and content, other people will easily find your content and the views will increase.

Apa Yang Akan Terjadi Jika Channel Youtube Melewati Batas Waktu 12 Bulan

Yes, you should share your video in the group even if the keywords are appropriate. Whether it is a WhatsApp group, Telegram, Facebook or any other group with multiple members.

What is Quora? Quora is an application where many people ask questions. Every question on Quora is a problem and definitely needs a solution.

This is one way, you have to spend money. Don’t force it if you don’t have the money, this method is specially designed for lucky content creators.

Cara Cepat 4000 Jam Tayang

How to download watchview app. This is an app for content creators. see you here. When you watch a video, you will get points and points can be converted into viewers of your content.(*)

Cara Cepat Mendapatkan 1000 Subscriber Dan 4000 Jam Tayang Youtube

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