Cost Of Living In Iceland

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Cost Of Living In Iceland – With the fallout from Brexit still far from fully resolved, and seemingly endless political conflict raging in the US, it’s no wonder many people from the country are considering setting up shop elsewhere as expats.

Remote work is on the rise around the world as companies strive to reduce costs and become more flexible and responsive.

Cost Of Living In Iceland

Cost Of Living In Iceland

And with the globalization of high-speed internet and low-cost travel, more and more people see that there is no good reason to limit themselves to a boring life staring at the same cube wall in their country.

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The wide, wild world is calling, and Iceland is one of the wildest – and most popular – places where people are answering that call.

As anyone who has visited this beautiful Scandinavian country knows, staying in Iceland even for a short time is incomparable.

You have Instagram-ready scenes of rugged beauty all around you, kind and beautiful citizens welcoming you to their country, sophisticated nightlife and exciting music scenes, and pristine cities in the Norse/Scandinavian tradition of order and care to the details.

But the benefits of living in Iceland go far beyond hiking near giant volcanoes, visiting steaming geysers and hot springs, eating at Michelin-starred restaurants and dancing the night away to some of the best DJs and clubs in the world.

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Here we outline the pros and cons of living in Iceland as an expat, and give you a rough guide of what to expect if you decide to take the leap and move to a place where magical creatures like fairies, trolls and Bjork call home.

Iceland is an island nation where the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans meet, a fascinating place that according to legend and ancient manuscripts was first settled in 874 AD by Norwegian explorers.

While it is true that Iceland was probably first settled by the Vikings, and ruled for a long time by the Danes, it is actually closer to Scotland (470 mi, 750 km away) than Norway and mainland Europe (600 mi, 970 km) by over a hundred stone.

Cost Of Living In Iceland

It’s also closer to Greenland, which is considered part of North America, than it is to Europe – and more, just 180 mi (270km) away. Nevertheless, Iceland is generally considered part of Europe due to its various cultural, linguistic, political and historical connections.

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You might think that the country’s name and location make it seem like living in Iceland could be pretty cool.

After all, Iceland is only close to the Arctic Circle, so a big suntan is definitely not on the list of perks of living in Iceland.

However, remember that it is hotter here than you think. The Gulf Stream significantly warms the island, keeping the coastal area largely ice-free despite its northern location.

Iceland technically has a subarctic climate, similar to what you’d find in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska or Tierra del Fuego in South America. The high latitude and maritime climate keep the air very cold despite the influence of the North Atlantic current.

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Although the highest high temperature ever recorded in Iceland is 30.5 ºC (86.9 ºF), in summer you will find that the average high temperature only reaches the mid-50s ºF (11 – 13 ºC) on the south coast, the hottest part of the country.

However, the average level in winter is not far below freezing due to the warming effect of ocean currents.

Located on the geological scale of North America and Europe, Iceland’s signature is its spectacular volcanoes and geysers.

Cost Of Living In Iceland

The interior of the island consists of lava fields, glaciers, and mountains, a glorious playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

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That geothermal energy also produces some of the world’s most popular hot springs, and certainly goes a long way toward providing heat and electricity to the people living in Iceland.

And if you’re thinking about living in Iceland as a way to find solitude for yourself, you might be on the right track. The country is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, housing only 360,000 inhabitants in an area of ​​40,000 square miles (103,000 sq km).

Overall, in fact, Iceland is the least populated country in Europe. But if you’re looking for more solitude, head north as soon as you stay in Iceland to the wild interior and northern coast – more than two-thirds of the people live in the south of the island.

One area where you’re unlikely to find much disagreement when it comes to living in Iceland is the country’s natural beauty.

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Iceland’s scenic beauty has long been praised by travelers since the first Norwegian explorers and intrepid sailors who eventually settled here in the 9th century.

To this day tourists flock to the island to see the fjords on the east coast, the rugged beauty of the remote Grimsey Island in the north, and even Mt. Esja, seen from the center of the capital Reykjavik.

And although it is generally considered part of the larger community of Scandinavian countries (but not necessarily part of Scandinavia) Iceland is quite unique when it comes to landscape and geography.

Cost Of Living In Iceland

You can find some of the 130 nearby volcanoes, many of which are still active today, as well as vast lava fields, steaming geysers, glaciers and even green hills alongside the aforementioned fjords.

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The island’s snowy interior means skiers, snowboarders and other winter sports enthusiasts who want to make the pilgrimage to Iceland are in for a treat.

In addition, Iceland is far enough north that it is more likely to see the Northern Lights than many of its Scandinavian neighbors further south.

With its amazing, amazing and mysterious natural beauty, it’s no wonder most people in Iceland believe in it, or at least they don’t deny it. there are fairies, trolls and other magical creatures!

Boating, fishing, scuba diving, whale watching and all kinds of water-related activities are a big part of life here, as well as being a huge tourist attraction – and with good reason.

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The country’s relatively remote location means that marine life can be found in a much more wild and undisturbed state than in Europe or the UK, a huge plus for water enthusiasts who consider the benefits of living in Iceland.

Of course the legendary aquiline, blond and blue-eyed features of the Scandinavian features of Icelanders are famous – although in reality, you will meet many equally good-looking Icelanders with darker features. .

But besides being surrounded by the physical beauty of the people, living in Iceland also means you’ll be living among people who are known to be some of the nicest and friendliest in the world.

Cost Of Living In Iceland

There is a strong emphasis on family in Iceland, and that includes the way people here view their neighbors, even those who arrived more recently than others. can live in Iceland for generations.

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And in terms of true nuclear families, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place to live that has a better focus on community and parents helping other parents with the task of raising children.

And good news for UK or US expats wondering if it’s easy to move to Iceland: English is universally spoken. People from English-speaking countries have the opportunity to integrate themselves when they arrive in Iceland.

Apart from native Icelanders, Danish is also very universal for natives living in Iceland.

Another big tick in the plus column when it comes to the benefits of living in Iceland is the consistently high level of citizen satisfaction.

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One measure, the Human Development Index ( source ), which takes into account factors such as literacy rates, life expectancy and even GDP per capita, has seen Iceland often ahead of many wealthier countries such as Norway, Australia and even Canada.

In fact, in 2007-2008, Iceland ranked first in the world on the index, although that position dropped slightly after the global economic crisis of the same year.

Iceland ranked 4th in 2019 behind only its Nordic neighbors Finland, Denmark and Norway in categories such as income, social support, freedom, trust in government and security.

Cost Of Living In Iceland

And it is also peaceful in Iceland. According to the 2011 World Peace Index, Iceland is ranked as the most peaceful country in the world, due to the absence of armed forces, zero military spending, low crime rates and high tolerance for others.

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People who immigrate to Iceland and even just short-term visitors quickly realize that the country is often one of the most tolerant countries they have ever met.

There is a long tradition of striving for egalitarian outcomes that is fundamental to Scandinavian/Scandinavian culture, and Iceland is a part of it.

Here you’ll find a strong sense of equality across cultures, and the country has a level of overall income equality close to the highest in the world.

In addition, Iceland is popular

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