How To Get Watch Hours On Youtube

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How To Get Watch Hours On Youtube – In this article, we’ll introduce you to YouTube’s requirement of 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months, but in a few days you’ll be able to legally fulfill this requirement via a browser bot.

Have a new YouTube channel and want to pass the monetization criteria of 4,000 hours of views in the last 12 months and bring in 1,000 subscribers?

How To Get Watch Hours On Youtube

How To Get Watch Hours On Youtube

You don’t have friends how to get these terms and what you want we will explain in detail through the app on mobile devices, you can automatically get legal and real views without any intervention from you, it’s a browser bot

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All you have to do is keep reading and carefully follow the description and its implementation on your mobile device and you will have more than 4000 hours of viewing on your channel in very short periods of time and probably not more than 7 days. the time you spend on the program.

Before we explain this method to you, we need to summarize for you the reasons behind YouTube’s monetization terms

As a result, in recent years, advertisers have begun to complain about weak channels that lack meaningful content and lack a clear audience, causing them to lose the money they put into YouTube in funded advertising campaigns.

In other words, ads appear on channels with no content, no audience, or nothing to see, and thus the channel owner makes money and the advertiser loses money without any interest.

How To Get 2000 Hours Of Watch Time On Youtube (fast)

This has caused many advertisers to leave the YouTube advertising platform and switch to other advertising platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

This led to YouTube re-examining the issue and taking steps to bring advertisers back onto the YouTube platform

These events have created serious conditions for generating income, gaining 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in the last 12 months.

How To Get Watch Hours On Youtube

In fact, these conditions are fair and satisfactory to both parties, which means that a channel owner who does not fulfill these conditions does not have meaningful content and therefore cannot earn money on YouTube.

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And if he can pass these conditions, he will prove that he owns the content and will be able to increase the audience of his channel.

There are many ways to bypass and enforce the terms, but Browser Bot provides you with a safe and secure way to do so.

By using the app, you bring 100% legal and genuine views to your videos on YouTube without any intervention from you.

The app is available for iPhone and Android devices and we have provided the download links for you below

How To Get 4000 Watch Hours Fast On Youtube Video

However, Browser Bot is a small browser, in other words, a dedicated browser for YouTube videos

You download the app and find the link to download the app at the bottom of the post

After downloading the app, install it on your mobile phone and open it, you will see an app interface asking you to put a link to one of your videos on YouTube.

How To Get Watch Hours On Youtube

You put the link of the video on your channel, but make sure to post the longest video available on the channel

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After that, the browser will enter the video and the video will start playing automatically, and before moving to the second stage, you need to set the video acceleration X2.

Now we move to the next step by clicking on the program settings and a new panel will open for you. You select a number of 10 seconds instead of 10 minutes to start automatically.

Below, in the section dedicated to views that will receive an automatic link, you will place another video link from your channel

In this way, you will repeat the ball with each video until you have uploaded all the videos to your YouTube channel

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You exit the app and the app automatically previews the videos you set in the app settings

After you finish watching a video, the app will automatically switch to another video in your channel and play it at double speed so that the viewing is completed in the shortest possible time.

So you’ve tweaked your browser bot settings and you’ll have over 4,000 hours of watch time on your YouTube channel in no time.

How To Get Watch Hours On Youtube

Now we bring you this video, where we explain in detail how the app works and how to properly set it up to go beyond YouTube’s norms.

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Here we have completed the description, now we provide you the links to download the app, for the benefit of everyone, don’t forget to share the topic with your friends Are you ready to reach 4000 hours watch time to earn money on YouTube? Read on to discover five solid strategies.

Did you know that the total viewing time required for YouTube monetization is 4,000 hours? It takes most creators a year or more to get to this stage, but it’s totally worth it in the end. Achieving this goal means you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program and eventually monetize your content with ads. And what a creator

But first, what is watch time on YouTube? And how does YouTube calculate total watch time?

For your viewing time to count towards monetization, you must achieve 4,000 viewing hours in 12 consecutive months. Videos must not have been published in the last 12 months, but must have been viewed in the last 52 weeks.

How Does Youtube Count Watch Hours?

Also, only certain video types are eligible to collect watch time. This is a major selector, so you should make sure that most of your videos are public.

Beyond these requirements, it’s up to you to create videos that attract more views – and, in addition, more viewing time.

Want to get more viewing time as soon as possible? Read on to explore our top tips and tricks.

How To Get Watch Hours On Youtube

Hard to find on YouTube. But you can make it easier by downloading videos:

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This is called evergreen content. Creators like these videos because they get more traffic and consequently more views.

Check out these stats. These are real-time view counts for some of our top performing videos on the channel. Did you see anything in particular? Check the publication date.

Most of these videos were posted years ago and still receive thousands of views daily. That’s hundreds of hours of watch time for our channel.

Some examples of evergreen topics are “how to change a flat tire” or “how to cook the perfect brown rice”. These tasks are difficult enough to warrant video tutorials, and people watch them every season of the year.

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When we hosted our first few live streams, we had 50-100 people show up. Now we get hundreds of followers at a time and with increased followers comes a lot of extra viewing time.

Let’s calculate. For example, if 600 people watch a two-hour live stream, that’s 1,200 hours of viewing time.

Give yourself a chance to go live within 9-12 months of your YouTube journey. You probably have several hundred subscribers to give each stream a decent amount of viewing time.

How To Get Watch Hours On Youtube

Viral videos are a wonderful thing; They give your channel a boost while attracting new viewers to your content.

Ways To Generate 4,000 Hours Of Youtube Watch Time Faster!

To make a viral video. Few creators do, and it’s easy to be consistent on YouTube. Stick to your upload schedule so that at some point you’ll have enough videos to get 4000 hours in one video and a few downloads.

Let me tell you an example. When we launched our Spanish-language channel, it slowly grew. But we know we’re consistently creating good content. After receiving enough information and positive signals from our YouTube content, the channel started gaining momentum. No viral videos – just good, consistent content shared with the right audience.

In the end, we barely hit 4,000 hours of watch time; We crushed it. Now our content gets a track like this video with over 800,000 views about getting our first 100 subscribers:

Increasing your watch time on YouTube is a numbers game. If you need 4000 hours to monetize and your videos earn an hour on average, you only need 4000 videos.

What Does 4000 Public Watch Hours Youtube?

However, this is just an example. Your channel can (and probably will) do better than that. But the point I’m making is that you need a large collection of videos to hit your watch time goals.

Find a way to quickly produce content without sacrificing the quality you need to be competitive on YouTube. Then upload your content and start working on your next video. Rinse and repeat.

YouTube Studio has tons of analytics to explore, but the best growth tips come from your subscribers. After all, they are

How To Get Watch Hours On Youtube

Your customers. Most of them know what they want to watch and will tell you exactly what those videos are.

How To Easily Get 4000 Watch Hours On Youtube

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